Taha A. Lemkhir
Taha A. Lemkhir
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Erdu-Gun on the loose

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With a Turkish military base entrenched in Qatar, the Saudis and the Emiratis, after losing many of their adventurous wars across the region are no longer safe from hearing that eager Turkish shrill of “SURPRISE!” type echoed resonantly throughout the hot clime of the Middle East.

Following the same pattern of swift predatory moves as in Syria and now Libya, Erdogan could possibly do the same to any vulnerable Arab state he should reach to, when the regional and international climate is suitable for such a move. Trump has proven that he should sell any given ally at anytime without previous warning after only swift and whimsical phone calls, if that was to benefit his business interests.

The Turkish president announced that if the government in Libya—with which he signed recently a controversial maritime agreement—asked for a military aid he wouldn’t hesitate to send in reinforcements. It is basically an indirect way in which Erdogan is announcing to the world his intention to enact an incursion into the Libyan soil—a potential second invasion, under Trump protection, in less than two months after Syria’s.

Who’s, then, going to put an end to this absurdity in the Mediterranean in plain view of the world’s superpowers? Is it Trump? Would he dare say a word to Erdogan’s imperial fantasies as he is quite aware of the damage that the latter could inflict on his multimillion investments in Turkey? Or is it an unprincipled Russia which follows the strategy of a drug-peddler in the region, and with the Turkish-Qatari alliance a thug like Putin could easily be bought under win-win terms of some sort—

To what extent could one count on the EU to stand up to Turkey’s strongman? Aren’t they shivering embarrassingly every time the “Sultan” threatens them by flooding their countries with refugees, and Jihadists he himself cultivated during the Syrian civil war, and helped get in through his southern borders into Syria to fight within the ranks of the Islamic State.

Turkey of Erdogan is expanding enormously east-west, and hurriedly like a feral beast. Its appetite grew into an alarming itching palm, everywhere coveting more lands, and determined to pursue the dream of an all-Islamic dominion by any means possible. And all current ideological, military and political indications point that the region is morphing slowly into an unprecedented multilateral pan-Islamic front that includes, in its first phase, Turkey Iran and Qatar with the ultimate goal of crushing the Jewish state. In the current state of affairs, Saudi Arabia and UAE leaders are beginning to give up in order to save their wobbling thrones and may eventually come to term with the regional rivals under certain trade-off shapes.

That’s exactly how Hitler began his path to cruelty and barbarism, and exactly was the idle reaction of Europe that emboldened him to take over capital after capital in Europe turning blind eye on his genocidal policy against the Jews as they’re now turning the same blind eye on what’s happening to the Kurds and what’s going to happen to others so long as Erdogan is given carte blanche from Trump. Bombastic statements they have plenty, maybe automatically scheduled as they go along, but what’s there beyond that of inked words and faint outcry?

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Taha Lemkhir is a Moroccan writer and photographer. Degree in Arabic literature and Islamic studies. Critic of Islamism. languages: Arabic, English and Spanish. He Lived part of his life as an Islamist— until enlightenment flashed through his heart.
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