Shlomo Ezagui

Depression, Embracing Purpose, Selflessness, and Happiness


Depression is a tactic employed by our evil inclination, seeking to lead us astray and prevent self-improvement. However, understanding the root causes of depression and embracing positive qualities such as humility, selflessness, and purpose can empower individuals to overcome this destructive force. By recognizing the negative impact of self-centeredness and consumerism on our well-being, we can cultivate genuine happiness and contentment.

Recognizing Depression as a Challenge:
Depression should not be a source of shame or humiliation but rather a challenge to overcome. Just as we occasionally catch a cold, we may also experience the blues or depression. Viewing depression as an obstacle allows us to approach it with determination and seek self-improvement.

Arrogance and Selfishness as Causes of Depression:
Depression often stems from arrogance and selfishness, traits of our animalistic nature. When we focus solely on satisfying our desires, we become disconnected from others and the world around us. This self-centered mindset leads to instability, loneliness, and isolation. Recognizing the detrimental effects of these traits is crucial for breaking free from depression.

Purpose as a Remedy for Depression:
Having a purpose in life is a powerful antidote to depression. It involves shifting our focus from self-serving desires to giving ourselves to others and contributing to something greater than ourselves. Sacrificing our time, money, and energy for the well-being of others and appreciating the value of such acts fosters fulfillment and contentment. By aligning ourselves with a meaningful purpose, we find a path to genuine happiness.

Overcoming Consumerism and Superficial Solutions:
Consumerism perpetuates that more material possessions lead to happiness, but this mindset only deepens unhappiness. True joy and contentment cannot be acquired through self-serving pursuits. Instead, practicing humility, thinking of others, and reflecting on our purpose can pave the way to a happier existence. By focusing on doing the right thing and serving others, we cultivate a glad heart and experience the profound satisfaction that comes from living a meaningful life.

Depression can be overcome by embracing purpose, selflessness, and genuine happiness. Recognizing depression as a challenge rather than a source of shame empowers individuals to seek self-improvement. By addressing the root causes of depression, such as arrogance and self-centeredness, we can break free from isolation and loneliness. Embracing a meaningful purpose and shifting our focus from self-serving desires to serving others and appreciating the value of humility, we unlock true happiness and contentment. Rejecting consumerism and superficial solutions, we pave the way for a fulfilling life centered around doing the right thing and positively impacting those around us.

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Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui is an author and lecturer. "A Spiritual Soul Book" ( & "Maimonides Advice for the 21st Century" ( In 1987, Rabbi Ezagui opened the first Chabad Center in Palm Beach County, Florida, and the first Orthodox Synagogue on the island of Palm Beach, Florida.
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