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Eurovision gayer than gay

Times of Israel reporter Jessica Steinberg has outed the pink (gasp) elephant in the Eurovision Fest room. The whole yearly spectacle really is a Gay International in which straight people are also tolerated — now in the world’s gay capital. A sort of Gay Olympics but then without sports.

She mentioned the general camp and kitsch in the four-hour greatest waste of time, France’s openly gay Muslim singer Bilal Hassani, the Iceland trio, Dana International and Conchita Wurst, Cyprus’ and Malta’s thigh-high boots and Russia’s singer in a shower (fully dressed). But we can add several points.

  • Last year’s winner Netta was present over and over again, each times with new campy outfits. She had won loudly railing against fat shaming and men objectifying people (“I’m not your toy, you stupid boy”).
  • The 2019 contestant of Italy has rejected the label gay because as long as we stick stickers on people, homosexuality will never be liberated.
  • The contenders for Iceland, who made noise and playful hatred the center of their performance, don’t call themselves “a queer band as such but we do touch upon themes like gender fluidity, masculinity and femininity.”
  • Israel’s candidate, who had to make sure that Israel wouldn’t win again because it couldn’t bear the expense, did not disappoint. Though he has made no remark about his private life, which then should be left to his discretion, his local popularity, no doubt, was influenced by the fact that he very much resembles Freddie Mercury and frequently bursts into tears after his performance.
  • Madonna and presenter Assi Azar were flirting with each other after which the Israeli presenter immediately apologized to his husband (!) at which Madonna said: Tell him to get lost.
  • The Dutch-humble winner just came out as bisexual. He won via the popular vote, no doubt helped by the youngster having done his promotion video in the nude under water. (The camera skips certain body parts but stark naked he is anyway during the whole video.)
  • Gay travel agencies promoted the 2019 Tel Aviv Eurovision. Not for a lack of local gays as reportedly, 25% of Tel Aviv self-identifies as non-straight.
  • We should mention that such a show in Russia would have had legal consequences for the creators because there, it’s forbidden to make gay look good. So badly so that it sent one male singer who had to dance with his images in mirrors — if that isn’t homophobic then what is?!
  • And an honorary remark seems in order for the Belarusian state TV presenter who, in the life broadcast, mentioned getting disgusted seeing two men in the Tel Aviv audience share a quick kiss. (The same country had more euro trouble this year.)
  • And last but not least, on the other side of the hate spectrum, some British gay BDS anti-Zionists held their own camp festival in the Western country that was last to decriminalize sex between consenting men.

For those who know that Jewish Law forbids listening to music in the ‘Omer time, no worry — I listened to a good deal of it all and never spotted any music to speak of.

For those who want to say that Jewish Law forbids homosexuality, there was no sexuality in sight; only gay culture.

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