End of summer wrap up

Summer movie pickings have been slim however three standouts are enlightening of the summer political scene. Beatriz at Dinner tells of a saintly Californian Latino who due to odd circumstances has dinner with White capitalists in Los Angeles. Why saintly? She has pet goats, she plays guitar and she is a holistic healer curing cancer with chants and incantations. The movie is charming but when she confronts the EVIL with a capital E, played by a very White John Lithgow, her world crumbles realizing that he is the cause of global warming, destruction of the rain forest, probably a Trump voter, and this pimple I have that will not go away. She ends the movie (spoiler alert) killing herself by walking into the ocean. Who knew that Latinos were so good and White men were so evil. This goes with the newest fad on campuses and the moronic left denouncing White Privilege and Supremacy. I cannot go a day for the past 6 months without hearing about the alt right, racist Whites and my privilege. I suggest Jews read The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz whose Zada always said do not trust the White man. My grandfather did not escape the czar and the Revolution because he was White but because he was a Jew. My mother did not work 36 years teaching public school because she was born to white privilege. My family and all the families I knew growing up worked hard to improve ourselves at a time when there were quotas and a glass ceiling for Jews.

Wind River is a Wyoming noir story beautifully photographed and acted about the rape and murder of an Indian woman in a vast, frozen, desolate landscape. The movie is very violent and moody but captivating however (again spoiler alert) in the final segment, it turns out the rapists were 6 EVIL WHITE MEN on the reservation to exploit the land and the Indians. It was a haunting morality tale but I had to laugh. Again, Indians are portrayed as victims facing a myriad of injustices all perpetrated by White men. The bigger problem was the evil rapists. When is the last time any of us saw on the screen or television 6 men together without one Black, Latino, Asian or Gay man. The not so subtle message is that White Men are rapists. The movie says inspired by a true story which means there was a lot of poetic license taken with the screenplay. I feel like the old Pogo cartoon:”We have met the enemy and they is us”.

Lastly there is Dunkirk, a phenomenal story describing a small portion of the heroic rescue of the British Expeditionary Force from France in 1940. German Nazis are mentioned and only briefly seen (one of the liberal media’s criticisms) but the story concentrates on the rising terror and fear as a surrounded army sees its perimeter increasingly shrunk. The movie received critical acclaim except by the politically correct media which complained there was not enough women or Blacks seen on screen. No one raised the same criticism of the 6 White rapists in Wind River. Obviously PC standards trump historical correctness (there he is again, Trump) so I wrote the director suggesting reissuing a Directors Cut. In this version Winston Churchill would be played by Wil Smith and Hitler could be played by Samuel Jackson telling his troops to “Rise Up”. To make the Nazis more obvious we should have multiple scenes of them attacking the British Army while dragging a statue of Robert E. Lee. Definitely in the insane world of Hollywood, this would be Oscar material.

One last thought for this piece is the Nazi invasion of Galloway and Lovett. For those who do not know, Galloway placed Mein Kampf on their summer reading list. Trust me if Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand was there, the liberals would be storming the school. This is inexcusable. The Headmaster should resign and the offending teacher removed. They should know better and this is a confrontational act to see how far the envelope can be pushed. The school should ask the Holocaust commission to arrange a lecture series and if the school is so concerned with history, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich still stands up after 50 years as a definitive study of the evil of Naziism. At Lovett, several students filmed themselves playing beer pong and calling it Nazis vs Jews with the cups set up like a swatztika and a Star of David. These geniuses should be punished for being boorish and actually posting the video on social media. Rather than suspending or expelling these students, I suggest that they be made to serve as docents at the Anne Frank Museum or the Bremen. To make it a true learning experience, term papers on Auschwitz or Dachau need to be assigned to the entire student body.

The overriding story this summer has been Charlottesville and Nazis. The murderous attack in Barcelona killing 15 and counting by radical Islamists is now considered routine without prolonged commentary by the alphabet of Jewish agencies. This all began with an attempt to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee. Now we are seeing an hysterical overreach by the Left to tear down Confederate statues. Nothing now is safe as they are now attacking Washington, Jefferson, Jackson and even Columbus. The Founding Fathers are being attacked as slave owning, male chauvinists , and capitalists. I see an end game in this far Left strategy. By delegitimizing our foundation, you can then delegitimize its most shining document, our Constitution. Then it can be rewritten without such nonsense as the First, Second, or Fifth amendment. Our entire history can be purged and retold. Already the ACLU announced it will defend the First Amendment but not the Second. Who knows which one they will pick next? Who knows which icon will ever pass the purity test.

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