Electing ANY Democrat-POTUS Could Destroy America – Part II: Anarchy

As detailed yesterday, because rioters want a revolution and not criminal justice reform, they risk losing both by trying to collapse rule-of-law; noting the globalization of protests/riots, this constitutes a frontal attack on Western Civilization, to the glee of Iran, Russia, China, and Turkey (the “Axis of Evil”). In short, the bloodletting and wilding is part of an agenda to tear down the country.

Also probed yesterday was the observation that radicalization of white progressives (at the heart of the mayhem) represents the greatest short- and long-term threat to social cohesion in America; it also represents the greatest threat to the communal future of American Jewry, to relations between the American Jewish community and the rest of the Jewish world, and to U.S.-Israel relations.

That the rioters created a War Zone was not lost on the fed up Minneapolis woman who lost her store, on the Black firefighter who lost his Sports Bar, or on the tanker truck driver who was whipped out of his carriage and beaten just as had been Reginald Denny. Almost satirically, as Floyd’s family called for an end to violence, the mayor worried about the spread of Covid-19 and falsely claimed that Black lives didn’t matter to Trump.

Dark humor has abounded, such as when NBC banned reporters from using the word “riot” when covering the Minnesota riots, or when MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle claimed that “defunding the police” actually entailed imposing budget cuts, or when a BLM rioter accidentally self-immolated, or when a parody on looting (c/o Amazon Go) went viral, or when it was announced that an ultra-liberal “Looney Tunes” reboot will strip Elmer Fudd of his rifle when chasing Bugs Bunny.

Through it all, the Minneapolis mayor is now asking Trump for relief money after he had allowed his city to burn; this is reminiscent of how the guy who killed his parents had the chutzpah to seek support because he was an orphan. Fortunately, notwithstanding how Mayor Frey knelt and appeared to cry at Floyd’s funeral, he demonstrated he had alienated just about everyone when he was booed by protesters after refusing to defund and to abolish the police.

By far the most profound example of how social justice has superseded social distancing has been a montage​​ of the engrained symptomatology of Trump Derangement Syndrome, for the Minnesota protests proved that protests/riots were more important than “stopping the spread.”​

For all these reasons, it’s necessary to maintain (and to honor) the list of the police officers who were killed or Injured by last week’s violence.

There is NO “Institutional Racism”!

California Governor Newsome claimed that millions of people are justifiably lifting their voices in anger at the systemic racism that persists in America. Others characterized such rhetoric as based upon a myth of systemic police racism, promoted by Obama; he had spoken in Dallas after five police had been gunned down by a black killer who had announced his desire to kill cops,  especially white ones. Just as he had done at other moments of his presidency, Obama preached about how blacks fear being murdered by cops every time they leave the house, ignoring the memory of the slain cops.

In 2019, the chance of an unarmed black being killed by police was about 1 in every 4 million; as many as half of these 10 cases involved attacks on police or resisting arrest. That’s why it’s so divisive when Biden absurdly says that America has a knee on the neck of black America.

To the contrary, systemic corruption is manifest when public employee unions protect bad policemen (just as bad teachers are paid while doing crosswords), such as the killer cop in Minneapolis (a very bad apple, a rogue cop) against whom many complaints had been issued. Contracts are negotiated exclusively by Dems, who dominate government; union members who contribute to, work for, and vote for Dems will receive salary increases, fat pensions, medical benefits for life,  … and protection if they are bad at their job. These conclusions are supported by academic studies (Maryland, Harvard and Michigan State).

Tragically, Black lives don’t matter to supporters  of Black Lives Matter, evinced by what happened last weekend in Chicago; while cops were otherwise engaged with vicious vandals, window smashers, arsonists and thieves, the gangs went wild on the south and west side. As a result, instead of the normal weekend carnage of maybe 4 or 5 dead, and five times that many shot,  on this Sunday alone, 16 were shot and killed, and another 40-plus were shot and wounded. Almost all of those shot and or killed were Black. The weekend toll was over two dozen dead, and over 80 shot. BLM and the media have neglected to recite the names of victims of Black-on-Black crime … in Philadelphia, St Louis, Baltimore.

Democrats Perpetuate the Carnage!

Invoking the famous battle-cry that the best defense is a good offense, Minnesota A.G. Keith Ellison claimed Trump’s Tweets “stem from the same attitude” that killed Floyd. Concomitantly, his son, a Minneapolis city councilman, declared support for Antifa.

Not to be outdone, Rep. Ilhan Omar Tweeted “Our Anger Is Just. Our Anger Is Warranted” as her daughter, Isra Hirsi, retweeted a list of supplies for “comrades” who were rioting in Minneapolis; meanwhile, Hope Walz (the daughter of the Minnesota Governor) tweeted intel to violent looters and rioters.

All this fed into the debate as to the identity and motives of the rioters, as if they were homogeneous; whereas the Minnesota Governor and the Liberal Media claimed the perps were “White Supremacists” and “Far Right” extremists from abroad (quoting Susan Rice, who fingered Russia in particular), the Minneapolis mayor retracted his statement that every person arrested was from out of state; of the 57 people arrested in protest-related incidents through this past Saturday morning, 47 (82%) provided a Minnesota address to authorities.

Thus, most of the rioters and agitators were leftists who were not necessarily from Minneapolis; recognizing that riots are planned (evidenced by piles of bricks staged in cities around the country), it’s vital to appreciate the fact that racist Antifa thugs are skewing the media narrative against Minneapolis non-violent protesters.

Indeed, BLM is developing a highly-trained “Military” arm to declare war on the police, funded by America’s corporate elite; it’s uncanny that celebrities have helped Minneapolis protesters make bail, perhaps following the cue of Hillary Clinton as she acts as though her 2016 campaign against Trump has yet to end.

Legislative Change is Coming!

After Minneapolis City Council seriously weighed disbanding the police, a majority signed a pledge to do so; as a result, the Minneapolis council president confirmed they will be replaced with a “transformative new model of public safety.”

Furthermore, the Minneapolis City Council VP wants to “declare a State of Emergency to declare racism as a Public Health issue”; perhaps alighting upon Planet Earth, it appears Minneapolis will ban police from using chokeholds, although the cynic would wonder aloud why ban phantom police from doing anything?

Nationally, it seems Dems will draft a sweeping national “Police Reform” Bill that will undoubtably restrain the use of force.

Although this blogger’s preference is to aggregate information rather than to disseminate it piecemeal, this has been composed while anticipating the provision of a lot of follow-up; in all probability, this will entail both facts that have been ignored and perceptions that may deepen understanding of what’s happened.

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