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Exclusive: Winn.AI CEO Talks about New Product Launch

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Innovation is the lifeblood that fuels growth and transformation every industry standard and the same can be said of the sales technology industry. In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Eldad Postan-Koren, the Co-Founder and CEO of WINN.AI, an Israeli-based sales tech startup that’s been making waves in the world of customer relationship management (CRM) automation.

WINN.AI has leveraged its groundbreaking platform to empower sales professionals to fully automate CRM updates, taking the grunt work out of managing customer relationships. The tech world is characterized by the demands for data accuracy and generative AI; this is why WINN.AI’s latest innovation promises to be a game-changer.

Congratulations on WINN.AI’s latest innovation. Can you provide us with an overview of how this new feature allows salespeople to fully automate CRM updates and its significance for businesses?

When we started WINN.AI we thought salespeople would prefer to be the gatekeepers of the CRM and decide what info goes in there. It seemed to make sense.

After receiving feedback from our customers, we enabled the possibility for updates that don’t require human touch. The conversation can flow automatically from the sales call to the CRM,. Important to mention, it’s not just the notes of the call, but all the information the salesperson would need after the call. Our tool feeds specific fields into the CRM according to common sales methodologies like MEDDIC, BANT, SPICED, etc. The CRM can now be updated without the salesperson having to take any action. They are free to go on with their day or move on to the next call.

We are able to do it because of technological advancements, and we saw that this is the way users want it, taking as much of the load off the salesperson as possible.

This is significant because it saves many hours of work per week, and salespeople need to do less admin work. Beyond it, the update our AI provides is of better quality. It takes away the element of human error.  People may make mistakes or forget, or have no time after a call to update. There are likely to be holes in the call summary simply because it wasn’t done right after the call. Our tool captures everything, every word is captured and this has a tremendous effect on the business. Data hygiene becomes much better which translates to a higher capacity for forecasting and better predictability, this has a profound business impact.

Could you elaborate on how AI’s capabilities have reached an unprecedented level of accuracy, and how this shift towards automation reflects a growing trust in generative AI in various industries?

There are several factors that have contributed to technological advancement. The revolution that has happened in the past few months with its greatest star being chatgpt, brought a great progress in the abilities of AI’s and LLM’s. This change has really helped our tool make a leap. Beyond this, throughout time our system accumulates more and more experience with our clients, and becomes smarter. We fine tune the system and improve it. 

Important to say, although we gather lots of feedback from specific salespeople, we make sure our system can accommodate all types of salespeople, as there is lots of common ground. 

With the launch of chatgpt and the like, AI became much more widely embraced. It became a commodity within an organization. Today people feel that if they don’t use AI, they will be left behind and the tools will be in the hands of their competitors, giving them the advantage. There is a real understanding that if you don’t have generative AI capabilities in the organization, you are not making a good enough use of technology.

How do you see this innovation benefiting not just individual account executives but also sales leaders and, ultimately, businesses in terms of brand voice, onboarding, and sales growth?

This goes back to data hygiene. Better data in the organization is priceless to its leaders. Because of our system, change management becomes much easier. If you want to change something in the sales process in your company, you can see to it that the change is reflected in the system and easily transferred to every sales person in the team with the click of a button. Following the process better. Documentation becomes much easier, greater brand alignment You can have the entire team work on the same playbook and you can actually check it. Sales leaders who spend a lot of money to create a playbook, can now actually understand if it works. If it doesn’t you can change the playbook.  

In your opinion, how will fully automated CRM updates impact the daily operations and productivity of sales teams, and what specific benefits do you foresee?

I see a huge time reduction and greater efficiency. Today sales people waste a good 2-3 hours a day on admin work, a big part of it is work on CRM. It can be a great time saver. Additionally, it does a much more accurate job. The amount of data that makes it to the CRM is much greater, the info that would have otherwise been missed.

We help turn the sales organization into a well oiled machine by removing all the friction points. This is done by automating many of the admin tasks, which makes the organization’s internal processes smoother and also helps the interface between teams work better.

As the CEO of WINN.AI, could you share some insights into the company’s vision and commitment to staying at the forefront of sales technology?

Our vision is to help the entire Go to Market organization, that includes account executives SDR’s, customer success, etc.  We’re expanding to serve the whole organization. Our intent is to deepen our capabilities so that salespeople will feel that we can help them with tasks the way they want us to.  We want to have our product reflect the preferences of the salespeople, to have a tool that would capture and document data as well as they would. Additionally, we go further and answer the more complex sales tasks. We don’t just help with CRM, we help with setting meetings, sending follow up emails and more. Our goal is to help in every point where there’s time wasted on admin tasks that are not selling. 

Currently we see the product is being adopted in the tech field, we are sure it will be adopted in the future in other fields, even in the non technological ones. The use is very wide and AI will be adopted in more industries and verticals. We see ourselves as a standard salespeople personal assistant tool.

What can we expect in terms of future developments and enhancements from WINN.AI as it continues to serve sales teams worldwide with smarter and more efficient CRM management solutions?

Today we support English only. We will expand to more languages in the future. 

Also the way we see it, in the not so distant future the interface with the CRM will not be direct. The technology is going in the direction where info will be fed to it without the need of human interference, and so we see a real growing market for our AI tool.

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