Jaime Kardontchik
Jaime Kardontchik

Ethnic Studies in K12 schools: A practical solution

Make “Ethnic Studies” an elective course.

It is often suggested – in support of having “Ethnic Studies” courses – that teaching high-risk minority students their history, culture and heritage has a positive impact on them and on their chances of graduation. If so, it does not make sense for all students – irrespective of their ethnic background and no matter what their actual academic standing at school is – to be forced to attend.

Ethnic Studies” could be a category of elective courses similar to “World Languages” courses offered by many school districts. Parents could propose to their local school district a particular “Ethnic Studies” course. For instance, one could have “Latin American Ethnic Studies”, “Black American Ethnic Studies”, and so on. In fact, “World Languages” and “Ethnic Studies” have much in common and could be lumped together into one category of electives for the purpose of fulfilling the credit points needed for graduation.

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The above was submitted as a Letter to the Editor to the “Sacramento Bee” and the “Los Angeles Times” newspapers in California in September 2021. Unpublished (it satisfies the 150-words maximum requirement.)

The above proposed solution does not mean that peace has come upon the world, but it takes out from the conflict the thorniest issue: the forced indoctrination of self-hate on Jewish (and other) minors in a compulsory course based on Critical Race Theory, the rape of their mind by an adult, disguised as a teacher, using the power of the pulpit and the authority endowed by the school.

The fight will continue to eradicate antisemitism from any courses taught at a public school, including elective courses. But the author optimistically believes that once a course becomes “elective”, the teachers of “Ethnic Studies” courses will come to understand that they will have to be inclusive and eliminate offensive and racist content from their teaching, otherwise their audience will dwindle from semester to semester and their courses will end up being cancelled for lack of participants.

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Jaime Kardontchik has a PhD in Physics from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. He lives in the Silicon Valley, California.
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