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Grateful to be Grateful

Dvir…Never Forgotten

In memory of strength. (courtesy)
In memory of strength. (courtesy)

We won’t forget. We can’t forget. But we will memorialize.
They won’t forget either. They will hand out sweets and Snickers. They will cheer.

We will be grateful for what we have.  For our state and our soldiers.  But we will be sad. They will raise glasses to the dead. For their sorry state.  And they will be happy.

Our flags will be present.  But just barely brushing the dust of the land, slowly waving in what we want to be peaceful air. They will shoot out fireworks as they like to burn, sullying their surroundings. Their murderers will receive a “Martyr’s Fund.”

We will quietly set up stone monuments, in recognition of the strength of our people. They will loudly publicize and politicize yet another murder, in appreciation of their dismal goals.

Because no matter what and how they threaten, exile and terrorize us, we will embrace life. And no matter what and how we heal them in our hospitals, invite them to our democratic process and hire them in our homes, they will – today and forever – stab us, exile us and seek to smash our souls.

But we will persevere. Through the tears.

And they will smile their toothless grins. Through their Snickers and their cheap candies.

Despite the devastation I know which side I’d rather be on.

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At 48 years old, Emma Sass is blessed to be the most content she has ever been.
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