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Enabling Genocide

Source: httpswww.nbcnews.compoliticsnational-securityputin-thinks-he-can-win-ukraine-war-says-cia-chief-rcna74221
Source: httpswww.nbcnews.compoliticsnational-securityputin-thinks-he-can-win-ukraine-war-says-cia-chief-rcna74221

No perpetrator of genocide commits their crimes if they believe they will be held to account. Every mass perpetrator believes they will escape culpability.

The International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for President Vladimir Putin for war crimes. Putin and Russia have long been human rights violators. Stealing children is a long held “tradition” in Soviet type states. Tzars stole Jewish children for use as cannon fodder in their armies, so it was often Jewish children in the frontlines of opposing warring armies, killing other Jewish children, for the benefit of nations who gleefully enjoyed watching Jewish children be killed.

Putin’s theft of Ukrainian children is ethnic cleansing. He will strip them of their Ukrainian identity, raise them as Russian, and use them to repopulate Russia. Putin is deliberately targeting civilian areas in Ukraine; war crimes indeed. He must be held accountable for his crimes.

The government of Lithuania is climaxing in joy at Putin’s arrest warrant. They sincerely oppose his war crimes of ethnic cleansing and genocide. They are tweeting and posting about their joy of their enemy being held accountable.

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Without the benefit of a trial, Lithuania declares Putin is guilty. However, when provided proof that their national hero, Jonas Noreika murdered Jews, the Government of Lithuania insisted on a Constitutional guarantee of his innocence until tried and proven guilty by a Court of Law. Of course, a dead man cannot be put on trial, so according to Lithuania, Noreika is innocent for all perpetuity. His crimes are wiped clean by his death. His victims are negated and his crimes exonerated via his earthy ascension to his heroic glorification and deification by the Lithuanian state. Facts have no relevance. Why the difference? A possibility could be that Putin kills Ukrainians, while Noreika just murdered Jews. A very significant difference for Lithuania.

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The Lithuanian Prime Minister takes pride that Lithuania submitted the request for Putin’s accountability. Certainly she should be proud. Prime Minister Simonyte heads a government that holds the position that there must be a constitutional guarantee of innocence unless a perpetrator is tried and convicted during his lifetime. This position was used to exculpate Lithuanians who murdered Jews. This Lithuanian position also deems Hitler and Stalin “completely innocent” – but Lithuania only meant for this standard to apply to their own murderers.

Why the difference in holding Putin accountable for ethnic cleansing, war crimes and genocide? A possibility could be that Putin kills Ukrainians, while Lithuanian heroes murdered Jews. A very significant difference for Lithuania. Usually, Lithuanian criminal standards apply based on racial characteristics, religion or sexual orientation.

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Lithuania’s Foreign Minister, Gabrielius Landsbergis has joined the nationwide calls for Putin’s accountability. His stated position about Putin is to investigate war crimes, and convict perpetrators. However, the Foreign Minister’s own great Grandfather was a Holocaust perpetrator – also, never held to account. Why the Foreign Minister’s difference between Putin and great-grandaddy Landsbergis? A possibility could be that Putin is a Russian killing Ukrainians, while Landsbergis was a Lithuanian perpetrator, whose victims were just Jews. A very significant difference for Lithuania.

I have no idea of the numbers of Putin’s victims. I do know the numbers of Jewish victims of Lithuanian perpetrators. Many of the Lithuanian murderers are today considered heroes of their state.

Courtesy: Grant Gochin

Kazys Skirpa called for the ethnic cleansing of Jews. After his call to Lithuanians to eliminate their Jewish neighbors, about 220,000 Jews were murdered. The Lithuanian government considers Skirpa a national hero, and his calls for ethnic cleaning were just “an incident of antisemitism”. Why the difference between Putin and Skirpa? A possibility could be that Putin is a Russian killing Ukrainians, while Skirpa was a Lithuanian, ethnically cleansing just Jews. A very significant difference for Lithuania.

Jonas Noreika – courtesy Grant Gochin

Jonas Noreika murdered about 14,500 Jews. Yet the Lithuanian Government and Courts have defended him vigorously. They have manipulated their entire legal system to protect Noreika’s “good name”. No other country in the world has ever gone to court to defend the reputation of a genocidal murderer. He remains a national hero of Lithuania.

Noreika perhaps did not commit murder by his own hand. He just gave the orders. Just as Hitler, Stalin and Putin gave orders. These are “desk-murderers” who are able to kill in huge numbers because they order many to do their evil bidding.

Why the difference between Putin and Noreika? A possibility could be that Putin is a Russian killing Ukrainians, while Noreika was a Lithuanian, murdering just Jews. A very significant difference for Lithuania.

