Dreaming of a better future

Dreaming of a better future without taking some steps in that direction is a sad existence for those who live in their heads. Setting a few simple goals for yourself whom you can work towards achieving may be the start of many accomplishments. On the path of goal setting, you will no doubt have some achievements if you have a heartbeat and enough limbs to grab ahold of the physical tasks. A little about me

Making yourself succeed is like building snowman or sand-castles out of nothing but snow or sand. You can figure out if you need a template or picture from which you can then build the dream. I saw a few displays of sand castles were awards given in an international competition.

At the sandcastle competition they also used molds they shaped with attention to significant detail over much time. I have never seen an ice sculpture or snowman competition, but I’m sure it would be interesting. Achieving some life goals may be easier than those tasks mentioned if they have to meaning to you. I have made some accomplishments under difficult circumstances which were most likely worth it.

Many authors write about goals so not knowing where to begin is an excuse you can use only with yourself. Start by identifying some interests and see what it is that fascinates you first then journal on the subject until you’re familiar. Journaling is also written about by many people as therapy to find out more about you.

With journaling, I learned that writing was an interest which should not have been a surprise to me. Feeling I would never be able to write a book I worked on better communication by email. I learned to add quotes to make my connection seem profound when it needed work. I took classes when I became more interested.

Blogging was mentioned to me as a possible interest by a professor who taught at the community college where I took high school English and math. I felt I needed some math skills to add in with my better writing while I enjoyed school. I didn’t drop out I moved away a month and a half before completing my courses where I made a lot of progress. I then went into a full-time school program where I obtained a High School Academic diploma.

Those achievements I accomplished after finding an interest in journaling email and communication. My goal has now come up from blogging to working on becoming a journalist or professional writer. I have picked a school and program of choice for those goals that have progressed to the point of trying to find acceptance and funding.

Working on goals is a step by step process sometimes referred to as baby steps to help lessen fears. I have no fear about journalism only anticipation because of my determination despite seeing some obstacles I have sought contributes to overcoming. Sometimes asking professionals is the only way to overcoming obstacles rather than go it alone.

Some professional help such as therapist’s school counselors or funding expertise can make a big goal attainable. That may pertain to most goals while others may require other helpers on the way to achievements. Attending schools with the proper training can make it possible as well when mind power alone is not enough.

People with barriers can sometimes find more help available as I have seen in my city and province. Canada has many good programs province to province where limitations are discussed and eased for the recipient.

Letting go of negativity is a real goal to work on with many benefits especially leading the way into other targets. Stopping the flow of bad words you use or skepticism towards world leaders can be relatively easy to accomplish. Volunteering for those you identify with in politics can be good especially when there has been something come of it later. Goal setting with reference to the Old Testament or Torah

I have done all those things including giving up several bad habits now working on a few others as well. You can count on yourself to start the changes in you while counting on others to fix you will be a long wait. Waiting is something I detest especially with how I arrive early for most things unless I set the goal to come only fifteen minutes early.

Be ready be strong when you see an opportunity on your goal path because after you identify a goal opportunities of such do come your way. With writing, I made quite a few contacts when as an adult my writing level was only at the 10th-grade level. Writers can identify another writer whether they are talented or just working on getting there.

Over the years I spent quite a lot of time working on my computer knowledge but not knowing what to study until I lived at the EPL (Edmonton Public Library) like many others. I did in my final year of Adult education study computers which gave me more knowledge than before. On my own, I guess I learned more because that is how it is for most people with inquisitive minds.

If I were to start out over again, I would have read more books with visual aids to compensate for the lack of imagination or not having seen the products mentioned before. Storage is exciting to me when discussing computers as well as knowing what office software can do. I studied HTML a little bit to help customize my Word Press blog hosted by Go daddy.

I learned little tricks on how to quickly manipulate HTML from a library question and answer session on computer software. One class showed me how to use Photoshop a bit which I never purchased the software yet, but if I do get accepted into journalism, it will be necessary.

Being in the cloud is becoming more comfortable to me, but it is me mostly using Google products now after getting over a Microsoft first bias. There are many good products out there which are free to use as phone apps or open access through the library.

Wherever you are on your goal path, you can start over or start a new goal to complement the main one you’re focused on now. Baby steps are necessary sometimes which also said many times are walking before you can run. I like motto’s slogans and quotes for use in my emails if they fit into the language I am presenting. I wish you the very best today after you have finished reading this article.

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Jacob Deveaux's in depth spiritual research compels him to write to interested people. He has presented spiritual topics to many on life's issues. Judaism is the base religion with the Torah being the Old Testament accepted by Christians. He will present spiritual topics through the Times of Israel.
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