Warren Lewis

During the time of our deepest sadness we can be proud

This is Israel.
That mad, genocidal country that the world portrays as just wanting to kill innocent Palestinians.
While we are busy with our depraved ambition to live in peace we will pause our war on an enemy who slaughtered, raped and tortured 1200 citizens and stole 240 men, women and children.
Despite our crazed bloodlust we will pause the war at great threat to our soldiers on the frontlines, while Hamas rearms, repositions and reorganizes itself under the umbrella of a ceasefire. Using the aid that is so badly needed by the Gazans to survive for themselves whilst giving crumbs to its’ people. Using the fuel not to run hospitals, but their underground tunnels and to propel their rockets sent indiscriminately to kill people in Israel – Jew, Muslim, Christian or whatever you call yourself.
Despite our vile Jewish ambitions to fulfill the desire since the holocaust of “never again”, we will release hundreds of prisoners the western media brands innocent “women and children” who are actually convicted of crimes such as trying to kill or bomb Israeli soldiers and civilians. Then we still have to listen to the world make a moral equivalence between a 2 year old hostage released from Gaza and a 16 year old boy who tried to stab civilians. Prisoner releases that in the past have freed people like Yahya Sinwar.
Despite all this we will pause for these short moments of joy. While Hamas celebrates the death of its’ people and revels in the PR and continue the use of children as human shields while telling the true believers that they are shahids, we will stop fighting at great cost to ourselves because we celebrate life.
I have never been so sad at any time in my life, but I have never been so proud to call myself a Jew and an Israeli.
Am Ysrael Chai.
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They say that sport imitates life; and just as politics is a part of life, so too is sport. Whilst many believe that sports should be an escape from everyday life, it seems that the two will always be intertwined. I am a former professional football player with a keen interest in both and I enjoy exploring the convergence of these two areas about which many people are very passionate.
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