Do not let those, who have made the ultimate sacrifice, die in vain!

Am Yisrael, Through Out The World, Must Unite To Combat the Onslaught of Antisemitic, Diatribes,  Harassment, Physical Abuse, and Vandalism.

Now that our brave soldiers, may Hashem protect them against the “Evil Incarnate – Hamas / Islamic Jihad”, help them to eradicate those “Evil” forces. We, Am Yisrael, need to eradicate the other forces of evil, viz the rampant antisemitic, fraudulent reporting by the world media, being reiterated by world leaders, racist organizations, and politicians.

We cannot be led to the slaughter, as happened more than eighty years ago during the Holocaust. We now have the barbaric massacres of our brothers, sisters, children, even decapitation of four month old babies, to remind us that Am Israel is being used as the “fall guy”, and is to be blamed for all the world’s ills.

The current denying of the absolute barbarism by the “Non-Humans”, aka Hamas / Islamic Jihad, by not only the world press, but also organizations, such as the UN, FFF Climate Change, et al, as well. Even some of our non-Jewish brethren have not condemned Hamas, but have marched with them.

Most of the world, because of the continuous antisemitic’, anti Israel rhetoric does not realize what danger we are in. All have been conned by the media’s amoral handling of the news. Have we all forgotten what happened on 9/11? We are slipping into an abyss of evil, which is the Islamic Jihad’s objective.

When my wife and I made Aliyah, March 2010, the first feeling I had was sadness that Israel’s youth have to be conscripted into the IDF to keep us safe. The second feeling was horror when I saw a video, from Gaza, of four year olds being brainwashed into hating Jews and Israel. Those four year olds are the teenagers and young adults of today that committed those barbaric, inhuman massacres. It will take many generations to change the hate, brainwashed from a young age, to caring.

“Never Again” has happened again. We cannot be complacent and let this “Evil” encompass the whole world. We must take the lead to defeat “Evil” by using whatever means we have available. Whether it is showing the world news media, that the time of “whoever pays the piper calls the tune” is over, and use any other means needed to heal our very sick world. A morally correct standard of news reporting based on proven facts must be enforced.

We are the world! Let us, as our brave soldiers of the IDF are doing, march forth as an army, giving no quarter until “Evil” is defeated.

About the Author
Born in Port Elizabeth South Africa 26/12/ 1943, Ralph attended school in Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage. He had a long career in computer programming, systems analysis, and in organization. He has been a Human Rights, Peace activist for many years.
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