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Every Little Thing

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Every little thing that Hashem provides for us is truly a big deal!

It’s so easy to become complacent, arrogant, and overconfident in all that we have today.

But if we just remember that without every little thing we have, we could be in some big, big trouble tomorrow.

Did you ever have something stuck in your teeth and didn’t have a toothpick or floss?

Have you woken up in the morning and didn’t have some simple toothpaste?

An ingrown nail and you didn’t have a scissors?

Ever been thirsty or hungry and couldn’t find water or food?

Been cold and didn’t have a warm coat or clothing?

Been in the hot sun, pouring rain, or freezing snow and didn’t have shelter to go to?

Needed air, but you couldn’t breathe?

Needed to sleep, but didn’t have a bed or just couldn’t?

You’re bent over, but you couldn’t straighten up.

You’re barefoot, but there were no shoes to be had?

You need to scratch yourself, and you can’t.

Want to get up, move, and walk about, but you’re restrained, immobile or paralyzed?

Been sick and in pain and couldn’t get a doctor or the medicine you needed?

Addicted, and you couldn’t break the habit?

Dejected, and your mood couldn’t been raised?

Been lonely or needed help and there wasn’t another to be found?

Had to remember something or someone, but you couldn’t?

Wanted to speak or hear, but there were no words or sounds?

Wanted to see or read and didn’t have your eyeglasses or sight?

Needed light or electricity, but you were stuck in the dark?

Lost or stranded and couldn’t get home?

Needed to keep your food fresh and didn’t have a refrigerator or needed to cook and didn’t have a stove or fire?

Had to go to the bathroom, but couldn’t find one?

A simple piece of toilet paper and the last roll is empty?

You were dirty, but there was no shower or bath?

Needed a job, but you couldn’t get one?

Wanted to have children, but you were barren?

Needed to get out, but you were captive?

Sought safety, but you are stuck in disaster?

Wanted security, but you were hounded by enemies?

Desired peace of mind, but you couldn’t escape the troubles and worry?

Looked for a leader or answers, but there was none?

Pursued truth and justice, but all around was falsehood and corruption.

Searched for holiness, but you were lost in impurity?

Our bodies, minds, and spirit can be strong, but without the ingredients we need to survive, we are all just dust and ashes.

Before the High Holidays, when we ask Hashem to forgive us, and we try to make amends, and pray for a good New Year, now is a great time to appreciate every little thing!

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Andy Blumenthal is a dynamic, award-winning leader who writes frequently about Jewish life, culture, and security. All opinions are his own.
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