Destroying a Nazi plaque and my 3 months of prison

In April 2019, I destroyed the memorial plaque glorifying the Nazi military commander Jonas Noreika (“General Storm”) with a sledgehammer, and I am sentenced to 3 months of prison for this, as well as to a payment of € 2,242 of damages caused to the Vilnius City mayor Remigijus Šimašius (Lithuania).

The objective of this article is not only to present my motivation to destroy the plaque, but also a perspective on the current development of the Lithuanian ethnic culture.

Who was Jonas Noreika?

Captain Jonas Noreika is responsible for murdering over 14,000 Jews from 22/06/1941 to 17/03/1943 according to the data presented by his granddaughter Silvia Foti, and researcher Grant Gochin.

In June 1941, Noreika joined the Nazi military forces in the World War II, and had to give a standard oath ending with the words “Long life to Adolf Hitler!”.

He signed the orders to establish the Zagare Ghetto in Northern Lithuania, and to imprison all Jews and Half-Jews there. He signed the orders to nationalize Jewish property, the orders organizing slavery labor of Jews, lending them to different businessmen before killing them. He wrote a letter to the Lithuanian Minister of Interior (General Counsellor) asking to provide him 1,181,660 rubles in order to establish the Skaistgiris death camp. The Noreika’s death camp project included 40 ovens to burn people.

The memorial plaque that I have destroyed had been hung in front of the Old Jewish Cemetery by the Vilnius City in 1997. In the same year, the President of Lithuania awarded Noreika with the Knight’s Cross.

Noreika is glorified by contemporary Lithuania for his attempts to organize anti-Soviet terrorist attacks in 1946.

How have I come to smashing the Nazi plaque?

I am ethnically fluid. I have multiple ethnic identities, and those identities may change several times during the day.

From April 2019, I do not feel myself Lithuanian anymore, but I know that this feeling is also temporary. Most of the time, I feel myself Chinese, Polish, German, Yakut, Jewish, Mongolian, and many others. As most people, I have a bloodline justification for those identities. However, in reality, ethnicity is a feeling. It is an emotional conviction. The same conviction as being vegetarian.

Some vegetarians eat chicken. I am vegetarian, but I ate lions, crocodiles, snakes, and scorpions last year. I also have experience of eating real bones of dinosaurs. Am I still vegetarian?

At the age of 6, I went to a school in Lithuania, and a teacher explained to me that I had black hair, and that this was very bad. The teachers had a presumption that kids with black hair were more stupid than kids with a Lithuanian hair color. I changed schools 5 times due to the racism of teachers.

The Lithuanian school is designed to create a monoethnic personality. There are three propaganda subjects: history, literature and Catholic faith.

The Lithuanian school presents “the only correct” ethnocentric vision of history accusing ethnic Russians, ethnic Poles, ethnic Jews, ethnic Germans, ethnic Belarusians and even ethnic Latvians of many crimes against ethnic Lithuanians. I had to learn this stupid propaganda by heart, and my knowledge was evaluated by 100/100.

The Lithuanian compulsory school program does not include World literature, and is limited exclusively to ethnic Lithuanian literature describing the pain caused by ethnic Russians, Poles and Germans to ethnic Lithuanians.

Name whatever world famous writer you know. S/he is not on the list of compulsory authors in the Lithuanian school.

William Shakespeare is included as a “contextual author” to the compulsory author Martynas Mažvydas. Google him. This is ridiculous. Who is Mažvydas comparing to Shakespeare?

My knowledge of the literature course was assessed with 10/10 by the Lithuanian school.

Instead of teaching kids about different religions and tolerance, for 12 years, about 95 % of kids learn only the Catholic faith. Kids from religious minorities learn only their minority faith.

This is how the contemporary Lithuania produces ethnocentric zombies. The new generation of ethnic Lithuanians is not a contemporary generation in my understanding of the word “contemporary”.

At the age of 17, I had quite provocative behavior. Once, I came to the Vilnius University with a kippah. Professor Egidijus Kuris saw me with the kippah, and told me that if I were a “Muslim”, then I had to go to live in “Muslimania”. This is the actual cultural level of the Vilnius University, and its “professors”.

The Government of Lithuania appointed the racist Egidijus Kuris as a Judge to the European Court of Human Rights. On 19 February 2020, Judge Kuris made a racist speech at the Vilnius University on superiority of people from white countries over people from African and Asian countries.

At the age of 19, I came to study in Brussels, and I was surprised that Belgians were identifying me as “white” or “European”. The French police identified me as “white”. I have actually developed my Lithuanian ethnic identity in Belgium and France.

Obviously, Noreika was the most ideal victim for my ethnic fluidity and for my experience of Lithuanian racism. Noreika is a symbol of the contemporary Lithuanian racism. He is a symbol of Lithuanian ethnic purity, of Lithuanian stupidity, of Lithuanian cultural poverty.

Lithuania as a modernized Soviet culture.

The Lithuanian ethnic propaganda presents itself as opposing the Soviet Union. However, the post-Stalinist Soviet culture is its twin sister.

For me, the main feature of the Soviet culture is not its attitude to private property, but its absolute belief in “the only correct answer”. Mikhail Gorbachev legalized freedom of speech (“glasnost”) in the Soviet Union.

Contemporary Lithuania has lost this achievement of Gorbachev, and degenerated into the times of Leonid Brezhnev. There are political prisoners in Lithuania. There are persecutions of human rights defenders. Elections are not free and fair.

The Lithuanian mass media like LRT,,,, “Laisves TV”, and others never publish an opinion contrary to the Lithuanian ethnic ideology. This is what was possible in the times of Gorbachev.

The childish dream of the Lithuanian ethnic ideology always was to become as powerful as the Soviet Union in order to abuse this power in the same manner as Brezhnev.

In 1990, Lithuania replaced the Soviet words with its own words, but kept the same Soviet modus operandi.

Lithuanian racism forced me and my entire family to leave Lithuania in 2002. In 2019, I returned in order to smash their Nazi hero.

So, I smashed him with a sledgehammer.

Remigijus Šimašius, mayor of the Vilnius city, restored the Noreika plaque on the 10th day after my act of heroism. Šimašius sued me for the destruction of the stone. The court awarded him € 2,242 as damages, and now Šimašius attempts to arrest my bank accounts in Israel. I’m laughing into the face of Šimašius.

I am also sentenced to 3 months of prison.

I do not regret anything. Catch me if you can.

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Lawyer ranking # 2 in the World according to the number of cases won before the United Nations Human Rights Committee and other UN judicial bodies, professor of law at the Russian New University (Moscow), Eurasian Academy of Law (Almaty), Narxoz University (Almaty). PhD in law of the University of Paris I Sorbonne. Lawyer no. 116 at the Russian Foreign Lawyers Registry.
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