Donald Trump Was Right

We can’t say we’re surprised.

Donald Trump warned us of all the terrible things that would happen if we voted for Hillary Clinton. The election was just 10 months ago, and his dire predictions are already proving prophetic.

He told us we’d have the most inept, dishonest, sleazy and unpopular administration since Richard Nixon. And he was right. Here are some of his other predictions that have shown to be true:

— We’d have four years of corruption and scandals and investigations starting on Day One.

— Presidential waivers would block moving the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

— The president would be a bad manager, and the White House would be a chaotic collection of warring factions and serial leakers.

— Gross ineptitude in foreign policy would lead to embarrassing conflicts with our allies. They wouldn’t be able to trust us. The Europeans would replace us as the leaders of the Free World.

— The president’s word would be worthless at home and around the world.

— Instead of working hard and staying in the White House, we’d have a low-energy president with a minuscule attention span who would be sitting around eating junk food, watching television, hob-knobbing with wealthy friends and taking constant vacations at taxpayer expense.

— Instead of openness, the president would hide in a shroud of secrecy, lies and fake news.

— The wall along Mexican border wouldn’t be built and there’d be no chance Mexico would pay a single peso for it.

— We’d have a pathological liar for president.

— The president would be feuding endlessly with the Republican leadership in the Congress.

— Special interests would ride rough shod; precious natural resources would be put up for sale to wealthy contributors

— Obamacare would not be repealed or replaced, and your health care would be destroyed rather than repaired.

— The president would tell the Israelis to “hold back” on settlement expansion and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would ignore that and accelerate construction.

— Arms sales to the Saudis and other Arab states would greatly expand and without restrictions.

— Instead of repairing relations with Russia, they’d only deteriorate to dangerous levels.

— The North Koreans would build more and bigger nukes and ICBM’s that could reach the United States, and we’d soon find ourselves on the brink of war thanks to White House ineptitude.

— The US would surrender any role or influence in the Syrian civil war to Iran and Russia.

— The president’s approval rating would sink to record lows.

— All those promises to protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid were lies; they’d all go on the chopping block.

— The White House and Cabinet would be stacked with cronies and so many Wall Street bankers that the administration would look like a branch office of Goldman Sachs.

— Instead of cleaning the swamp, as Trump promised, it would only get murkier and more infested.

— Instead of ripping up the Iran nuclear deal, as Trump vowed, the State Department would grumble and certify Iran is in compliance with the agreement.

— It wouldn’t take long before impeachment talk began.

— There would be an extremist ideologue on SCOTUS

— The First Daughter would get a top White House job for which she’s totally unsuited and unqualified.

Well, Donald Trump was right. I voted for Hillary Clinton and all those things are happening.

About the Author
Douglas M. Bloomfield is a syndicated columnist, Washington lobbyist and consultant. He spent nine years as the legislative director and chief lobbyist for AIPAC.
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