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Does the Yom Kippur fast make sense for 5th level Kabbalah?

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Actually, if you study Kabbalah and you are not a Kosher Jew, technically nothing is going to happen if you don’t fast. You have never fasted, and yet the wisdom of Kabbalah came into your life. How can that be possible?

This is related to the 5th level of Kabbalah, and why this wisdom “slipped” out of the hands of Israel, from its traditional sages, and has now spread throughout the world, since the beginning of the 20th century, when it traveled from Jerusalem to the USA, where it inevitably ended up being globalized, due to the characteristics of the American way of life and its economy, both embodied in Kabbalah Center.

And from the creation of the Internet and the technological revolution of the 90s of the last century, also from Israel and for the whole world, with the Bnei Baruch model.

They do not ask you to be a kosher Jew to study with them, they do not ask you to convert or to follow the rituals that have been inherited through the religion, because although the religion is closely related to Kabbalah in its origins, neither the Jewish condition nor the religious rituals deprive you to be able to approach to Kabbalah, as even the Kabbalists themselves and the prophets of Israel had foreseen for centuries. It seems that time has come.

But if something remains of that inheritance of rituals and prayers, meditations and letters, it is that we really don’t know how or why but they unleash some energetic mechanisms that mark the human being who practices them. That is why it is advisable not to follow rituals or mediations without understanding their purpose, nor to arrive at them with an intention other than the one for which they were originally conceived.

You can be Jewish and understand Yom Kippur as atonement. You can confess what you think your sins are, as Catholics do at Mass when they pray the mea culpa: “I confess that I have sinned in thought, word, deed, and omission.” You can go to the Wailing Wall and ask for forgiveness. That works for practicing Catholics and kosher Jews, for religion (and it’s perfectly respectable), but not necessarily for Kabbalah.

Kabbalah has said for centuries that fasting, and neglect of work, bathing, or shaving, is simply because it is an energetic, astrological or cosmic moment – put the adjective you want – of repairing the ship on the high seas, to clean the accumulated garbage, to expand the memory of our vital apparatus, the body and the mind, or the soul, and recharge it, update the operating system, the apps with which we are going to function for a year.

Kabbalists, for centuries, and as the great Kabbalist Nachman of Breslev reminded us, have understood that the so-called book of life in which our destiny is written is nothing more and nothing less than our brain, our mind, or our soul. That is to say, it is not a file external to us, which is manipulated by a terrible God accompanied by angels of life and death, to whom you have to ask for forgiveness on this day.

And since it is within you, then you have the possibility to program it, to correct it, and that is the hidden meaning of Yom Kippur from Kabbalah.

Kabbalists believe that this occurs between Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur, astrologically speaking. Does it happen to seeds, to animals too?

So, you can’t waste time thinking about food, you shouldn’t feel hungry, you have something transcendental to do.

And since these dates mark what is going to be the kabbalistic year that is beginning since one week ago, well, you cannot download a function of hunger, of fear, at your hard disk, but quite the opposite: abundance, no fear, trust in the system of Creation, the perfect cause effect system of the world and the universe, what has been called The Plan of Creation. Of course, as long as you have been able to decipher it and learned to run it, to drive it, which is what Kabbalah offers you.

Therefore, if someone begins to study Kabbalah and sets himself the mission of carrying out those energetic rituals that unleash such powerful forces, it is better for us to know how they work, what they are for, so as not to electrocute ourselves, so as not to melt our body, our soul, or our hardware, misusing these sacred tools. What my Master Michael Laitman has called “Torah as poison.”

Why do we use this computer terminology to explain Kabbalah? Well, because, for some reason, creation has put it in our hands, and now we can understand what a cloud is, what interconnection is, what programming an operating system is. And our mind is our operating system, so we have to reprogram it when required.

Kabbalah has gotten out of Israel’s hands, at the 5th level, that of unification or jihud, which is above PARDES.

For that level to work, it has to include quantum physics, cybernetics, psychology, economics, politics, and that means including non-Jews, non-religious people, in the ship or ark that this wisdom offers from millennia ago.

I’m not discovering anything. Prophets have said it for millennia: Even children will have access to the wisdom of the Creator.

Today they can do it, with a click.

Have we noticed it?

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