Electing ANY Democrat-POTUS Empowers Gomer-tose Biden – Part I: Charlamagne

Biden may be the only “gomer” ever to have sought the presidency, as dramatized by this compilation c/o Reddit; the term is derived from a 1978 book “House of God” referring to chronically ill patients whom house officers would aspire to “get outa my emergency room.”

In the present environment, Trump must trigger conservatives to lead a revamped Civil Rights Movement, building upon a Rasmussen poll that concluded Black voter approval of Trump has surged to greater than 40%; this level of support can grow, inasmuch as voters trust Trump more than Biden to achieve an optimal economic recovery.

This activist posture contrasts with the bromides that continue to emerge from Biden, for he predictably condemns America as racist as he avers “The original sin of this country still stains our nation today”; he jeopardizes garnering police support when he embraces an anti-cop mood, both when trying to be serious (Biden called on Congress to tackle police reform and ban chokeholds) and when he ultimately shows he’s unserious (Biden promoted a police protocol decried by gun-safety experts when he advised training to shoot protesters “in the leg”).

In contrast, Rush Limbaugh feels Dems/progressives pay rioters (who are “lying in wait”) and, thus, that the objective should be to “defeat the forces” attempting to overthrow Trump and to shred the Constitution (even if the Media predictably portray this goal as divisive and vindictive); Limbaugh has also predicted that Biden won’t be on the ticket and that, regardless, Trump will emerge victorious as long as he is careful when picking battles and he successfully reopens the economy that Dems keep trying to keep shut-down.

It was this meme that was interlaced within his frank conversation with Charlamagne Tha God on The Breakfast Club during their simulcast; Charlamagne Tha God felt Rush was “delusional” after having offered epically empty postures, and concluded the disastrous interview was a waste.

Trump’s Entreaties to Blacks

This debate of true “brands” transcended politics and that’s why I propose Trump—another distinctive “brand”—also convey this message personally during a chat with Charlamagne Tha God, thereby directly addressing an untapped audience that may still feel it has “nothing to lose” AND lots of jobs to gain by supporting Trump’s initiatives.

In the process of hammering Biden, Trump could emphasize the fact that the biggest defenders of Black Americans throughout US History have been Republicans, a point that permeates a book by Michael Zak [Back to Basics for the Republican Party]; he would be encouraging them to supplant a half-century of Dem guilt-handouts with honoring what emerges from people—of all races—who exude personal responsibility.

This would contrast with Biden’s “You ain’t Black” remark, but one of Biden’s acts of racism that prompted Dems to fear they had lost control of the narrative; it was not his only crazy statement during their testy exchange, for there were nine reasons it was a disaster including his use of a “Blaccent.”

Indeed, a long “in context” video clip was catastrophic; and Biden’s glitches couldn’t be explained away by not realizing his earpiece had fallen out, when he asked that someone “Turn up the volume.”

During his 18-Minute rambling train wreck, he said:  “No one should be going to jail for drug crime, period …. “I know a lot of weed smokers”… and “one thing prisoners have in common is that they “can’t read.”
Biden’s Rationalizations

This prompted Charlamagne tha God to declare Biden a “very intricate” part of ‘Systemic Racism’ in America, hitting him for a problematic record of “very racist legislation“ (such as when fought for school segregation) that has to be fixed; when claiming, “‘I Want Something for My People” beyond fear, he hastened to observe that a  Klobuchar V.P. Pick would cause “voter depression.”

Thus, Biden was supported, in myriad ways, by Jemele Hill, Symone Sanders (who exhibited “intellectual gymnastics”), Donna Brazile, and Kathy Pollitt (a “journalist” who would support Biden even “if he boiled babies and ate them”).

Yet, Biden was condemned, in myriad ways, by Rep. Clyburn, Rapper Zuby, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Kira Davis, Sen. Tim Scott and other Black Conservatives, Herschel Walker (who eviscerated him), Harris Faulkner, Marie Harf, Diamond and Silk, Jerome Hudson, Vernon Jones, and John James.

All of this prompted a Dem Rep to claim Trump had to “search high and low”’ to find Tim Scott and Mia Love to attack Biden; right on cue, a Dem Strategist failed to play “gotcha” effectively when trying to convert the argument into targeting Trump supporters;

Biden also was supported by the Media, as CNN buried the story by invoking “Whatabout” arguments; the relatively muted reactions on the right was felt by some to explain why the GOP loses elections.

Pivot Point

After Biden had insulted Black voters by uttering a comment that reeked of identity politics, his defenders couldn’t keep claiming it had been a joke; predictably, they were mute after the non-profit NAACP busted Biden for lying about enjoying its support.

Indeed, Biden has channeled the sorry legend of the Black Voter, essentially functioning as the self-appointed final authority on blackness; it’s unclear whether he’ll get away with saying racist crap or whether this experience will have a lasting impact.

Unfortunately for his defenders and to the glee of his attackers, Biden blamed Charlamagne for having baited him:  “I shouldn’t have been such a wise guy with him; he was being a wise guy and I responded, [in] kind.”

Charlamagne tha God fired back by averring, “I didn’t throw no bait out there for that fish whatsoever”; when he quoted Biden’s apology as having confessed “I was being too cavalier,” he observed that this adjective is “defined as not showing concern.”

This denouement recalls the famous admonition against people who “keep digging,” and therefore resonates with those who compare/contrast Biden’s physical/mental deterioration with Trump’s sardonic vigor.

About the Author
Robert B. Sklaroff MD is a physician-activist who is a radical, liberal, moderate, conservative, reactionary [depending upon the topic] who has developed many political stances that scrupulously attempt to identify the "nut" of "hot" issues; although predictions are notoriously deficient [as assiduously chronicled by my son], my insights are durable. I have also written about medical politics [particularly Vaping and ObamaDon'tCare] and have attempted to articulate the action-item [that I have often pursued absent support]. Aggressively followed is the discipline of capturing and then addressing all reputable perspectives; the reader is thereby maximally "armed" to critique the output.
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