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DLD and CUBE are Last Innovation Opportunities for Israeli Startups Before High-Holiday Lull

For anyone working in Israel’s hi-tech sector, one of the last big events on the calendar before the holidays is DLD Tel Aviv, bringing together figures from a broad cross section of industries and spaces
Visitors at DLD (Photo credit: Courtesy)
Visitors at DLD (Photo credit: Courtesy)

Are you getting excited yet? Rosh Hashana is right around the corner and in Israel that means a few things. First, and this is the most obvious – Apples and Honey. This is a truly delicious combo that even though it could be easily consumed at any point in the year, us Jews seem to only eat these two foods together as part of our New Year celebrations.

Second – vacation. The holiday season in Israel means that you will spend about three days actually working during the month. But before you get ready to zone out for a month, stuff yourself with Apples and Honey, and then starve yourself for Yom Kippur, there’s a bit more time left to be serious and get some work done.

For anyone working in Israel’s hitech sector, one of the last big events on the calendar before the holidays is DLD Tel Aviv. The DLD innovation Festival and Conference run simultaneously between September 24-29. The events bring together figures from a broad cross section of industries and spaces. They also represent a unique opportunity for Israeli startups, tech innovators, and other business leaders to meet top players from various global industries.

Credit: CC BY-SA 2.0, lucasartoni, Flickr
Credit: CC BY-SA 2.0, lucasartoni, Flickr

Also, much like your Rosh Hashana dinner, this event also prominently features a father figure – this time in the person of Yossi Vardi, a principle organizer of the event and widely recognized as the “father of the Startup Nation.”

The event starts Sunday at Tel Aviv’s “Tachana” old train station, so if you haven’t applied to attend yet, you’d better scramble. However, if you are planning to attend, you will have a unique opportunity to meet a growing startup and business ecosystem called CUBE.

No, this isn’t a sci-fi alien spacecraft. CUBE is a startup ecosystem and workspace based out of Berlin. CUBE works to connect startups with leading corporations in three sectors:

  • Life sciences, including digital health and agritech
  • Machinery and manufacturing
  • Infrastructure and interconnectivity
Courtesy CUBE
Courtesy CUBE

The Berlin workspace provides a place where startups and corporations can come together in the same space to innovate together and serves as a “multidisciplinary hub” for innovation across industries.

Representatives from CUBE will be attending DLD, looking for Israeli startups to join the ecosystem. In addition, the organization is inviting startups to join its CUBE Challenge competition. This contest is offering startups a massive prize of one million Euros for the company that can help spark the “fourth Industrial Revolution.”

Interested startups can find more info here:

“CUBE is honing in on the hottest spots all over the global tech scene to meet in person the startups that can revive corporate infrastructures, from healthcare to machinery,” said Torsten Oelke, Executive Chairman at CUBE. “We’re excited to get together with the Startup Nation’s brightest minds and offer them the chance to join a multidisciplinary hub in tech that is the first step of the next Industrial Revolution.”

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