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Disney’s Hypocritical WOKEness

Well, it was nice while it lasted.

One of the few redeeming things from the nightmare that was 2020 was The Mandalorian. After botching the Star Wars sequel trilogy, Disney seemed to have corrected course with this highly entertaining show. Things were looking up for Star Wars fans, and the possibilities of numerous spin offs were quite titillating indeed.

And then Disney messed up in a superb fashion, succumbing to the WOKE mob over the most ridiculous of things.

In today’s political discourse, it has become quite fashionable to lob Holocaust comparisons around. For years, those on the political Left shouted that Trump was Hitler, that his policies were Nazi like and that Republicans were Nazis themselves. This tactic was heavily used by Hollywood, including by actor Pedro Pascal.

Pascal happens to be the lead character on The Mandalorian, and he frequently uses his social media accounts to denounce those on the Right. Several months ago, he posted a rather bombastic and offensive meme that compared the KKK, Nazism and Trump supporters. Such a comparison is downright ridiculous and inappropriate, but Pascal received no blowback for his musings. Disney didn’t reprimand him, nor did he get censored or fired. This week, Gina Carano likewise posted a Holocaust meme that swung the other way. Carano is not of the political Left, and her post was highlighting the plight of Republicans in what is fast becoming a WOKE America. Distasteful? A bit, but the overall message of the post was very apt. The message warned about how neighbor was turned against neighbor in Nazi Germany, and warned that such a mindset is taking hold in America today. She didn’t mock the Holocaust, nor did she post anything negative about Jews. She just highlighted a sinister behavior employed back then that is now creeping back in in today’s America. For this, Disney fired her and she is being bombarded by hordes of illogically offended radicals on the internet. Lacking self-awareness, Disney failed to realize that their absurd reaction actually proved Carano’s point.

The hypocrisy is mind-numbing. Pedro Pascal’s posts were offensive and vitriolic. He condemned and demonized a large swath of the country, and he did so by comparing Republican voters to some of the foulest people that have ever existed. Gina Carano, on the other hand, posted a warning about how dangerous society is becoming and imploring people to not indulge in totalitarian impulses. She was beseeching people not to turn against their fellow Americans. And for this stance she was silenced. If we are to monitor speech and censor people, then a universal law should be used. A set standard that will judge everyone equally. But that is not what is happening and this double standard is what so many Republicans and Centrists are screaming about. If Holocaust imagery is deemed taboo and inappropriate, then Pedro Pascal should lose his job at Disney too. But this standard is only ever employed against those on the Right, and this case is but one in an ever-growing list of examples.

It is also worth noting the sheer gall of Disney in this matter. Disney, the same company that openly worked with and thanked the regional government in China that is currently waging a war of ethnic cleansing against the Uyghur Muslims. Disney, the same company that downplayed and demoted a Black lead character in the new Star Wars trilogy to appease the censors in China. Now they think they can pontificate from above about what is moral, just and righteous in America? No, thank you. Disney clearly wanted to remove Carano due to her political views. They were eager for the ‘last straw’, and they found it in her Holocaust post. But no one should be fooled by their intentions. If they truly wanted to keep the memory of the Holocaust sacred, they would treat Pedro Pascal the same way. But alas the firing of Gina Carano is just another episode in this dystopian nightmare the political WOKE is creating in America today.

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