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Democrat Suicide Bombers

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About one month ago, I wrote a post entitled “Hollywood Impeaches Trump”.

Understand (as I do) that I am not read widely, but somehow a number of my Bicoastal friends uncovered this post and tarred me uniformly, not just for my defense of the continuing flaying of Trump for unsubstantiated charges for which he ought to be tried for impeachment, but because I had singled out the California congressional delegation for leading this charge.

Over the course of the last few weeks, my post has been prescient and utterly vindicated by the actions of this unhinged California delegation, headed by the mendacious Adam Schiff.

Stymied by his incapacity to produce evidence which he has foresworn over the last two years that he was in possession of conclusive evidence of Trump’s Russian collusion, he has thrown himself into a further delusion that Trump had engaged in a “quid pro quo” with the Ukrainians to withhold financial support unless political dirt was delivered to him to tarnish the former Vice President, his erstwhile opponent in 2020, and his son, Hunter, who was clearly on the payroll of an entangled energy company and whose expertise in that field was dubious at best.

Schiff’s predicate for embarking on his second, delusional impeachment inquiry seemed to be the statement of a “whistleblower” who claimed to have information from secondary and tertiary sources that Trump had pressured the new Ukrainian president during a phone call that were this political dirt not provided, there was ample reason to believe that congressionally mandated support for the government would be withheld.

Much to Schiff’s chagrin, however, it appears that he is deeply conflicted with the testimony of this whistleblower. Having claimed no knowledge of the whistleblower’s identity or motivations, it has become clear that he and his staff had contact with this individual before he or she’s statement was compiled by a group of attorneys, that this whistleblower has clear political biases, and that nothing to which he or she has attested is first hand information. It is by definition “hearsay”, suspect and unreliable.

So, Adam has decided not to call this whistleblower to testify before his Intelligence Committee because it is likely his or her testimony will be unintelligible and unlikely to promote the cause of impeachment. Oh, and it may incrimate him as well.

The response, then, has been to call a series of witnesses who are able to convey nuggets of information regarding this call between Trump and Comedian President Zelynsky in a secret proceeding unavailable to the American electorate where snippets of information are leaked to sympathetic news sources, and no counterbalancing cross examination or presentation of other witnesses are permitted.

It is an unprecedented proceeding, blessed by the Speaker of the House, who cannot find the time to deal with the fecal matter befouling her district, and the Congress, who cannot find the time to ratify a trade deal between Mexico, Canada and the US or secure a border into which criminals and Fentanyl leak daily. The border between Syria and Turkey attracts greater outrage, and the Kurds received more definitive support than American citizens who are violated by crime and confiscatory bestowment of benefits perpetrated upon them by illegal immigrants.

Adam Schiff and his complicit colleagues are Stalinist ideologues who have no interest in conducting an impeachment inquiry in the bleaching light of day. They revel in the notion that their Democrat majority in the House permits them to conduct this “inquisition” in any way they see fit. This is not a matter for adjudication in the Intelligence Committee where members can hold close whatever testimony they see fit with “national security” as their Beria-like justification for secrecy.

Real impeachment inquiries fall within the purview of the Congressional Judiciary Committees where counsel from both sides are represented, where due process is upheld, where both parties have subpoena power, where witnesses can be cross examined and interrogated by advocates from all sides.

The American people will find it impossible to take the current course of Adam Schiff’s and Nancy Pelosi’s “inquiries” seriously. Without significant structural change, the net result of this will be that the Republicans will retake the House and Trump’s 2020 reelection will make the Hillary Clinton electoral college drubbing pale in comparison.

The current Democrat Party seems to have taken its ideological lessons from forces completely divorced from the American center. People here in “flyover country” do not understand the infatuation with socialism, extreme climate change, single payer health care and have no interest assuming the debt of deadbeat college students who assumed voluminous debt to pay for college tuitions, unbridled by any federal control.

You choose to take on a debt, you have an obligation to eliminate it over time. The country is energy independent for the first time ever, and people relish the opportunity to export it and not be held hostage to Mideastern despots. Not a soul outside of California or the Tri-State area believes “the green new deal” is anything but a green new boondoggle. Eliminate private air travel and perhaps we can open a dialogue. Obamacare promised $3000/year premium reductions and the opportunity to “keep your doctor”. That was a pipe dream and an unadulterated lie.

Democrats should be on suicide watch. Look at the compendium of unhinged candidates they believe their base will support for the sole purpose of unseating Trump. Bernie Sanders? Elizabeth Warren? Joe Biden? These people lead the “polls” as the anointed opposition?

The Left is rightfully concerned that their only course to deny Trump a second term is to try to find some traction on impeachment. Unfortunately, they have chosen the most inept, duplicitous, least trustworthy, robotic, anti-charismatic, farcical figure to lead them to the Promised Land.

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