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Tarot cards do not need to be considered bad or silly. Many people consult the Tarot looking for answers to life questions. It all depends upon the motive of who consults the Tarot or who the consultant is. You can believe in any religion and have an interest in obtaining answers from other spiritual sources. There are many claims that tarot isn’t spiritual, but I feel it is a tool of spiritual insight.

The Tarot is about 4000 years old coming from Egypt some people claim that it comes from somewhere else. I believe it is from Egypt because of the spiritual aspects of the pyramids as well as the Mythology links. Some people mention the three wise men from the New Testament, but that wasn’t long ago when Christianity was born.

The origins of the tarot most likely won’t affect the outcomes of your readings but persistence in the study will. Reading area handling and care of cards are important. Intuition can be developed while you learn from observation for card meanings. I mostly learned from observation believing that to be an accurate method of finding understanding.

One can ask general questions such as what will happen in the next six months. You can make specific inquiries which will cover other topics such as life purpose or who will I marry. Readers can have their style like I do or develop a keen sense using ancient or more recent methods from published works. I believe I use a blend of new and old with my reading which incorporates Las Vegas style shuffling of cards.

At the beginning of my tarot studies, I asked the same questions daily without writing down the answers. I felt I would not remember the answers, but I trained my mind to understand the tarot faster and further. I developed my readings to be more like impressions on the brain than the otherworldly answers some prefer. I believe in chance a bit though I dislike gambling which can make me feel ill from risk.

During my readings I don’t try to channel from spirits, I let my cards choose a method for my reading. I am a bit recognized with my advice that often covers the topics of love and relationships for others. I know that my life is not perfect especially since it is rare that I consult the tarot for myself. My interest in surprise is quite profound.

I studied astrology numerology with basics of the Kabballah never coming to me as I wasn’t born Jewish. The Kabbalah is considered one of the deepest understandings of the Universe. Apparently one can find new meanings all the time as discoveries to be shared with others. I would like to explore that one day in depth.

The Torah or Old Testament is one of the great books of study ever to appear in this world. You can quote memorize or utilize much wisdom from that book.  Many people have delved into tarot from the beginnings of a burning insight turn to organized traditional religions after much consultation looking for answers. I firmly believe there is one God that most people worship while there are some who praise lower spirits or go to dark energies.

You can have a good past time with the tarot. If you are not too superstitious and already have a belief in a higher power you won’t be lead astray.  Becoming a professional reader is a different concept how to make one’s way in life, but many do. I am a conservative reader sticking with more traditional energies while some people believe in unicorns and others believe in magic.

I believe in God overseeing in unexplained ways which is why I don’t answer questions about God often. God is unexplainable like the Universe in its entirety or even in just some of its principles which are touched on in astrology.

I do not engage in any activities which could belong to witchcraft. I have looked at those topics for understanding. I didn’t feel comfortable with the people involved in those practices believing them to tap into dark forces. The light of organized religion can be good teachings for psychics while not engaging in dark mysticism. Christians often consult tarot as any person can.

You can find there are many tarot card readers online or visit stores or fairs. Many advisors work from home traveling sometimes or often. I like online work the best preferring phone calls over in person readings. I am a private person with boundaries for those outside of my little family. Some people use PayPal for readings outside of the site they work on though I do not. I like the safety of being with a big site with a good reputation.

To be a reputable psychic would mean you don’t need to run from the law for any reason including taxes which you are obligated to report. You can face all clients once again with good energy felt between both the consultant and the inquisitor. Most advisors have a following if they make it into becoming professional. Keep good referrals in mind when you are performing for any client.

Online sites usually have a rating system such as five-star psychic earned through just reading for clients as they build clientele. Communication is good to keep in mind such as developing writing skills or even being a public speaker. You should also be good at using Office programs email and searching online. Networking can be in almost any way you dream of including word of mouth or even joining groups or being televised.

Some advisors have more personality than others giving them an advantage in publications or media. You can’t always judge a book by its cover when looking for a good psychic or tarot card reader. Professional psychics with business skills can adapt to the business world often. I read cards for people of all descriptions often making friends rather than having forgotten each other.


About the Author
Jacob Deveaux's in depth spiritual research compels him to write to interested people. He has presented spiritual topics to many on life's issues. Judaism is the base religion with the Torah being the Old Testament accepted by Christians. He will present spiritual topics through the Times of Israel.
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