Antanas Baltusis – Courtesy Grant Gochin

Baltusis was the head of guards at the Majdanek Concentration Camp. Guilty of vast war crimes. Baltusis was in charge as tens of thousands of Jews were slaughtered. Why the difference between Putin and Baltusis? A possibility could be that Putin is a Russian killing Ukrainians, while Baltusis was a Lithuanian, murdering just Jews. A very significant difference for Lithuania.

There are very many examples of Holocaust perpetrators rewritten by the government of Lithuania as heroes. The difference for Lithuania is that they believe crimes against Non-Jews are true crimes, while crimes by their own ethnicity committed against Jews are in service to their state. A very significant difference for Lithuania.

Putin knows what happens in his region. He has watched as Lithuania has defended their Holocaust perpetrators and escaped culpability for their crimes. He has learned valuable lessons from Lithuania. He never expected to be held to account for his crimes, just as Lithuania has never held a single Lithuanian murderer of a Jew accountable for their crimes.

Putin expected to be able to steal Ukrainian children, ethnically cleanse Ukraine and commit war crimes, just as Lithuanians did to Jews. He expected to be treated as a national hero, just as Lithuania considers their murderers of Jews as their national heroes.

As a lone researcher, without the resources of any institution, I have given the government of Lithuania names of Holocaust perpetrators they converted into national heroes. I have been met with only contempt, dishonesty and fraud. These names include:

  1. Baltusis – leader of concentration camp guards at Majdanek.
  2. Barzda – oversaw and commanded the mass murder of tens of thousands of people in Lithuania and Belarus
  3. Brazaitis – Interim Prime Minister of Lithuania. Signed orders to create first concentration camp
  4. Dominykas Jėčys – Ąžuolis – partisan commander whose unit murdered Jews in Alytus.
  5. Krikstaponis – commander of unit in Impulevičius battalion which murdered tens of thousands of Jews. Does not have national honors, but monuments for him are up. Murdered relatives of Shimon Peres.
  6. Liuberskis – Chairman of Commission who selected Siauliai Jews for murder in the Gubernijos forest and in Bubiai.
  7. Jonas Noreika – commander of Northwest Lithuania – responsible for the murder of about 14,500 Jews. Murdered my own family.
  8. Norkus – responsible for Murders in the 7th Fort
  9. Izidorius Pucevičius – leader of unit that committed murders in Seduva including relatives of President Herzog, and Prime Minister Netanyahu.
  10. Jonas Semaska-Liepa – Jonas Semaška was chief of the 7th and 13th Lithuanian Auxiliary Police Battalions, both extensively took part in Holocaust. Semaška’s battalion was responsible for murdering the Jews of Vinitsa in Ukraine.
  11. Juozas Šibaila – responsible for arrests in Balnininkai and some murders in Valu forest.
  12. Skirpa – proposed the elimination of Jews from Lithuania. Achieved a 99% success rate.
  13. Antanas Slučka – commander of guards in Zeimelis where many Jews were murdered.
  14. Every single member of their wartime Provisional government cabinet, including the father of Vytautus Landsbergis, and great grandfather of Lithuania’s current Foreign Minister, Gabrielius Landsbergis.

To break the cycle of Genocide, perpetrators must be held to account. Russian perpetrators, and Lithuanian perpetrators. Lithuania’s frauds about their Holocaust criminals (AKA their national heroes) enabled Putin to believe he could also escape culpability.

Lithuania is guilty of Genocide. For them to point fingers at others for crimes they have also committed, weakens the moral and legal case for accusing for holding Putin accountable. Lithuania’s bombastic hypocrisy also weakens EU & NATO’s moral case for holding Putin accountable.

Lithuania considers themselves an enemy of Russia. In fact, they are morally and legally Putin’s enabler.

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Grant Arthur Gochin currently serves as the Honorary Consul for the Republic of Togo. He is the Emeritus Special Envoy for Diaspora Affairs for the African Union, which represents the fifty-five African nations, and Emeritus Vice Dean of the Los Angeles Consular Corps, the second largest Consular Corps in the world. Gochin is actively involved in Jewish affairs, focusing on historical justice. He has spent the past twenty five years documenting and restoring signs of Jewish life in Lithuania. He has served as the Chair of the Maceva Project in Lithuania, which mapped / inventoried / documented / restored over fifty abandoned and neglected Jewish cemeteries. Gochin is the author of “Malice, Murder and Manipulation”, published in 2013. His book documents his family history of oppression in Lithuania. He is presently working on a project to expose the current Holocaust revisionism within the Lithuanian government. He is Chief of the Village of Babade in Togo, an honor granted for his philanthropic work. Professionally, Gochin is a Certified Financial Planner and practices as a Wealth Advisor in California, where he lives with his family. Personal site:
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