Dental Tourism in Israel Remains a Popular Choice for Foreigners

Israel’s dental tourism industry starting flourishing in 2012. The industry is great for Israel if prices don’t start to rise for treatments. Treatment in Israel remains far cheaper than in many parts of Western Europe, Canada and the United States.

Tourists, both Christians and Jews, come to Israel to visit biblical sites and Holy places, and now, there’s a mix of dental work added into tours.

But treatment does need to be quick, so it’s not uncommon for dentists to encourage patients to plan for their visit in advance. This may mean long distance consultations and even x-rays sent from other dentists overseas.

Extensive work can be carried out in a short period of time when the planning is right.

Israel’s economy benefits from an influx of foreign spending, and patients benefit from cheaper costs. Dental work can include reconstruction, cosmetic dentistry, conservative treatment or surgery. It’s a great option for anyone overseas that is considering having extensive work performed.

Romania has long been a dental tourism hotspot, and while prices are far cheaper in Romania, there’s also the comfort of friends and family members having work done in Israel. Patients are more comfortable with the work done in Israel.

I used to live in the States, where the prices of dental work were astronomical compared to Israel.

Everyone complains about the high costs, but very few go abroad to have dental work performed. Part of the problem is the stigma; everyone assumes the rest of the world doesn’t have first-class dental available, or first-class medical care.

Israel, however, had one percent of visitors to the country going for medical tourism. The figure does not distinguish between dental and medical procedures.

Longing for a vacation abroad is enough to get millions of people to visit Israel, and cheaper, high-quality dental work is an added bonus. There’s no sacrifice in quality when choosing Israeli dentists, so it’s a win-win for patients and dentists.

Israel’s dentists have adapted their practices to offer language options in English, French and Russian, among many other languages. Certain clinics will cater specifically to English speakers, so it’s a lot easier for patients and dental staff.

There’s a higher level of comfort when a dentist or their staff is able to communicate with someone searching for a dental tourism alternative.

Prices in Israel are often 50% (or more) cheaper than in Canada and the United States. The only catch is when multiple visits to the dentist are required. Implants, which require a long healing period, require a patient to go back to the dentist two or three times before the work is completed.

The visits must be months apart, so patients need to consider the costs of travel and lodging when opting for procedures that require an extensive period of time between each visit.

Patients also benefit from the latest innovation in the dental industry thanks to the startup culture in Israel. It’s possible to enjoy a world class vacation and have your teeth fixed at the same time.

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