Electing ANY Democrat-POTUS Could Destroy America – Part I: Anarchy

Yesterday, I probed the relative electoral prospects of Trump/Biden within the Black community; in light of the demonstrations/riots, it is desirable to assess the “underbelly” of what has transpired in Minneapolis. Subsequent postings will again illustrate why The Donald will again thwart the Never-Trumpers among Deep State enablers, primarily the Dems and the Media.

The Autopsy “Controversy”:  A Distinction Absent a True Medical Difference

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner concluded homicide had been caused by “cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint and neck compression,” and that “underlying health conditions” (including intoxicants, but not COVID-19) could have been contributory; on examination, there was no “traumatic asphyxiation or strangulation” although it was felt that the “effects of … being restrained by police” contributed to his death.

In contrast, the independent autopsy revealed  “homicide caused by asphyxia due to neck and back compression that led to a lack of blood flow to the brain.” This was a welcome departure on one personal level for, as a physician, I have railed against including “cardiopulmonary arrest” on any Death Certificate because this is a description of demise rather than an explanation for what had transpired immediately prior to cessation of cardiac output.

Overall, regardless of whether the patient was primarily deprived of oxygen from asphyxiation vs. whether he was unable to perfuse his brain via the carotids, the neck compression caused death; it matters not whether he had any underlying ailment (active or not), for he was alive/well prior to having been kneed.

The Murder Charge “Controversy”:  Another Distinction Absent a True Legal Difference

Initially, the Hennepin County District Attorney on Floyd Case claimed the “evidence does not support a criminal charge”; subsequently, the perp was charged with 2nd Degree Murder and his three colleagues with having aided/abetted him by being “complicit.” It is ironic but irrelevant that Floyd and Officer Derek Chauvin worked security at the same Minneapolis club up to the end of last year.

Bernie Kerik felt the former Minneapolis Cop should have been arrested for having committed 1st Degree Murder because of lack of attention to warnings that the patient had become unconscious; others suggest that overcharging is risky for, if Attorney General Keith Ellison were to fail to win a conviction, a “tinderbox” would again be ignited in Minneapolis.

Sharyl Attkisson has discussed why this isn’t an open and shut case; regardless, because “perception Is reality,” a lesser charge can emerge from plea bargaining and/or through providing a jury finite choices and profound guilt will be affirmed.

The Absence of Proper Vetting of Police Recruits:  Ignored but Consequential

Long before the Palestinian Arab owner of Cup Foods called the cops to complain Floyd had tried to pass a counterfeit $20, George Chauvin (the knee-murderer) had previously accrued a criminal record with seven convictions (including an allegation of attempted murder); subsequently, he accrued 18 complaints and received 2 letters of reprimand.  His partner, Tou Thao, was sued in 2017 for stopping a man without cause and beating him in the street; in both cases, their contracts protected them.

Again, Sharyl Attkisson provided under-reported data regarding additional camera views, the complaint, and circumstances surrounding the event; she noted a witness claimed Floyd did not resist arrest, but she did not capture the claim by one ex-Minneapolis cop that he had told other officers “You Shouldn’t Do This” during the arrest. [That Klobuchar failed to charge Chauvin after the shooting death of a Native American in 2006 is perceived as destroying her Veep prospects (already on thin ice c/o Charlamagne).]

Media fallout includes awareness that Chauvin’s wife predictably filed for divorce and that Black Conservatives have properly rejected the media’s racism, victimhood narratives, and praise for BLM; even if Floyd had not recorded an inspirational video telling kids to avoid gang culture, I would have rejected the harshness of how Candace Owens forswore support for Floyd (while prominently citing Shelby Steele, who had written “Israel and the Surrender of the West”).

Jewish Organizations Properly Condemned (Selectively); Reactions Reflected Politics

Risking being subject to the aphorism “over-analysis breeds paralysis,” Talmudic aficionados were tasked with identifying the “one key concept or thesis (the ‘nekudah’) that will unlock a dense discussion complex of obscure Talmudic material” to remedy the strife. AIPAC’s silence perturbed activists who sought condemnation of institutional racism.

This canard has animated condemnations by the ADL and the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, with the latter amplifying the messaging by calling law enforcement and the U.S. justice system “racist and unjust”:  “The national rage expressed about the murder of Mr. Floyd reflects the depth of pain over the injustice that People of Color – and particularly Black men – have been subjected to throughout the generations. In recent months we have seen, yet again, too many devastating examples of persistent systemic racism, leading to the deaths not only of Mr. Floyd but of other precious souls, including Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery.”

These libs ignored the fact that rioters looted Kosher stores and vandalized synagogues in L.A. (scribbling graffiti such as “Free Palestine” and “F*** Israel”), violence that was stoked by anti-Israel activists who falsely blamed Israel for Floyd’s death; this is why, on 6/2/2020, the JNS correctly observed that outrage over the Floyd murder doesn’t justify intersectional myths and why Magen Am patrols L.A.

The Initial Rioting Could Have Been Staunched; Dem Leaders Demurred

Immediately after the event, “someone” should have noted that Minneapolis police had rendered 44 people unconscious and, thus, that the police had missed reforms before George Floyd’s death; despite the fact that no riot had ensued after a Black cop had killed a white victim in 2017, these circumstances had foreshadowed the Floyd murder.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz admitted delay in calling in the National Guard mattered (on Friday and on Sunday), explaining that he had underestimated the “wanton destruction” and Crowd Size; not so Minneapolis Mayor Frey, who accused Trump of “weakness” (for advocating use of the National Guard) as he let rioters burn down a police station (after they had destroyed the evidence file, undermining prior prosecutions) forcing cops to flee the attack.

Michael Moore exclaimed the Minneapolis Police HQ had to be demolished as “contrition to Black America” as he cheered the riots, along with Democratic Socialists and too many journalists; all this was occurring as Minneapolis rioters (who had set up barricades for protection as they attacked police)  burned to ashes an iconic independent bookstore and provoked mayhem on the streets (as women were reportedly being kidnapped and pulled into cars while random drivers were being shot at). Libertarian John Stossel simply concluded that rioting risks forestalling progress against racism.

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