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Electing ANY Democrat-POTUS Could Destroy America – Part V: Cancellation

As noted previously, it was necessary to convey the “statue” facet of this leftie phenomenon in two essays (here and here), the thrust of which The Donald has adopted [Trump Calls for Building Upon “Our Heritage” Amid Push to Tear Down Statues]; the controversy rages [e.g., UNLV REMOVES ‘REBEL’ STATUE IN WAKE OF PROTESTS and CHURCHILL STATUE TO BE “UNBOXED” AHEAD OF MACRON VISIT TO LONDON] as a sage has weighed-in [Victor Davis Hanson on removing Confederate statues and the erasing of American History].

News Flash:  Nashville Holocaust Memorial Vandalized With Anti-Semitic Messages.

Before providing a follow-up essay focusing upon journalism and journalists, it is desirable to introduce an efficient method by which other “hot” issues can be conveyed via a single hyperlink; the “Ace of Spades” [The Morning Report – 6/18/20] has generated a précis of multiple issues that provides 90 (ninety) hyperlinks—paralleling what I do when data-mining—initiated by a “succinct summary of the salient features” of the War against Trump.

The categories of information parallel what has already been accrued by myself; having read most of these articles, I would suggest scrutinizing those that are replete with info beyond the headline (one-per-category), although the terse intros to each of them are priceless:

WAR ON LAW & ORDER, POLICE; CIVIL WAR 2.0 [Angel-of-Death Cuomo: If a Community Doesn’t Want Its Police Force, “They Shouldn’t Have It”]: LEFTIST REIGN OF TERROR, CRIMINALITY [It’s Political Power That Really Matters to Black Lives Matter]; CHINESE CORONAVIRUS FICTIONS, FACTS AND AMERICA IMPRISONED [Dr. Fauci Admits That Public Health Experts Initially “Downplayed” Face Masks Over Concerns About Supply]; SHAMPEACHMENT, CLINTON/OBAMA COUP, CONGRESSIONAL PERSECUTION, SPYGATE, DEEP STATE, MUELLER DECEPTION [Justice Department Official Plans to Resign After Signing Bolton Lawsuit, E-Mail Says]; DEMOCRAT-LEFTIST SCANDALS, CRIMES, CHUTZ-POCRISY, MESHUGAS [Small Business Owners Slam Iowa Dem’s “Concerning” Record as Real Estate Executive]; POLITICS, 2020 ELECTION [American Greatness/TIPP Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Battleground Voters Say Biden Lacks Mental Capacity to Be President]; AMNESTY, IMMIGRATION, BORDER SECURITY [Federal Court Puts ICE in Lockdown, Keeps Illegal Alien Sex Offenders Free]; FIRST AMENDMENT, CENSORSHIP, FAKE NEWS, MEDIA, BIG BROTHER BIG TECH [Spencer: It Didn’t Start with The Federalist]; FOREIGN AFFAIRS, INTERNATIONAL [House Republicans Publish Key Findings on How China Lied About Chinese Coronavirus]; DEFENSE, MILITARY, SECURITY AFFAIRS [McConnell “OK” with Removing Confederate Names from Bases]; WE-ALL-SLAM-FOR-I-SLAM [Shooting the (Infidel) Messenger]; DOMESTIC AFFAIRS, THE BUREAUCRACY, WASTE, FRAUD, ABUSE [The Democrats’ Corruption of America’s Inner Cities]; THE ECONOMY, STUPID [Corporate America’s Strategy of Mob Appeasement Will Destroy it, Just as it Always Has]; EDUCATION [George Carlin Told Us 20 Years Ago Why Public School Sucks, and How Your Kid Can Survive]; ACTUAL SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY [Enigmatic Layering and Chasms on Mars]; CULTURE WARS, HITHER & YON].


The Press often forgets that any assault on open speech is an attack on the U.S. of A.; some would turn America into the Oberlin College campus.

As promised, this follow-up essay focuses upon journalism and journalists, noting that they often forget that any assault on open speech is an attack on America; some would turn America into the Oberlin College campus.

Nothing dramatized this threat of Social Justice Warriors’ takeover of Newsrooms more than the recent publication by the NY-Times of the op-ed by Tom Cotton that NBC’s Seth Meyers felt was “Fascist”; he had simply advocated Trump consider invoking the Insurrection Act to “Send In The Troops” to help quell the lawlessness in US cities.

Whatever was the inside story, the essay prompted NY Times reporters to stage an “open revolt”; the founder of the error-ridden “1619 Project” slammed the lack of fact checking and the editor who had sent anti-Semitic tweets said it had endangered Blacks.

