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Denazification of Middle East must begin with the re-Denazification of Germany

As I have written elsewhere, including my previous piece for Blogs Times of Israel, there has been an allying of Nazism and Islamism since the formation of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in 1928, and the first unofficial translations of Mein Kampf and Protocols of the Elders of Zion into Arabic.

In the 1930s, official Arabic translations of Mein Kampf were distributed with Hitler’s approval, although with modifications to disguise Hitler’s contempt for the Arab race.

After the War, Muslim Brotherhood leader and theological philosopher Sayyid Qutb wrote his own ‘Mein Kampf’:  Our Struggle Against the Jews (1950), which is essentially the Islamisation of Nazism, and which forms the basis of the Hamas Covenant. And Qutb wrote Milestones (1964): the philosophy and roadmap for Islamic State.

Since the turn of the millennium (and the Second Intifada), Hitler and the Muslim Brotherhood have regained worldwide popularity, including in Germany, but especially in the Islamic nations. Mein Kampf has variously been a bestseller in TurkeyBangladeshPA TerritoriesJordanPakistan, etc.

There is not much we can do in the West to denazify Islamism. Muslim thinkers and leaders must do that. Behind every political and revolutionary movement in history is philosophy, invariably of just one philosopher. We can but hope that Islam brings forth a brave philosopher to lead Islam away from Qutbism/Islamic State and into a healthy new paradigm. Perhaps, with the Abraham Accords, we can be encouraged by the declining influence of the Muslim Brotherhood and Qutbism in some of the Gulf States (notwithstanding the MB’s political dominance of Qatar). I hope that Islam can bring forth a good philosopher as influential today as the bad philosopher Qutb has been since WWII.

At the same time, I suggest that more of us in the West today look on our own doorstep, and challenge the very philosophical source of genocidal antisemitism: Germany. As I hope to prove, Germany is not only the source, but remains the insidious sustainer of the global ideology. Furthermore, the people of Germany today have a great deal of agency and freedom, whereas we are right to have low expectations of the people brainwashed since childhood by Islamist regimes where genocidal antisemitism/anti-Israelism is still the formal political ideology.

It is high time, then, to re-denazify Germany. And it is time to question Germany’s political commitment to the so-called two-state solution, when Arab individuals and regimes that Germany supports are overtly committed to obliterating Israel and are not in the least bit interested in a two-state solution. It is time to question why Germany is the biggest international donor to Palestinianism.

‘Denazification’, for those not familiar with its history, was the term used by Anglophone Allies after WWII to cure the Germans and Austrians, including children, of a decade of Nazi brainwashing. The British in particular took on the responsibility of denazification of the Germans, at the same time as rebuilding the German industrial heartland of the Ruhr Valley.  This short film made in 1946 by the War Department of the USA was made partly to explain to the British why so much British time and resource were going into helping Germans. The USA, under General Douglas MacArthur, took on a similar process of civilising the Japanese, who had been brainwashed with emperor worship, and belief that they were a divine race destined to rule the world.

The 1946 film explains the denazification process, which was essentially a re-Christianisation process, persuading the Germans, not least judges, teachers, and the clergy, to replace their Führer not with another man, or another political ideology, but with God. Eastern Germans on the other hand were easily persuaded by the Soviet Socialists to replace Hitler with Stalin, which they willingly did. German children in the east were compelled to learn Russian, and were brainwashed with a new form of Socialism, based on Marxist-Leninist philosophy, including ‘scientific atheism’.

Post-War Germany, if you think about it, is the world’s greatest political experiment. We see how very vital philosophy is when we compare the difference in the human behaviour of West Germans and East Germans from the 1950s to the 1990s. East Germany continued to corrupt its people and its youth through loyalty to Socialism and Stalin. The Lutheran Church in East Germany was loyal to the Party (Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands, formed in 1946) and therefore the church was allowed to remain overtly antisemitic. Indeed, the reunification of Germany coincided with the resurgence of Lutheran antisemitism, as explained in this article by the German Protestant theologian Dr Petra Heldt.  Germans were persuaded to spy on one another, to ensure universal loyalty to the Socialist state. There was no true meritocracy, but rather reward and punishment according to one’s loyalty or lack of loyalty to the Party. We see a similar arrangement today in many Arab nations, and in Iran and Turkey.

Whereas the British compelled the judges of the West Germany to swear an oath only to God, there was no judicial independence in the east, whose judges served Stalin. Any anti-Stalinist Germans were invariably reported by their fellow Germans who had found their meaning of life in joining the Stasi, or at least becoming citizen informants. Capital punishment was meted out by judges to people attempting, or even planning, to escape to Allied-occupied Germany.

But the human traffic was not uniquely east to west. Angela Merkel’s father for instance, a Lutheran priest, chose to move his family, and 3-month-old Angela, to the east in 1954. Some Lutherans, it seems, were as attracted to Stalin as they were to Hitler, perhaps seeing Stalin as Hitler’s natural successor. Martin Luther himself, after all, was arguably the first genocidal antisemite in the history of German philosophy. Hitler certainly found theological justification in Luther for extermination of the Jews, displaying some of Luther’s most virulently antisemitic texts in a glass case for all to view as they filed into the Nuremberg Rallies.

