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DIY Happiness: A recipe for Serotonin at home

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**Note: This is in no way intended to substitute professional advice. The article is just a light-hearted take on mood-boosters and well-being. If you feel an unmanageable surge of emotions, please see a professional. **

While all activities have moved to home, for now, some of our natural bodily activities have felt the overload. Feeling the blues all of a sudden? Or unable to sleep on time? We feel you. And you’re definitely not alone. 

Some of us have faced mental health issues for months and years, but for others, the pandemic may have induced new waves of anxiety and fear. We often end up feeling like we’re at the end of the hole with no hope in sight but more often than not, these feelings can be managed with little tweaks in diet, routines, and mindset.

So, what is serotonin really?

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter found in many parts of your body and is largely responsible for keeping your spirits up. It is also known as your body’s natural mood booster or ‘happy hormone’ Low serotonin results in a havoc in appetite and is also associated with changes in body clock and those feelings of feeling like a sluggish bear.

Sunnyside up your way to feeling good

Ever heard of this infamous, natural healer? She’s omnipresent and at your disposal whenever you need her. Aka the Sun. Besides being this huge cosmic planet around which we orbit, sunlight also works as a catalyst for many of your body’s natural functions. Along with giving you huge amounts of Vitamin D, sunlight also corrects your circadian rhythm which is linked to sleep cycles, bowel movements, and digestive functions.

If the current quarantine limits your sunlight intake, simply drawing the curtains wide open and spending a few minutes there also helps. It’s a good idea to guzzle your morning coffee by the window instead of your bedroom.

Good food for days

Though Serotonin is typically known as a brain chemical, the majority of this chemical is made up in the gut. So, it is natural that eating certain foods will help you balance your serotonin levels over time.

Eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamins B, magnesium, etc help with the synthesis and absorption of serotonin. Think of foods like egg yolks, nuts, turkey, pineapples and beans.

Let go of stress

Cortisol or the stress hormone is released every time your body senses a threat or is under stress. It is literally the water to the body’s serotonin-producing fire.

Cortisol reducing efforts may look like all those activities done to reduce stress. Especially in times like these, getting enough sleep and avoiding unnecessary stressors like switching off the news or social media after a certain amount of time is of importance.

You know the rest                                                                                                     

Workouts, essential oils, and face masks seem like a social media propaganda but if you think of it, there must be some merit in the argument. Like incorporating essential oils in your routine has a therapeutic effect. These concentrated scents promote calmness, peace and overall wellbeing. The same goes with workouts, face masks, skin routines etc.

Nevertheless, of what you chose to do, you do you. Listen to your body and give it what it needs.

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