Don’t expect anything these days!


Today, three of our daughters forged ahead on their first day of school this year. It’s crazy and amazing to think that it is the first time since March that they have been in an actual classroom.

And yet, the first thing I thought was, “There they go on their first day of school; I hope it isn’t their last day as well.”

Do you hear that? How sad!

 No, it’s not the reality of Covid and the uncertainty of the future that is sad, but the fact that the situation had the ability to take a guy like me and turn me into a pessimist, is incredibly sad.

Luckily I caught myself.

Of course, I do not know what the future days will bring, even as I know that many schools that have started to open around the world have already had to close, be it in Israel, Chicago, and even right here in Toronto, when, before a school even opened yesterday as it had planned, it was already closed. 

Everything is uncertain.

BUT… for months and months, I have been hoping that my children could go back to school and sit in the same room with their teachers and their friends, and I have been anticipating their joy (okay, maybe just the younger ones) as they run out the front door.

This morning, I was finally privy to that reality, and I was going to ruin it all by saying “yeah, great – but let’s see what happens tomorrow.”

As all of this ran through my head, I realized that this might be something we should all be cognizant of as we enter the new year.

Don’t go in with a lens of “expectations”, but rather just focus on a lens of appreciation for what you have today…because today is all you have for now.

So yes, my kids went to school, they came home happy (and hopefully a little smarter and more inspired) and just for that, I am thankful.

Tomorrow….no expectations. Just appreciate what you have while you have it. It’s a much more enjoyable and healthier way to approach life, whether at work, in school, or anywhere else you find yourself.

And, this even applies to the new year. We could say “oy, with a year like this past one, I can’t imagine what to expect this year”, or we can simply take on the mindset that we aren’t going to expect ANYTHING, but instead…we will appreciate EVERYTHING!

(Modified Transcript of  Daily 2711 Podcast Episode #242)

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Upon receiving a Masters in Education and Semicha from Yeshica University, Rabbi Rafi returned to Toronto where he founded The House, a dynamic Jewish programming center that annually inspires over 3000 young professionals, and he currently serves as its Founding Director. Soon thereafter he was appointed as Rabbi of Shaarei Tefillah, a synagogue quickly becoming the destination for young families from diverse Jewish backgrounds. Most recently, he launched a daily podcast of Torah inspiration at
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