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Encrypted and Secured Messaging Apps? Unfortunately There’s No Such Thing- Yet

The Untold Truth- Encrypted Mobile Apps are NOT secured at all-  mainly due to the Mobile Keyboard Apps we’re all using, to type our messages with. 

In his recent article in the British press, Edward Snowden argues that Without encryption, we will lose all privacy. This is our new battleground

Well, it seems that battle is already lost.

Mobile Keyboard Apps, which are used to type in those Encrypted Apps, monitor anything its users write, and in some cases collect data.  Guess by whom?

The facts show that this “users data leak” is a known factor, but there is no company who can benefit from stopping it:

Fact 1– Keyboard Apps are mostly owned by Corporate Companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and others. BTW, the “Privacy Policy” of Mobile Keyboard Apps are written by…. Apple and Google…

Fact 2– None of the Security companies offered to give “the masses” secured Keyboard App.

Why?  mainly as there is no business model to support such product, users wants Apps for free. With no valid business model- why should those security companies fight with those giant corporate companies?

Fact 3– Fake “Encrypted Secured Notion” –

Keyboard Mobile Apps are the ultimate mobile “cookie”. It allows Corporate Companies to monitor what we write at third parties Apps, including within “encrypted” Apps, like Telegram and WhatsApp.

It seems that all sides are “happy” with the current situation: The users who feel “secured” and Corporate Companies who monitor what those “happy” users write.

With no public call for a change, the current situation is here to stay. Unless of course one of the Corporate Security companies, will decide to create a secured Mobile Keyboard App, which will not collect data or monitor its users.


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