Dripping with Hypocrisy

The notorious Squad of liberal Congress people made the most out of an opportunity that in turn exposed their true colors and backwards intentions.

Amidst thoughtful legislation to raise the debt ceiling, this reckless gang chose vocally to oppose the legislation which included raising the debt ceiling because within the legislation was a commitment of $1B to re-arm the Iron Dome in Israel.

This was a classic Squad move, full of virtue signals and headlines but devoid of facts, realities, and repercussions.

There are many things the Squad needs to know to better serve its constituents, both in their district and around the country. In no particular order they include:

• Iron Dome is a joint venture between the United States and Israel. Its research, development and implementation are a shared project between Rafael, based in Israel and Raytheon based in the United States. By denying funding, the Squad was denying support for American based companies. The United States has used the Iron Dome in other regions outside of Israel and will in the future. Defunding it puts US service people at risk.

• Iron Dome is one of a three-tiered program that provides air shield to Israel from attacks from its aggressive neighbors. In addition to the Iron Dome it includes David Sling and Arrow Defense. David’s Sling is a second venture between Raytheon and Rafael and Arrow is an endeavor with Boeing, another American company. When funding to protect Israel is requested for these programs, the Squad should do some research on who it is helping and hurting in the process. Not passing this legislation hurts Israel AND the United States.

• What will next happen from the Squad, is their inevitable vote against $3.5 B in aid to Israel. Even though the Obama administration drafted and implemented a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that supports this aid for ten-years. The Squad has and will vote against it.

Little does the Squad realize that long-standing in the financial support to Israel are jobs that are created in the United States. That means roughly $3B annually of the aid is for products that are ideated and produced in America and used in Israel. This includes Raytheon, but also includes deals with Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Caterpillar. These funds support research towards water preservation, refugee assistance and education. The Squad is in effect, choosing to defund American jobs and American companies through their grandstanding anti-Israel legislative decisions. They also are choosing to defund water reclamation, education and refugee assistance which supposedly are core to their mission.

Sadly, any good adviser, staffer or just simply 20 minutes of research on Wikipedia could have educated them on this topic. They chose to showboat instead of learning what the US government does and how it operates. It is after all, their job.

• The Squad in voting against Iron Dome signaled to the world that Jewish lives matter less. The truth is, Iron Dome has saved scores of Jewish lives and just as many Palestinian lives. The Iron Dome allows Israelis living in undisputed parts of Israel, like Sderot, Tel Aviv and Netanya to be protected from indiscriminate rocket fire from within Gaza. Were there no protection, Israeli forces would surely have had to recapture Gaza and remove the threat of terrorism, person by person which would have led to more bloodshed and loss of life. This bone-headed move by the Squad makes that nightmare closer to reality for both sides.

• If the Squad wants to protest treatment of Palestinians in the West Bank, why would they give this win to HAMAS and Hezbollah? The small strip of land has enemies on three sides, all funded by Iran, and with very different yet lethal capabilities.

o Hamas has a large arsenal of crude rockets that they fire often and randomly throughout Israel. They are unguided and have the singular purpose maiming and killing.
o Hezbollah has amassed more than 130K deadly rockets, under the nose of the United Nations mind you, that are sophisticated and can blanket the entire land of Israel with precision.
o The West Bank has a history of terror attacks but under the joint PA and Israel supervision, this crime has dropped precipitously. Ironically, the Squad gave a major victory to Hezbollah and Hamas and a pass to the very people they are supposedly defending in the West Bank.

• The United States has never sent troops to Israel to defend the country and Israel will never ask for that role. But, by having a trusted and steadfast ally in the Middle East that is adept with intelligence, committed to security and dedicated stopping terror and shares values and ideals, the United States saves billions of dollars annually by not establishing an outpost in the Middle East, like it has in Germany or Japan or Cuba. If the Squad were to grow support and disconnect the lines of communication and cooperation between the USA and Israel, it would cost the United States trillions of dollars annually to maintain a military edge and thwart terrorism abroad and domestically. The Squad missed this fact too.

• The $1B support for Iron Dome is now brought up as a separate, stand-alone bill. This will really put to the test where support for the people of the Middle East stands. It will pass with overwhelming bipartisan support. But not after the Squad sullied the name of good Democrats and Republicans and value-based people who have worked tirelessly to make support for our ally, Israel, transcend one-sidedness and partisanship.

To make the Iron Dome the cross the Squad is willing to die upon underlines the fact that Jewish blood matters less to them. This rhymes perfectly with other anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist statements about the ‘Benjamins’ or the comparing Israel aggression to “nooses used on blacks” or calling the elected official of Israel, “ethno-centrist” or referring to Israel as an “apartheid country bullied by the pro-Israel lobby” that the Squad has been called out for time and again.

These comments from the Squad are dripping with irony. This group of elected officials are committed to freedom, equality, and peace for all…. except the Jewish people. They are intolerant of racism, xenophobia, and prejudice for all…. except against the Jewish people.

This move is as hypocritical and tone deaf as wearing a designer gown with ‘tax the rich’ inscribed to an affair that costs $25k per ticket for entry. Whether she was an invited guest or paid her way, the messaging is all about grandstanding and not about effecting change based on facts, realities, or evidence.

Elected officials will not always share the same views. But frankly, I am appalled at some members of Congress who have acted in such a flippant, thoughtless, duplicitous, and haphazard manner. There is far too much on the line for these careless acts to occur empty of details, data, and truths.

Perhaps the Squad could take a few courses, attend a seminar, or meet with other MOC of both parties to learn about the implications and hypocrisy of these moves that garner media attention but hurt the interests of all Americans and cost innocent people their lives.

For shame!

About the Author
David-Seth Kirshner is the senior rabbi of Temple Emanu-El, a Conservative synagogue in Closter, New Jersey. He is the past President of the NY Board of Rabbis, President of the NJ Board of Rabbis and a Senior Rabbinic Fellow at the Hartman Institute. Rabbi Kirshner was appointed to the New Jersey/Israel commission and is a National Council member of AIPAC.
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