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Eco-terrorism. Russian army destroys Kakhovska Dam

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Stalin, Hitler, and Putin – are those who blew up dams in Ukraine.

While thousands of civilians were sleeping tonight, Russian forces blew up the Kakhovska dam at 2:50am. Around 80 towns and villages could be affected by the flooding as a result. The water already came to Kherson city and flooded one of the city’s districts. More than 300 000 people are now in danger. Nova Kakhovka is fully flooded as a result of blowing the Kakhovska dam. Since Russian forces control part of the region’s territory, local people need a chance or way for a proper evacuation. 

During World War II, the citizens of Ukraine were already subjected to such an act of eco-terrorism by both Soviet and German troops in cases of their withdrawal from the territory of Ukraine. According to modern calculations, the maximum rise in the water level in the Dnipro downstream could be about 5 meters. According to historians, the flooding claimed the lives of about 20 to 100 thousand people due to blowing up the Dnipro Hydroelectric Station.

According to the official sources, we learned that the current maximum rise in the water level in the Dnipro downstream could be about 10 meters high, leading to dozens of thousands of deaths of Ukrainian citizens. As a result of the destruction of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station, 150 tons of engine oil got into the Dnipro River. This was reported at a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. According to the Ukrainian authorities, there is a risk of further leaking another 300 tons of engine oil. At the same time, the IAEA Director General said that the water level in the reservoir for cooling the ZNPP systems has seriously decreased, which might lead to the next eco-terror attack on the ZNPP. 

These facts indicate that the actions of the Russian occupation forces on the territory of temporarily occupied territories aimed to destroy all life, people, animals, nature, and agriculture.

According to military researchers, regarding its environmental and economic consequences, the destruction of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station for Ukraine can be equated with the results of using 5-10 kilotons of tactical nuclear weapons.

The factors of such destruction are virtually identical to a nuclear explosion, except for radiation pollution:

1. Evacuation of the population and destruction of companies and facilities with harmful and toxic substances (chlorine, ammonia, oil products, etc.).

2. Destruction of water supply, sewerage, and power supply facilities, the collapse of food and medical logistics.

3. Pollution of a part of the Black Sea and other consequences.

According to the Geneva Convention (Article 56 of Additional Protocol I of 1977), the destruction of dams is a war crime. It can be equated with the use of weapons of mass destruction.

For many years, the Kherson region was the very farming region of Ukraine, where hardworking people lived and worked all their lives to develop agriculture and horticulture. The products of Ukrainian farmers from the Kherson region are known in Ukraine and worldwide. Thousands of food chains have suffered due to Russian troops’ occupation of these territories. Still, this eco-terrorism case jeopardizes further plans for the restoration of the region and its further development after the de-occupation.

I appeal to you, people of Israel and the Free World, with a request for help to the residents of the Kherson region, who suffered from the most terrible act of eco-terrorism committed by the Russian occupation authorities. Like no one else, we know that the State of Israel has for decades come to the aid of those who are in trouble due to emergency situations, natural disasters and become victims of terrorist attacks and wars. Who, if not we Jews, know that He who saves one life saves the whole world. It is also worth remembering that we do not have the moral and historical right to allow the triumph of evil because this is the result of the inaction of a good person!

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Ilya Bezruchko is CEO of the co-working network in Ukraine, a blogger and the Jewish activist.
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