My first TOI article

With my first TOI article, I would like to introduce myself with a little about my beliefs. My name is Jacob a Canadian living in Alberta. I vote for Conservative’s usually which is easier to understand decisions for me. I will not speak out against Canadian incumbent officials congratulating them when they have done something I appreciate for the good of all.

You should know that I worked as a professional tarot card reader for many years in person or on the web. I am interested in other religions and cultures including Judaism. My intent is to study beginning in the fall looking towards conversion to being Jewish. I most likely will never fully learn Hebrew because of having difficulty with languages.

At this time I have two blogs one being my Psychic Advisor name the other you can find by searching my name. Many years of self-study with input from others makes me realize I have a deep need for communication. I believe communication can solve many challenges a person faces. Consulting therapist’s clergy or wise doctors can keep a person on track especially if one belongs to groups which are supportive.

One thing to focus on is to include others who feel left out of the race. I don’t like bullying or harassment of any kind on anyone unless they are very mean people. I no longer wish to be up to date on terror attacks which affect every part of my being. On here I may sometimes offer sympathy to those who suffer from the trauma of any kind.

Many blogs are out there which cover some of my topics where I will like to offer my advice or opinion. I am mostly an opinion blogger with limited writing skills due to education. My post-secondary studies were in trades. I obtained upgrading sometimes looking to better express myself to others seeking friendship.

If I could stop an attack on someone of any kind or influence someone away from negativity by blogging, then I am a success. On the web are many messages and sites one can go on finding strange people behind the words. I don’t wish to discuss those topics in detail in case it directs someone in the wrong direction.

Over many years I’ve lost track of friends family and others who I had contact with for many reasons. I have few friends though I care about many people in general. The friends I have need understand that my family is first to me in concerns that never go away since becoming a father. Being a dad is meaningful and complex for a man my age that lived single for many years.

My blogging will not cover family issues so much except when involving my main topics belief culture or political decisions. Blogging is my hobby which I am proud of plus I play an online game when I have the time available. I often quote from Confucius in my emails “Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself” It is good, to sum up, things in reliable quotes which offer a quick glance into humanity.

The customers I have obtained over many years for my tarot readings often come with their lessons to share which I am pleased to inherit. I often consult my tarot regarding them outside of my Psychic Advisor time. For now, I leave you with the Hebrew salutation Shalom.

About the Author
Jacob Deveaux's in depth spiritual research compels him to write to interested people. He has presented spiritual topics to many on life's issues. Judaism is the base religion with the Torah being the Old Testament accepted by Christians. He will present spiritual topics through the Times of Israel.
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