Is Angela Merkel herself genocidally antisemitic? Not explicitly, obviously. I can but judge her by her government’s fruits, and its Palestinianism. Why @HeikoMass?

Although since the early 1990s, reunited Germany has regained the world-leading scientific and technological status that it had in the first half of the 20th century, there is not much, in my view, that Germany can be proud of. As I have written elsewhere, Germany is now trying to lead the world into Industrie 4.0 and Human Augmentation. Although the incumbent UK Government, has been duped by these technocratic Vandals of Judeo-Christian civilisation, I resist, as do all my friends (most of whom, these days, are Jewish).

Germany is once the again the antisemitic dark heart of Europe. And yet not even the German Government seems to want to attempt to undo the wrongs of the Nazis, or the Stasi come to that. Why @HeikoMass? Why Chancellor Merkel?

Of course, we no longer see the swastikas, goose-stepping, and Nazi salutes in the German establishment. Merkel is not part of the Stasi, although I think that Boris Johnson was justified in asking her if she was. Obviously, the German Government no longer orders the genocide of Jews. And although the German Government ostensibly condemns the resurgence of antisemitism in Germany today, it is far from attempting to make amends for the Holocaust. Germany is leading Europe in the outsourcing of genocidal antisemitism to the Islamists, through Palestinianism, or what the brilliant British journalist Melanie Phillips calls The posthumous Nazi front against the Jews. Melanie’s article mainly discusses the Palestinianism in Britain, about which I too have written about often. But at least in Britain there has been some robust political opposition to Palestinianism, since Jeremy Corbyn introduced it to the British political mainstream. And at the last General Election in December 2019, the Labour Party suffered its worst defeat since 1935, with Corbyn’s antisemitism often cited as the reason by traditional Labour voters.

Today, Berlin is once again the antisemitic capital of Europe and Germany is Europe’s biggest sponsor of Arab anti-Israelist groups and putative ‘human rights’ groups that are committed to the eradication of Israel from the map of the world. Huge funding flows from Germany to anti-Israelist groups – some of which are Jihadist – from the German GovernmentGerman NGOs and German churches. In other words, Germany is outsourcing the ‘Final Solution’ to the Islamist groups in the Holy Land avowedly committed to genocide of Jews.

Of course, Germany is far from the only European nation to see a resurgence of antisemitism and anti-Israelism since 2000 (and the Second Intifada). France for example is now more antisemitic than it has ever been since WWII, according to President Macron, but in view of the fact that Germany is even worse than France, and Germany is the most powerful and richest nation in Europe, it is obvious that if we do not suppress the chronic disease of antisemitism in Germany, it will destroy Europe, or ‘Christendom’. The Islamists know this, as I think President Macron has begun to realise. The Islamists know that antisemitism is the West’s soft moral underbelly.

‘Free Palestine’ is an easy sell to Europeans, and especially to Germans. Tuvia Tenenbom, multilingual writer and journalist, who has worked as a journalist and undercover journalist in several parts of the world, including Germany, believes that one of the reasons for contemporary German Palestinianism is the psychological need for Germans to at least partly justify what their parents, grandparents and great grandparents did to the Jews in World War II. Tuvia’s book I Sleep in Hitler’s Room is a ‘travelogue’ throughout Germany, speaking with all echelons of society, made possible through his credentials as a German journalist. Tuvia concludes that antisemitism in Germany is now at the same level is was in the Nazi period. The publisher’s description of Tuvia’s book tells us of the ‘country that created the Holocaust and… a continent that moves in the direction of creating another’.

It has now become commonplace for journalists and politicians throughout Europe to compare Israelis to Nazis. Professor Richard Landes offers numerous examples on his blog. In a survey in 2004, 51% of Germans polled equated Israelis with Nazis.

Israelis are among the best and most moral people in the world. And despite being under daily attack from genocidal terrorists, the Israeli military is ‘the most moral army in the world’ according to the British intelligence expert Colonel Richard Kemp (who has represented UN Watch in Geneva).

And so Germans who equate Jews to Nazis – the worst people in modern European history – are in fact themselves the new Nazis. They are demonising the Jews just as they did in the 1930s. But the intellectual temptation, no matter how perverse and farfetched, for young Germans is obvious. If you can convince yourself that the Jews were as bad as the Nazis, and they remain so, your German grandparents are excused, and you can find meaning in life through Palestinianism.

I suggest, then, that we need, urgently, to persuade Germany to change direction, lest they lead the European Continent to another hell. We need to shame Germany, and cease to allow Germany to hide behind the shield of its Palestinianism. We need to persuade the Germans to re-Denazify.

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Mark Pickles is a Scientific Technical Writer with a deep interest in understanding theology in the light of modern knowledge. He was an atheist from ages 10 to 30, and since then has been an active and practicing adherent in the Church of England. In recent years he has been actively engaged in the battle against antisemitism and anti-Israelism within and without the Church.
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