Don’t Eat Like Shira

Ok so to follow up on my wildly successful entry last week — “Eat like Joe” I bring you the other side of the coin- “Don’t eat like Shira”.

Issue number 1

Coffee is breakfast – I am sure everybody has heard time and time again about the importance of eating breakfast. The reasons are as follows: When one skips breakfast or replaces it with coffee the metabolism, as a result, is not properly activated. Food is fuel. If one does not take in the necessary nutrients needed for energy then the body slows down as a result. This will leave you feeling sluggish resulting in the temptation of consuming unhealthy sugars (Burekas, Cookies, Rugelach) as a way to feel better. The body needs a balance of healthy Carbs, Proteins, and Fats in order to maintain it’s many processes. By substituting coffee for meals especially breakfast you are doing your body a disservice. If you want to lose weight or feel more energetic without giving up your coffee fix then here is a solution. Instead of drinking coffee first thing, consume two glasses of water followed by a balanced breakfast. As your reward for doing the right thing celebrate with that cup of coffee then. By hydrating first one will be able to combat the dehydrating effects of coffee. By eating solid healthy food early in the day the bodies metabolism gets started sooner and as a result works more efficiently throughout the day, leaving you feeling energized and more comfortable in those jeans.

Issue Number 2

Making the snacks count — What’s better then a nice sugary sweet. The power punch of sugar makes us feel oh so good. The problem is that with sugar highs come sugar lows. Which as a result just keeps us craving more. So when Shira reaches for cookies, the cakes, and the the chocolates she is in essence reaching for her fix. We all know how the fix goes the more you feed it the more you need it. Don’t Worry! Making your snacks count doesn’t mean they have to be bland and unexciting. Think about having a handful of nuts, some seeds, maybe even a low fat yogurt with yummy granola right on top! Or an apple can be a nice refreshing treat. I am not saying that you can never have the guilty pleasures. It is just important to keep in mind that unless you moderate the unhealthy and maximize the healthy you will not be able to have your cake and eat it too.

Issue Number 3

Where is the healthy food?– If you are not actively bringing healthy food into your house then chances are you aren’t eating enough of it. When Shira goes to the supermarket regularly there is a chance that she will purchase produce. If she is eating on the run or eating out there is little to zero chance she will be taking in those healthy greens. This is where Captain Preparation comes to save the day. By stocking up on healthy food and then preparing it in advance Shira now has a way to get the healthy nutrients she needs.

Issue Number 4

Consuming the bulk of your calories in the last half of the day — By skipping breakfast and replacing meals with coffee Shira is racing through her day. The only problem is that when the day is over there is a price to be paid. Feeling hungry, tired, and snacky is a result of playing caloric catchup throughout the day. By spiking sugar and caffeine levels Shira is dooming herself to late night indiscretions. When we eat late and especially unhealthy the body as a result does not metabolize well and proper nutrition suffers. In order to maximize metabolism Shira needs to start eating earlier and throughout the day. Otherwise energy levels suffer and I dare say weight gain is encouraged.

Issue Number 5

You don’t stop — We all know how busy Shira is. What with work, school and an active social life where is there any time for healthy eating? It all comes down to priority. Just like there is always time for what we perceive to be important to us. You know the work meetings the tests, the parties. Healthy eating needs to have a bigger piece of the time pie chart. This means putting the time to getting the food, preparing the food, and eating the food. When everything is rushed health suffers. We eat whats quick to make, and then we scarf it all down as a result. We pound coffee and sweets to keep both the days and the nights flowing. This is the final rule. We all need to chill out, not just Shira. We need to eat slower, eat right and eat regularly. This way we will perform better and feel better in doing those very things we deem to be oh so important.

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About the Author
Michael Berezin made Aliyah from New York in 2003. He is a Fitness Trainer/ Fitness Therapist based out of the Jerusalem area. He works with everyone from Pre Army age to Older Adults.