Despicable Hamas, Nice Palestinians?

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On the 22nd day of this unimaginable crisis for our dear country, while the people of Israel, united in pain, cry every night when they see the photos, hear the testimonies, and internalize the numbers, we witness with anger, but not surprise, the slow reversal of most of the nations, heads of state, and organizations which we thought to be, if not our friends, at least our allies in our fight against barbarism.

Apart from the most anti-Semitic among the nations, NGO’s and others who need no justification for hating Jews and Israel, the other nations, those who managed to show a commiserating attitude the day after the massacre, needed a pretense to justify the reversal of their support for Israel.

At first, almost timidly, it was: “Israel may retaliate, but with a proportionate response.” But of course, they soon realized the enormity of this stupidity: A proportionate response would have been: just as Hamas did, Israel can therefore target civilians, slaughter, rape, burn, etc. This does not work, or course. Back to square one.

The second pretense was: “Whatever the dispute, Israel must comply with the rules of war, the Geneva Convention, international laws, blah blah blah.” With an army as ethical, as moral as the IDF, this is an argument that cannot be used against Israel. The IDF’s near-obsessive precautions to warn civilian populations before any strike are proof of the humanity of Israel and its army. Of course, Hamas still tried to blame the IDF for the Al Ahli hospital episode, even claiming that this (according to them) massacre, a genocide no less, obviously executed by Israel, caused 200, then 500, then up to 700 dead, including hundreds of children. The timing was perfect. All the media outlets, the television networks the world over, the heads of state almost without exception rushed to relay the news. The “Arab Street” all over the world was immediately set ablaze.  Tons of Anti-Semitic acts around the world were recorded. Except it was all a lie. It only took 24 hours for Israel to bring to the eyes of all these anti-Semites undeniable proofs of Hamas’ monstrous machination. We know what happened next: it was really an “unfortunate accident” by Islamic Jihad, no destruction of the hospital ever occurred, and the victims count was probably no more than 10 or 12. What a disappointment.

It was then that a collective epiphany occurred. How did they not think of it earlier: Israel is perfectly justified in waging war on the evil killers of Hamas, but Hamas and the Palestinians are not the same. So, Israel must be careful not to touch even a hair of the nice Palestinians. I repeat: OK to punish the evil Hamas, but do not touch the good Palestinians.

The consequences of this are clear: Israel must make humanitarian gestures towards the nice Palestinians, send them water, food, medicine, fuel, etc., without expecting anything in return. After all, they are such good people, their yearn for a peaceful life. And in one fell swoop, Israel’s leverage to put pressure on Hamas, for example to demand the release of the hostages, disappears. And let us not kid ourselves, all this fuel, all this food is being siphoned off by Hamas to the detriment of the civilian population. Another predictable consequence of separating evil Hamas from the nice Palestinians is the increased pressure from Biden and all his colleagues, Macron and others, for Israel to unilaterally agree to a “humanitarian ceasefire” and to urgently agree to give these good people a state of their own. Therefore, Israel does not unleash the decisive ground campaign needed to defeat Hamas. That would be so dangerous to the nice Palestinian population. What that would do to Israel in the long run is not a part of that equation.

The whole world seems to have enthusiastically accepted this collective epiphany: in the latest communications from many countries, the EU, the UN, etc. they do not even talk about Hamas anymore, they forget the monstrous atrocities of these terrorists, the hostages, the humanitarian crisis in Israel, etc. But the nice, innocent Palestinians are entitled to everything: humanitarian aid only serves to alleviate their humanitarian crisis, which by the way is entirely caused by Hamas. Not a thought for the hundreds of thousands of Israelis displaced from their homes, and now in a precarious situation. When the Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders insist to go and help the victims, it is only the Palestinians, not the wounded Israelis and especially not the hostages, some of whom are probably in need of serious medical care. When these same NGOs ask for medicine, it is for the good Palestinians, not for the hostages or the Israeli population.  Etc.. etc..

What does that leave us with?

