Electing ANY Democrat-POTUS Could Destroy America – Part III: Cancellation

As detailed last week (Monday and Tuesday), foundational information regarding the Floyd-death was parsed; yet, subsequent rioting has shown that the perps were invoking the presence of demonstrators to manifest previously-established desires. The ultimate goal—here and in most everything that has transpired—has been to motivate voters to displace Trump; nevertheless, it’s necessary to identify key-info that hasn’t been sufficiently explored.

The ultimate goal—here and in most everything that has transpired—has been to motivate voters to displace Trump; nevertheless, it’s necessary to identify key-info that hasn’t been sufficiently explored.

Lest we forget, Black Lives Matter is anti-Semitic.

This essay focuses upon statues, and tomorrow’s will address the print media; subsequently, the entertainment industry and the military will be scrutinized.

Just as the ideal remedy for “discordant” speech is MORE speech, statues should be built rather than destroyed or hidden in museums. Although I disagree with General Jack Keane and Victor Davis Hanson in this regard, I can appreciate the wisdom in the advice of the latter (which channels that of the former): “Wait until the fires in the streets, the occupations, the defacements, the looting, and the violence have dissipated, if only not to reward the bullhorn rather than the majority vote of elected or representative bodies. Let us make sure that the logic of our efforts is systemic and applicable in general rather than ad hoc and of the moment. And finally let us wonder why those who wish such prompt action had not spoken out earlier, in calmer times.”

I prefer the advice that, in lieu of destruction of history (no matter how discordant), it’s preferable to oppose illiberal intolerance, for Jews could play the same game and demand that monuments to anti-Semitism should be desecrated or torn down along with alleged racists. This piece includes “history” that facetiously yields this query:  “Shall we dynamite statues of slave-owning Roman emperors?” Fortunately, Macron said France won’t remove statues or erase history.

This is a global phenomenon, for it seems that any statue of someone who looks like he/she is from the 18th or 19th century, regardless of his politics or stance on slavery, is a target. BLM even defaced the Queen Victoria statue with BLM slogans (“WHORE, SLAG, SLAVE OWNER”); in addition, London’s Islamist Mayor Khan removed the 207-year-old statue of Robert Milligan, the Scottish merchant who established the West India Docks. Indeed, back in Scotland, the police have abandoned monuments to rioters and, thus, the absence of guards allowed BLM and BLM and Left-Extremists to vandalize the Robert the Bruce statue with “racist” slogans.

After it had been attacked on the D-Day Anniversary, BLM even forced authorities to imprison the Churchill statue in a gray box to protect it from BLM vandals; indeed, the leader of an “independent Police Advisory Group” was supportive because, “I haven’t personally met him.”

This type of attitude has been instilled on both sides of the “pond” by messaging such as that from left-wing BBC, which wondered aloud whether he had been a “Hero or Villain?”; it’s also unclear why Churchill’s photo had disappeared from Google.

None of this has any justification, even when trying to determine whether Churchill’s attitude toward Jews had been POSITIVE [Winston Spencer Maccabee by  Rabbi Meir Y. Soloveichik], PROBLEMATIC [What Churchill Really Thought About the Jews? by Sir Martin Gilbert CBE], and/or NEGATIVE [Churchill’s ‘special friendship’ with the Jewish people is nothing more than a myth, created by Churchill himself and his official biographer, Martin Gilbert by Michael J. Cohen].

In Philadelphia (my home town), Dem Mayor Kenney “disappeared” the statue of controversial former Mayor (and Police Commissioner and conservative icon) Frank Rizzo, as “another step in a saga of pain and controversy” that had become a flashpoint during days of unrest, adding, “Immediate removal of the Rizzo statue is necessary to protect the health, safety and welfare of Philadelphians and city employees and is in the best interest of the city.” He didn’t even relocate it to a police-oriented venue (as had been floated) and he then had the Italian Market scrub the Rizzo Mural in South Philly; thus, people wondered whether the next victim would be the Columbus Statue.

Indeed, it was, across the Delaware River (in Camden, N.J., in Providence, Rhode Island (by a middle school teacher), in Richmond, Virginia (located in KKK-leader Democrat Robert Byrd Park), in Portsmouth, Virginia (where a protester was injured), and in St. Paul, Minnesota; as would be expected, ignorant/Islamist Ilhan Omar lost a fight with Ted Cruz, obviously ignorant of the truth about Columbus.

Out of touch with his indigenous/leftie supporters, DeBlasio Wants NYC To keep the Columbus Statue, while Boston removed a beheaded Columbus and BLM vandalizes Boston’s “Glory” Memorial to Black Civil War Soldiers; not to be outdone, BLM vandalized the statue of Philadelphia abolitionist Matthias Baldwin (spray-painting “murderer” and “colonizer” on its pedestal), prompting this rebuke:  “He Was BLM Before There Was A Slogan.”

Unfortunately, “Social Justice Warriors” are defacing statues of actual Social Justice Warriors nationally:  [1]—Jacksonville, Florida will remove Confederate monuments; [2]—after Virginia Governor Northam announced his plan to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee, he was temporarily blocked (as the statue was illuminated with the Pride Flag); [3]—the mayor of  Alexandria, Virginia removed a Confederate statue claiming, “like all great cities, we are constantly changing and evolving”; [4]—the US ambassador to India apologized for desecration of the Gandhi statue in D.C.; [5]—George Washington Statue Defaced in Chicago, Spray Painted With Threat to the White House; [6]—BLM Protestors Defaced a Statue of Abraham Lincoln; [7]—CNN Commentator Wants All Washington And Jefferson Statues Removed; [8]—a statue of Confederate Gen. Williams Carter Wickham, which had stood on a pedestal in Monroe Park in Richmond, Virginia since 1891, was toppled; [9]—a ‘Professional Agitator’ Called for Removal of the Boston Lincoln Emancipation Memorial; and [10]—Fredericksburg, Virginia removed its 800-pound slave auction block.

Tucker Carlson feels the push to tear down monuments and to desecrate war graves is only “About Political Power” that can be accrued by force, noting that a poll concluded Americans Believe Confederate Statues Should Remain Standing by 12-Point Margin; meanwhile, Taylor Swift advocated ending the ‘Cycle of Hate’ by Removing Statues of Dems.

In America, Sunday the 14th was Flag Day; it was also President Trump’s birthday which, in Michigan, was celebrated by a Massive 2-Mile Long Trump Boat Parade With Over 2,000 Boats.

Others weren’t so lucky, for flying Old Glory could prompt arson by rampaging unhinged leftists; indeed, even CHAZ/CHOP “citizens” tormented a Black man holding an American flag and called him a “race traitor.”

BTW, Hillary Clinton celebrated Confederate Flag Day every year as Arkansas First Lady, and Bill Clinton signed a law to honor the Confederacy (Act 116), adding, “The blue star above the word “ARKANSAS” is to commemorate the Confederate States of America.”

It’s Flag Day in the USA; Happy 243rd Birthday Old Glory!

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Robert B. Sklaroff MD is a physician-activist who is a radical, liberal, moderate, conservative, reactionary [depending upon the topic] who has developed many political stances that scrupulously attempt to identify the "nut" of "hot" issues; although predictions are notoriously deficient [as assiduously chronicled by my son], my insights are durable. I have also written about medical politics [particularly Vaping and ObamaDon'tCare] and have attempted to articulate the action-item [that I have often pursued absent support]. Aggressively followed is the discipline of capturing and then addressing all reputable perspectives; the reader is thereby maximally "armed" to critique the output.
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