David Rosenstark

Do we really need a law to prevent Netanyahu from a comeback?

One of the first laws the new Bennett-Lapid coalition plans to pass is a law preventing someone who was prime minster for eight years to serve in the Knesset. It is obvious this law is meant to keep Netanyahu from running for prime minister again. But this makes me wonder. The new government is in, and now has the ability to prove itself. So, why can’t it just prove itself and do a good job rather than prevent the other guy from coming back? The law preventing a prime minister from serving more than two terms is something we have seen in other countries like the United States. But this is rule is different. Netanyahu is out now. Are Bennett and Lapid afraid that they will not manage to accomplish anything worthy of beating Netanyahu, should he run again? And if so, and Netanyahu makes it back in, doesn’t that prove their own incompetence?

For many years, I was a member of the Likud. I remember that I used to think I had a greater influence on the country in the primaries of the Likud than in national elections since here I was directly influencing who would be in the Knesset.  All other parties other than Labor, are completely non-democratic parties with no primaries. The list they create does not have to answer to any of the followers of their party and don’t have to do anything except show loyalty to their fearless leader. Sort of a secular version of the moetzet gedolim that determines the MKs for the charedi party!

How ironic that Bennett and Lapid, both in non democratic parties with no primaries should find it necessary to force the Likud to not have its democratically elected leaders of the party lead them in the next election.

If they have no confidence in what they can accomplish can we?

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David Rosenstark made Aliya from New York in 1993 and resides in Bet Shemesh with his family
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