Election guide for generation Z 

Polling station (Jewish News)
Polling station (Jewish News)

If you are reading this article then chances are you fall under the same category as a large percentage of British teens and young adults headed for the elections in 3 days time. The reality is you would be forgiven for politically switching off three years ago when the whole B***** palava kicked off. You thought you were in a democracy that was run by capable posh white men who knew a little or a lot more than you did and worked in some fancy building in the centre of London. They asked the country a question, the country answered and they didn’t listen. At that point you rightfully thought if their whole purpose was to listen to the people and they didn’t, then why do we continue to give these people the power to ask.

Anyway, fast forward a couple of years and as a Metro reader you turn straight to the back pages for the sport but before you do you glance at the front page and once again you see his face. “Every day there is another allegation” this is a man who has the world convinced he needs a cooking show after his performance on Gogglebox. If it was another day he could be seen chilling with some rapper called Stormzy and due to the confusion of how those two worlds could possibly collide you move on to the back pages. There you find that the firing of Premier League managers is picking up at a rapid paste. In your head that sits right, someone is not performing the way they should, they get the boot. Once you finish the sport you head back to the front pages and every day it’s the same thing Anti- Semitism this Anti-Semitism that, every day. You are convinced that all this “bad press” is actually spreading this idea Lord Sacks called a plague. Growing up you have heard this phrase thrown around at home or at school. When the boy at the park would steal your football, your grandma would spend the next thirty minutes screaming that you were subject to an antisemitic attack and about how back in her day, they would bring down the boys and sort them out. The point is antisemitism never truly affected you, so why is everyone getting so hyped and why should you not vote for this guy? after all, out of all the posh white men he seems ok, he hangs out with Celebrities he makes passable tweets and relatable Instagram posts. The more you learn about him, you realise he is actually a better option for you as a student, he has all these good taxes rules which will allow you to save more to go to Maga in the Summer.

If you can relate to any of this I understand, not only do I understand I get you.You may think: what can this man actually do? “He can’t actually start shoving us on buses and sending us anywhere to be shot,  he can’t ban us from shops and that is so last century”. Let me explain, the problem with the man from the front pages this “cool dude” is what he has done and continues to do. He refuses to properly address Anti Semitism in his party,  a party full of posh white men pretending to not be posh just to get your vote. These people not all but most harbour views that put you and your family and people at risk. What risk you may ask? “These mens best fashion choice is a selection of Charles Tyrwhitt shirts”. When you allow someone who refuses to acknowledge that Hamas is a terrorist organisation, someone who shakes hands with people whose mission in life is to preach hate against your people, it sends a message. The message is clear. It is ok to be antisemitic and Anti-Israel. After all if the leader of the country, the man who was meant to be a role model to all, acts in this way and gets away with it, why can’t they all?  As a Jew You may not be affiliated but as we know all too well from the “last century” when it comes to hate the haters do not differentiate whether you are three times a year Shul goer or a Gerer Chosid. A Jew is Jew.

I hope this has achieved two outcomes. One it has simplified what could happen in these elections and also brought to light why it is so important not to vote Labour, because Jeremy IS too big for his boots.

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Elisha is a former IDF Spokesman who is currently working in education in the Jewish community
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