Europe’s “Other” – The God That Failed (2015)

Twice in history the people of Israel have rejected dominant cultural trends that emerged from Europe; in doing so, the Jewish People thereby removed themselves from the norms and rules determined by the spirit of the times.

In both cases, Israel acted with the understanding that the new dominant cultural waves would contain nothing that would substantially improve Israel’s standing or way of life.

In antiquity, the people of Israel rejected Christianity because they preferred to maintain their monotheism untainted by the concept of a trinity. In recent times, the Jewish People, led by the Jews of Israel, rejected European anti-national multiculturalism, preferring to live in a nation-state animated by a national movement of self-determination – Zionism.

Europe’s zealous religious embrace of Christianity was mirrored in its adoption of multiculturalism. One of the strongest connections between the two, was the lack of tolerance, indeed the animosity toward that reckless nation – the Jews  – which dared to reject the new “truth” of  European culture.

While we readily understand the beliefs and underlying tenets of Christianity, European multiculturalism requires some explanation. For one thing, it, is entirely different from American multiculturalism. European multiculturalism arose as a result of World War II and its primary function and desire was to vanquish the Nazi hate-monster that lived within. American multiculturalism was born out of the desire to establish a fair and just society in a new, some might say utopian, world. In other words, European multiculturalism was born out of guilt, and American multiculturalism from of a sense of vision.

While the holiest figure in Christianity is the Son of God, in European multiculturalism, it is “The Other”.

“The Other” is he who is entirely different  from all things European, and, as such, all possible sympathies will be extended to him. Anyone similar to the majority, or only slightly different, will suffer all the usual aggressions in which Europe is well-versed. As author Pascal Bruckner noted: “Nothing is more Western than hatred of the West.”

Therefore only the Absolute Other is entitled to enjoy saintly compassion. For instance, staunch atheists, who mock the clergy, demand the right to wear burqas in Belgium and to build towering mosques in Switzerland. Or “human rights activists,” who show support for Hamas and use children as human shields, protest alongside other radical Muslims who believe homosexuals and adulterous women should be stoned.

Place de la République

“The Other” is holy, even when he commits heinous acts of violence on Christmas, acts that stand in complete contravention of the most basic tenets of Western civilization. Those acts are protected by this guilt-based quasi-religious essence.

This is also why the myriad of excuses given after every Islamic terrorist attack in Europe sound like mantras. “Integration troubles, poverty, history of colonialism, Orientalism, Apartheid, difficulty handling alcohol, the sins of Israel (or in other words, racism and occupation).”

The recent wave of attacks against Christians and Jews in Europe by Muslims not only created great embarrassment, but also exposed and laid bare the absurdities of this religion of multiculturalism. In France, for instance, in the two recent vehicular terrorist assaults, during which the perpetrators yelled “Allahu Akbar”, authorities insisted that these were not acts of terrorism.

The sad but inesacapable conclusion is that Europe has built for itself an altar of guilt, and is ever-willing and ready to sacrifice itself upon this altar in order to sanctify “The Other”.

Hurting “The Other” is a crime against humanity, but harming the enemy is legitimate, even if it is in violation of international law.

Therefore, when the IDF embarks on an operation in Gaza, it is perceived as an army of war criminals (the Palestinians being an important part in the identity of “The Other” in Europe), but when NATO forces bombarded civilian centers in Kosovo, the murderous attack was perceived as entirely legitimate. Throughout 2014, thousands of European “Others” joined Islamic State (ISIL) in order to murder, slaughter, sell and rape women and children.

So be it. But the problem with these “Others” is that in their clear, European accents, they explain over YouTube that their next goals are Paris, London and Brussels, where they will seek to establish their sadistic State. Their friends in Malmo and Stuttgart, apparently, are overjoyed at the prospect and filled with inspiration.

Without a doubt,  this past year proved that Europe is mired a severe moral problem, and it can be assumed, or at least hoped, that more and more believers in multiculturalism will see the true state of things and abandon this self-defeating cultural mindset. Unfortunately, this does not mean that Europe is done attacking the Jews and will start to see Israel as a member of the club.

Just the opposite. Israel is the opposite of the Other. It is a reckless irritant. Europeans don’t like reckless nations. It would not be surprising to see even more intense blame leveled at Israel for all the frustration created by “the god who failed.”

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CEO of Im Tirtzu, a grassroots Zionist organization advocating for Israel in Israel
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