This prompted the NY-Times to explain to the NY-Times elite why they ran an op-ed from a popular U.S. Senator that addressed how to end widescale riots and looting; yet, these staffers don’t like people hearing of any opinion that isn’t their own. The publisher said this “contemptible” piece should not have been published because it had failed to meet the woke standards of its news room; he blamed a “rushed editorial process” and promised more fact-checking and fewer new op-eds.

Both “conservative” Ross Douthat and “liberal“ Jonathan Chait observed the censoring was part of a cultural revolution by people who would be happy for the paper to limit its opinions only to those that adhere to their own; the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft blamed this debacle on neoconservatives and others simply on the “usual suspects,” Zionists.

As a result, the NY-Times attacked Cotton and the opinion editor James Bennet resigned; embattled New York Dem Eliot Engel then claimed he won’t seek the NY-Times endorsement due to the Cotton op-ed (anticipating perhaps he wouldn’t receive it) and, never losing an opportunity to place his stamp on current events, McConnell mocked the NY-Times after the paper had “Begged for Mercy” from the woke mob.

Now, Tom Cotton is on a roll, reminding the media of why most Republicans don’t care about Colin Powell, endorsing Biden; his victory lap included the (somewhat ironic, albeit accurate) claim that a NY-Times column calling for abolition of police “puts lives In danger.”

Ben Shapiro observed, “Perhaps my favorite thing about the idiotic NYT employees enraged at the paper running an op-ed from a US Senator that happens to reflect the views of 7 in 10 Americans is that they’re doing the stupid “repeat this slogan after me” tactic they learned in college; another observer concluded that the best way to avoid the election of Positive-Populist Presidents (appropriating the term of FNC’s Steve Hilton)  to publish Tom Cotton, for the media’s pretense of objectivity while treating conservatives as evil is how they got Trump.

An even more absurd event prompted Stan Wischnowski to resign as The Philadelphia Inquirer’s longtime top editor; The Inquirer apologized for a headline (Buildings Matter, Too) that appeared over a column by the paper’s architecture critic suggesting equivalence between the loss of buildings and the lives of black Americans. The column argued that when rioters destroy buildings in urban neighborhoods, they only worsen the problems faced by minorities; all primary documents have been uploaded.

Taibbi [paraphrased, reinforced by Hugh Hewitt] torched the media for being afraid to confront the terror campaign that’s engulfed the nation’s newsrooms. He also said that, if anything that’s been exposed during the unrest over the officer-involved fatality of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25 that sparked nationwide riots, it’s that the American Left has gone totally insane and the liberal media is destroying itself. “It feels liberating to say, after years of tiptoeing around what’s been happening that, among self-described liberals, we’re watching an intellectual revolution.  The American left has lost its mind; it’s become a cowardly mob of upper-class social media addicts.”

‘New York’ Magazine had defenstrated columnist Andrew Sullivan from writing about the demonstrations and riots roiling the nation. After being liberated, Andrew Sullivan wrote:  “In this manic, Manichean world you’re not even given the space to say nothing. ‘White Silence = Violence’ is a slogan chanted and displayed in every one of these marches. It’s very reminiscent of totalitarian states where you have to compete to broadcast your fealty to the cause. In these past two weeks, if you didn’t put up on Instagram or Facebook some kind of slogan or symbol displaying your wokeness, you were instantly suspect. The cultishness of this can be seen in the way people are actually cutting off contact with their own families if they don’t awaken and see the truth and repeat its formulae. Ibram X. Kendi insists that there is no room in our society for neutrality or reticence. If you are not doing “antiracist work” you are ipso facto a racist. By ‘antiracist work’ he means fully accepting his version of human society and American history, integrating it into your own life, confessing your own racism, and publicly voicing your continued support.”


The existence of the “Internet” cannot be invoked to explain why editors are resigning:

We’ve reached the book-burning phase of 2020 riot wokeness, for the LIBERAL “mob” is responsible for the apparent demise of LIBERAL speech freedom.

Contrasting with how the New York Times has perfected the Art of Grievance Journalism, its columnist Ross Douthat isn’t into wallowing in the past when he asks, “What is the successor ideology? If you want to see the successor ideology at work, this implies, don’t look for a definitive program. Look for places where progressive movements cease working toward some long-sought liberal goal and start to argue in terms that leave liberalism behind.”

This discussion has focused on print journalism, but the cancellation process has also been experienced on-line; a liberal dark money behemoth seeks to scrub a Wikipedia page of “Free Beacon” reporting.

Here, he simply yearns to RETURN to the CLASSICAL liberalism of Edmund Burke; to stanch the bleeding, others should pursue this goal as well.


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