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Enon Landberg digs deep; thinks big about digital innovation in Israel during #SXSW 2014

Enon Landenberg talks about Israel's geopolitical reality and how it affects the way it conducts its business
InfinityAR CEO and President Enon Landenberg (Youtube screenshot)
InfinityAR CEO and President Enon Landenberg (Youtube screenshot)

Underneath his larger than life personality, and flair for fun, Enon Landenberg digs deep and thinks big about how and why Israel is a world leader in digital innovation. Enon founded one of the first digital ad agencies and later sold it to Publicis Worldwide.

Last May, Enon became the CEO and President of Tel Aviv-based InfinityAR, the augmented reality software platform company, which universally connects with digital eyewear, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and connected cars. He’s also the CMO of SpaceIL, the Israeli nonprofit whose objective is to land the first Israeli spacecraft on the Moon and win the Google Lunar X Prize (GLPX) competition.

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Catching up with Enon at SXSW 2014 in Austin, he shared his insights on why Israel is a leader in digital innovation. According to Enon, it’s Israel’s geographic location and physical boundaries that force its creative engineers and digital artists to think in code that can be exported, discovered, and shared all over the world.

On May 12, Enon’s rooftop office space will be used to host the first ever WearableTech Israel event focused on the emerging wearables space. If you click on this link, you can get a tour and a view of Enon’s offices and rooftop workspace — one of Israel’s best places to think, create, and export Israel’s brain power at its best.

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