How to Impress Your Date: 8 Great Ideas in the Jerusalem Area

Jerusalem is a great city for dating because this amazing city has it all. There are cultural activities, spiritual activities, culinary activities, extreme sports, romantic overlooks and so much more.

Inspired by Daniella Rudoff, a well known matchmaker in Israel and the Marriage Architect, I began to think about ways I could help dating couples find some exciting activities to do together — to help them choose an activity that will help them get to know each other better – something to enjoy and something that brings out the FUN side of dating.

I turned to my favorite FUN in Jerusalem vendors who spend each and every day entertaining customers and asked them to tell us why their activity is a great “date”. Here is what they had to say:

Glass Blowing Workshop – Yael Vloch –

In my studio in Jerusalem I have a lot of different guests, but I think the coolest are the couples that come in for a date. When you work with glass you work with fire, it is hot and it is exciting. Glass blowing makes people happy. I love to see when the couples start to encourage each other, give each other support and enthusiastically work together. “

The Workshop Gush Etzion – Mandy & Jeremy Broder –

Date Night at The Workshop Gush Etzion is perfect one-on-one time with a special-someone in your life. There are no awkward silences. You’ll be kept busy for the full 2.5 hours, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, where you can work together on a joint project or side-by-side as you create your own individual pieces. Long-lasting memories will be made, as you enjoy each other’s company while learning to work with the wood and other materials to create your pieces of Judaica.”

Jclay – Shifra –

Painting pottery has been a classic date night activity for many years. The new JClay store in between the Shuk & Geula adds a unique twist to the date night with unique custom Judaica products like scenes from the Jerusalem skyline on mugs and plaques as well as havdala sets and more. It’s a nice quiet place to get to know your date and a great artistic distraction to lighten the pressure of a date. We’ve even had a couple come back to propose at JClay because their date here went so well”

City of David Halleluyah Night Show –

Finding the right date night activity just got easier. Enjoy the highly acclaimed Nighttime Presentation – Halleluya – at the City of David. The show tells the story of our return to rebuild ancient Jerusalem using state of the art lasers and music. A thrilling, outdoor cinematic experience projected onto the ancient ruins in the actual site where this story unfolded.

If the date goes really well then you can stop into the City of David gift shop to buy a special piece of jewelry inspired by ancient Jewish history or a unique souvenir to remember this special date.”

Galita Chocolate Workshops at Kibbutz Tzuba —

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Decorating chocolate or making your own unique pralines can teach your date about your tastes and flavors. Chocolate workshops can be arranged during the day and are Mehadrin. Don’t miss the great views from Kibbutz Tzuba and ask the front desk about the many hiking trails. Best part of the date is coming home with some delicious memories. ”

The Wine Temple, Emek Refaim – Eli –

If you are looking to impress your date with a sophisticated activity, then stop into the Wine Temple for a workshop and some tasting. Workshops must be reserved in advance but there is always a bartender there who can explain the different varieties of wine. We are located on Emek Refaim in an old stone building with lots of character. So, come and stop by “

Regush ATV Adventure – Aryeh Weinstock –

There is no better place to grow a relationship than to experience a challenging and exhilarating ATV ride through a historic part of Israel. Regush offers ATV trails past natural springs and on the Path of Our Fathers in Gush Etzion. Share the driving, learn about the history together and experience fun and adventure.”

Busters Beverage Company –

Have you tasted our alcoholic cider or our alcoholic lemonade? Now you can come on a tour and see how we make it. Walk behind the scenes in our Beit Shemesh Factory and end with a tasters flight of beer, alcoholic ciders and more. Each Friday there is a FREE walk- in tour (reservations required) or book your own private visit. It’s a really fun date experience.”

Now that we have given you the ideas for activities let’s hear a few words of advice from the dating experts…

Daniella Rudoff
Dating and Marriage Consultant

Come with a smile to your date! Your goal is to meet someone new, to try to get to know them well enough and to see if you enjoy spending time together. That’s all.

If you had a nice time on this date, then do you want to spend more time with this person to get to know them even more? 

There are different dating cultures which determine the setting of your first couple of dates. Choose the activity or location you both will feel most comfortable with, make sure to dress accordingly, plan to bring or buy drinks and food, and have fun!”

Once you are both comfortable in your relationship, then there are endless possibilities of amazing dating activities and settings to enjoy each other’s company! 

Best tip ever: Keep dating your whole life together. That’s the key to a great marriage. Happy Dating! 🙂 

Micki Lavin Pell
Certified Marriage Therapist and Relationship Coach
i24 News Contributor

First date should be casual, don’t want to build expectations. You want to choose a location that makes each of you feel safe and comfortable. For some that will be a crowded cafe, for others it will be taking a walk in a quiet park for others it will be getting away as far as possible from your own neighborhood …less chance you run into people you know.

As your dating progresses try different activities that create a bond between you like sports activities, hiking, biking, exercising, or escape rooms which are great for bringing out your fun side. Things may and will go wrong, and that’s the idea. This is a part of life. You want to know how people deal with challenging, stressful and tense situations.

Most importantly make sure to have Fun In Jerusalem whether you are a single dating or a couple looking for a fun activity to do together. “

Thanks to all of our FUN vendors who shared their activities with us. I know we have given you lots of different options to choose from.

Enjoy your date and enjoy Jerusalem. If you need any more ideas make sure to contact Fun In Jerusalem!

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Joanna Shebson runs Fun In Jerusalem, a Jerusalem tourism website that inspires family fun & Party in Jerusalem inspiring families to celebrate Bar/Bat Mitzvas in Israel. She and her husband made aliyah in 2007 from Los Angeles and love living in Jerusalem with their three kids. Joanna has an MBA from Kellogg Business School and is known for thinking out of the box especially when entertaining her kids.
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