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Ethics of Love. Education of Hate

The grand mufti of Jerusalem meets Hitler; Berlin, 1941

Today is my mother’s Yahrzeit, Marion Levine. As I pen these words to her memory, I reflect on the values she imparted. Like most Jewish parents, my parents believed in the power of a vital education that teaches right from wrong, recognises truth versus evil, and is rooted in an atmosphere of love. They emphasized building self-esteem and the importance of education in fostering ethical and compassionate individuals.

This week’s Bible reading is called Naso. One interpretation of “Naso” is to lift up, and I want to explore how we can lift up individuals, our nation, and the concept of self-esteem. In this blog, I explore the extremes of education: education of Love and education of Hate.

Self-Esteem: Love, Education, and Contrast

Self-esteem involves showing love and concern for our children and partners, which we achieve through education. This makes a significant difference on both personal and national levels.

The word “Naso” encompasses several meanings: to lift, to carry, and to forgive. This emphasises the importance of lifting people up to help them build self-esteem. Extending this idea to the entire country’s population, the best way to uplift people is through education and empathy.

Rabbi Saacks on Education

Quoting Rabbi Saacks:

“I believe that this is one of Judaism’s most profound ideas: whatever you seek to create in the world, start with education. If you want to create a just and compassionate society, start with education. To create a society of equal dignity, show that education is free and equal to all.”

Education for Peace

The Priestly Blessing in this week’s reading emphasises education and the ethics of love for the Jewish people.

The Priestly Blessing

The Priestly Blessing is an ancient symbol of beauty and grace. It holds several key elements:

  • Power to Bless: The ability and desire to bless others, believing that we can be blessed by God through man.
  • Three Categories of the Blessing:
    • Countenance: Protection, wealth.
    • Graciousness: Pardon, show favour, and treat everyone well.
    • Shalom: Absence of war, kindness, compassion, equanimity.

The desire for a just world through the Torah’s teachings leads to Tikkun Olam, the repair of the world, as envisioned by Rav Kook.


“Knesset Yisrael (Israel) aspires to the Tikkun/repair of the world in all its fullness…All, all must be fixed; all must be purified. A new spirit and a new world will then be built.”

In contrast, we see the creation of Islam by Muhammad. This contrast emphasises the importance of education in fostering love and ethical behaviour.

Origins of Hate

Muhammad initially sought to convert Arabian Jewish tribes, believing Islam was the legitimate heir to biblical traditions. When these tribes rejected him, his attitude toward Jews changed, leading to negative pronouncements in the Quran. This historical tension translates today into global jihad, perpetuating hate.

Education of Hate: Calling It Out

Organisations like UNRWA have been criticised for promoting hate through their educational policies. David Bedein and others, such as UN Watch, have highlighted issues within UNRWA’s education system, which often includes themes of jihad and martyrdom. To promote peace, the following steps are suggested:

  • Cancellation of the current UNRWA curriculum that includes violent themes.
  • Disarmament of UNRWA schools and cessation of paramilitary training.
  • Dismissal of employees affiliated with terrorist organizations.
  • Introduction of UNHCR standards for resettling refugees.
  • Audits of donor funds to prevent misuse and funding of terrorism.

Additional UN Watch is a key organisation holding the UN accountable, combating antisemitism, and advocating for human rights. They provide essential information and analysis about the UN’s biased, anti-Israeli agenda activities and policies.


It is ironic that today, the hypocrisy is clear to see.

The Result – a religious war?  

I am sharing these words penned a few years by Dr. Mordechai Kedar


When burning synagogues and meetings – it’s a religious war.

When the sanctity of Torah books is desecrated – it’s a religious war.

When cars are burned only after a video that is of Jews – it’s a religious war.

When roads are blocked and hit only Jewish car passengers – it’s a religious war.

When the violence is accompanied by the calls ′′ In the spirit of blood, we will make you al Aqsa ′′ – it is a religious war.

When the struggle is described and labelled as a jihad – it’s a religious war.

When the fight is against a Jewish ′′ settlement ′′ in Israel, even inside the ′′ green line ′′ in Jaffa or Lod – it’s a religious war.

When the jihadists in Gaza, Jerusalem, Lod, Jaffa and Acre unite – it’s a religious war.

It’s a religious war when the violence is accompanied by shouting ′′ Khyber Khyber you Yehud, Jish Mohammed Nursing ′′ – ′′ Khyber, Khyber, oh Jews, Mahamad army will still return.” (Khyber was an oasis Next to Almadina where Jews sat, and Mahmad slaughtered the men and took the ladies).

But all kinds of people with us, whose lifestyle and thinking are cut off from religion, try to convince us that the problem is territorial, national, economic, civil and / or legal, because they are unable to understand, interfere and admit the fact that the basis of our problem with our neighbours is the religion of Islam, which is on its mouth. A Jew has no right to a state in any territory because the Jew must live under the wings of Islam as ′′ Ahl Dima “, ′′ Protectors “, in a state of ′′ poor ′′ – poor women, with limited rights only. According to Islam, Judaism (like all other religions) is ′′ Dean Battal ′′ – ′′ Religion of Aries ′′ – while only Islam is ′′ law “, ′′ true religion “, and therefore, there is no justification for the establishment of a Jewish state and its existence. According to the Islamic attitude, the Jews are not a nation but communities belonging to all the nations of the world, so there is no Jewish nation entitled to its own country. According to Islam, Palestine in every territory is an Islamic territory, and there is no way to remove it from Islamic rule. therefore, the Israel state, as a Jewish and democratic state, has no right to exist even if it is in the area of a square inch on the beach of Tel Aviv.

The religious war against Israel was led by Haj Amin Alhosaini and followed the Muslim Brothers Movement, in its Palestinian branch, Hamas, and its Israeli branch, the Islamic Movement. All these factions get their inspiration from religion, not from something else.


Receiving Israel by Muslims, in Israel and abroad, is only as strong and invincible as it is, and they will continue to accept the reality of Israel only as long as it is strong and invincible. Only Israel, strong, organized, determined and invincible, can survive in the poor and conflicted area called the ′′ Middle East “.

Is there a way forward?

It is time to change the narrative to one that seeks a better through education of tolerance and peace, not Hate.

The tragic events of October 7th highlight the need for peace and understanding. Israelis have reached out for peace, acknowledging the suffering of others and working towards coexistence.

In the book “Perception of Israeli Arabs: Territory and Identity” emphasises the importance of pluralism and equal partnership for coexistence in Israel. Recognising and respecting each other’s cultures and rights is essential for a peaceful future.

In conclusion, the Ethics of Love, Education, and Hate teaches us the importance of lifting each other up through education and empathy, challenging the roots of hate, and striving for a just and compassionate society.

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