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Environmentally Friendly Packaging Trend is on the Rise in Israel

Consumers are on the lookout for products packed in 'green' materials, and Israeli companies have some interesting technologies to help
Illustration (Photo credit: Moshe Shai/Flash90)
Illustration (Photo credit: Moshe Shai/Flash90)

While Israel has been in the spotlight before, for their state of the art solar fields in the Arava, the world’s first electric car, and many other green, eco-friendly practices, the new trend on the rise is environmentally friendly packaging. How is Israel leading this trend?

According to a survey by Tetrapak, consumers all around the world are increasingly on the lookout for sustainably packaged products. Israeli packaging suppliers have been providing manufacturers all over the world with products for packaging for years.

Joining the global trend toward green products and protecting the environment, Israel too, has put a strong foot forward to develop solutions that meet these consumer interests while at the same time maintaining consumer requirements for quality, reliability, and cost.

Israel’s Unique Advantage

Israelis have always been considered ‘early adopters’ when it comes to new technologies and packaging trends. The competition in Israel has led to more advanced production methods and the rapid incorporation of new materials into the products.

Israel’s innovative culture is expressed in growing research and development programs, and great expertise in advanced technology. This advantage is prominent in the packaging industry where, in order to remain ahead of the competition, you have to have the latest technologies, innovations, and a similarly innovative approach to design.

Going Green

The same Tetrapak study, mentioned above, found that 57% of consumers look for environmental logos on the products they buy, and 55% indicate they are willing to pay more for environmentally sound packaging. It is no surprise that with all of Israel’s other green initiatives, they would be one of the first to head up this mission.

One of the green pioneers leading this trend is Highcon, using their Digital Adhesive Rules Technology (DART). Highcon customers offer consumers intricate design cutouts on products produced digitally instead of manually cutting and creasing with cumbersome dies that rank low on the environmental scorecard.

This increased sustainability and efficiency allows these Israeli green-preneurs to transform the economics, production time and environmental impact of folding carton finishing.

Another Israeli start-up innovating in the packaging industry in the greeniverse is GreenSpence. If you’ve ever used an aerosol can you know how damaging the packaging can be for our environment. GreenSpence has come up with an eco-sleeve that gives its consumers the same familiar continuous dispensing without the gas, allowing the packaging to take multiple different biodegradable forms.

The wave of the future is here and now, companies are looking for innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint, and eco-friendly packaging is but one trend they can easily follow to do so. With consumers on the hunt for more environmentally conscious products more and more companies will be looking to Israel as an example to fuel their green-powered engines.

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