Election 2020 An Election Like No Other

It is the day before election day. Tensions are high. Most of us realize that this election will determine the direction America will take in the next four years. Do we also realize that it is more than the next four years that is at stake?

The next four years could determine the future of our country as well as the future of the Jewish population in America. Throughout Europe Jews have been leaving their countries of birth due to the rise of antisemitism that has once again reared its ugly head. Graphic displays of antisemitism in the form of graffiti displaying hateful messages and swastikas, desecration of tombstones, as well as acts of vandalism and even physical violence, have alarmed many Jews, to the extent of a mass exodus of Jews from European countries, such as France.

And now, in America, where we have always felt safe as Jews, there are signs of antisemitism that are too blatant to ignore. In New York, Jews are being targeted by New York’s Governor Cuomo and New York’s Mayor De Blasio. Governor Cuomo has shamefully targeted Jews in “red zones” by restricting businesses and places of worship in these predominantly Jewish neighborhoods. While ignoring areas with equal or worse evidence of Corona cases, he targets Jews, and blames them for the resurgence of Corona in New York. While small business owners are suffering and Jews are prevented from opening up synagogues to more than 10 worshipers, regardless of the size of the synagogues, and schools are being closed down, antisemites are taking the governor’s cue and vociferously blaming Jews for “making everyone sick,” as they say.

And now, on the day before election day, it is reported that businesses are being boarded up in anticipation of riots spurred on by this volatile election. The riots that occurred throughout the country started with George Floyd. But they will not end with George Floyd. The riots, the burning, the looting and destruction of businesses spurred on by the self-professed Marxists of BLM and aided by ANTIFA, and the specifically targeted synagogues and Jewish businesses that were physically vandalized and destroyed, was, I might suggest, target practice for what was yet to come. All this was a successful dry run, enabling future riots after election day, if the results are not to the Progressive Socialist Democrats’ liking.

Never in my lifetime have I ever seen preparations for mass protests before an election in anticipation of influencing and forcing a desired outcome. Businesses are being boarded up, not for fear of peaceful demonstrations, but for fear of the same riots that have already occurred in the name of BLM. What will they call these riots? Due to mail in voting and the possible fraud which could result, we may not get a clear winner of the presidential election on election day. If we don’t, the protests will start.

On the other hand, if Trump wins in a landslide, as his supporters hope will happen, the protests could get violent. Either way, it seems that the protesters are being funded and paid for by Democrat operatives determined to influence the outcome of this election in their favor. Remember the words of Hillary Clinton, when she opined, that Biden can win if he does not concede under any circumstances.

We, as Jews, should be extra vigilant. We should remember how BLM protests in Los Angeles specifically targeted Jewish businesses and Synagogues. With the climate of antisemitism overtaking New York, and many other states with large Jewish populations, we cannot take it for granted that we will be safe.

President Trump is not a politician. He is a phenomenon no one was prepared for. To his supporters, he is a hero who kept his promises. Before Corona, he created a booming economy, cut unemployment by record numbers, and made the US energy independent for the first time in decades. He has been a great friend to Israel and to the Jewish people, greater than any president in our lifetime, at least. He is a patriot who loves America and refuses to be cowered. That is why his enemies hate him so. And that is why we love him.

And that is why, we all await with great trepidation, prayer, and anticipation for the outcome of election 2020. May America be the winner.

About the Author
Ettie Kryksman is a teacher and free lance writer who whose articles have appeared in various publications.
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