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Difficult to Leave

It was difficult leaving Israel late Sunday night, after a month in the country after the end of Shabbat, when Israel is in such great need of moral, financial, and spiritual support. The terrorists are promising more war to celebrate Ramadan. But it gets worse. The Hamas position in hostage negotiations is that Israel leave Gaza, permit Hamas to rebuild, and release the worst terrorists known to mankind. Israel does not have a death penalty, and those terrorist leaders live well in Israeli jails.  Let us not forget that the current leader of Hamas, the horribly evil Yehiya Sinwar, while in prison, had brain surgery to save his life which was performed by Israeli doctors.

There is no way Israel can make a deal to release hostages, by awarding Hamas victory. However, Hamas has a plan. They publicly claim that they have Israel, “right where we want them”. What Hamas means, is that they can continue the war indefinitely, keep the hostages, and, after some time, receive the sympathy of the world. But Hamas is getting more than sympathy. They are getting millions of dollars of aid, soon to be billions, and they are able to have the West put pressure on Israel to let Hamas conduct its terrorism with little or no consequences that are long-lasting.

Not only does Hamas demand that Israel stop its attempt to dismantle the terrorist group, but Hamas has the temerity to refuse to provide the names of the hostages.  They keep women and babies as hostages, and to brag about the pressure they are able to put on Israel. What is the world doing about this? Absolutely nothing. There are those who argue that the terrorist group should be entitled to keep hostages, because that evens the playing field between Hamas and the Israeli Army. Those who would make such an immoral argument of equivalency, may forget that Hamas spent billions of dollars not creating a military, hospitals, schools, or any kind of civilization, but rather building a tunnel system more robust than any subway in the world in order to protect Hamas fighters and in order to be able to wage war against Israel.

When I was walking through the airport in Israel, there were pictures of all of the hostages. The one that caught my attention was an infant being held in Gaza.  Hamas makes no apology for this. The world puts no pressure on Hamas to release the baby. Rather, the West seems concerned about residents of Gaza who have been made instruments of war by their own government. The terrorists of Hamas have the support of their people, who not only have failed to turn on their genocidal government, but in fact support it robustly.

Nothing suits Hamas better than having civilians in Gaza injured or killed in a war that Hamas started, not for the liberation of Gaza, but to destroy Israel. Hamas is not a liberation organization. It is a terrorist group that seeks destruction of the West, the murder of Israelis, and the destruction of the Jewish State. How do we know this? Hamas proclaims it. They put it in their Charter. Their leaders make speeches about their intent to spill Jewish blood and are supported by organizations like Hezbollah north of Israel. Hezbollah also lays bare its plans to destroy Israel. None of these organizations could exist without the money which freely flows from Iran. Iran sells its military hardware and oil to Russia, North Korea, and other nations around the world.

The West has not threatened Hamas with less support or aid. The West does not demand that Hamas stop building terror tunnels. The West has not asked for Hamas to stop stealing food and supplies from its own people. We, in the West, have become accessories to the murder perpetrated by Hamas and other terrorist groups.  We indulge them, we support them financially, and we are critical of those who would destroy Hamas.

Hamas supporters in America harass politicians, comedians, and others, by shouting their slogans demanding the death of Jews and the destruction of Israel. What are we doing in America to push back? The truth is that we are doing nothing, led by an enfeebled government that falsely claims that it supports both Israel and the citizens of Gaza. The President clearly is attempting to win the state of Michigan by claiming that he supports the “people” of Gaza, although not the terrorists, while at the same time asserting that he supports Israel’s responsibility to destroy Hamas.  We are not exactly sure what Donald Trump believes, since he has been mostly quiet on the issue. Perhaps it is time for the American people to farm out both of the politicians who would be President, and to seek a cohesive approach to world problems which really would place America first. The United States would be best served by supporting our friends and allies, not kicking them when they are down.

The bottom line is that America is indeed turning into a third world nation, held hostage by the worst sort of terrorists, who seek nothing less than a Jihadist regime within Europe and America. Slowly but surely, they are getting what they want, though there is very likely to be significant push back in the next American election, much as there has been throughout Europe.

Americans will not stand for the imposition of supremacist values or the hard left which supports the agenda of Middle Eastern despots, dictators, and terrorists.  Most voters still believe in core American principles, the value of the Constitution, and the notion that discussion is the best way to settle grievances; and that neither rape nor the holding of captives is a legitimate war strategy.

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Cliff Rieders is a Board Certified Trial Advocate in Williamsport, is Past President of the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association and a past member of the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority.
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