  • The double standard demonstrated here and to which Israel and the Jews of the world are constantly exposed is unbearable. We are used to it. This is the very definition of anti-Semitism.
  • The theory that allows all our enemies and so-called friends to hide behind a mask of morality and modesty is a monumental deception, a lie. I am referring here to the concept of ” Despicable Hamas, nice Palestinians.” Let me tell you really what I think about it: with a few rare exceptions, there is no difference between the Palestinians and Hamas, they are the same, educated with the same hatred of the Jews, Israel and the West, with the same end goal which is the disappearance of the Jewish state of Israel and the death of its citizens, and with also the same desire to see Islam and Sharia rule the whole world.

The civilians who rushed after the terrorists to loot homes and kibbutzim, sometimes to set fire to those homes, the same civilians, men, women, and children who insulted, hit, and spat on the hostages paraded in Gaza after their captures, the same civilians who publicly rejoiced at the endless suffering of the victims, all of them are terrorists in the same way than the butchers of Hamas are. 80 percent of them voted to bring and keep Hamas in power year after year. All these so called “nice Palestinians” support, help, and hide the Hamas terrorists. And I am not just talking about the Palestinians from Gaza. The same can be said about the Palestinians in Judea/Samaria who kill Jews every chance they get. The same can also be said about many if not most of the Muslims around the world: the same people who shout in Paris, London, or New York: “Palestine from the river to the sea”, and the all-too-famous “Allah Ou Akbar”. All of them have only one motivation: hatred of the Jews, and all have only one goal: the destruction of Israel.

I wish the nations of the world and their leaders would understand this message once and for all, and I certainly never want to hear again that tired slogan: “No amalgamation.”

I pray that the nations of the world and their leaders understand this message and finally resolve not to let this false notion of “Bad Hamas, Nice Palestinians” dictate to them how to move forward in this complex yet simple conflict. The axis of evil runs through Hamas and the Palestinians wherever they are, it also runs through Iran and its proxies. The axis of good is centered on Israel.

I am not sure if Mr. Macron or any of his like-minded colleagues will ever read this column, but I would like to say this to him: Mr. President, make no mistake. The monsters that Israel is fighting today, you have the same ones at home. They may not be as numerous, perhaps a little less cruel, but they are the same. In France, in other European countries and elsewhere, they have vandalized, looted, attacked civilians, terrorized students on campuses, killed and slaughtered innocent people, and they continue to do so despite your “no amalgamation”, your teddy bears, your roses and your peaceful marches. The war being waged by Israel here and now is also your war.

The real victims of this despicable conflict imposed on Israel are the thousands of dead and wounded, victims of Hamas’ butchers and their Palestinian accomplices, the 230 kidnapped men, women, elderlies, children and small babies, taken from their loved ones in the most horrendous, inhumane manner, and the hundreds of thousands of residents and citizens of Israel whose lives are made so difficult under Hamas rockets directly targeting civilian areas, villages and towns throughout our country. Let us never forget that. Without moral clarity, there can be no objectivity, no empathy, and no justice.

Let me propose, in fact, let me insist, that we put on hold the humanitarian measures for the Palestinians. The first who need and deserve humanitarian aid are the people of Israel.

Delay sending medicine to the Palestinians. The first who need and deserve to receive these medications are the hostages and residents of Israel.

Do not send yet medical personnel from Doctors Without Borders or the Red Cross to the Palestinians. The first who should receive medical attention are the hostages first and foremost, and the thousands of wounded in Israel.

With G-d’s help, the people of Israel, courageous, unwavering, and united in the face of an unprecedented threat, will win.

May G-d protect Israel, the Jewish people, our security forces and all our hostages.

About the Author
Jean Pierre Braun is a retired Silicon Valley CEO now living in Jerusalem. Born in Paris, Jean Pierre immigrated to the USA after completing its Electrical Engineering degree in France. Besides being a serial entrepreneur, Jean Pierre was also the founder of a unique, very successful Silicon Valley Synagogue, and upon his return to France became Vice President of a local CRIF branch, and the President of the Rachi community in Grenoble. A father of 3 and grandfather of 10 ב'ה, Jean Pierre and his wife Annie made Aliyah in 2016.
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