Exodus and Spiritual Transformations of the Human Beings


The Central Column in the Kabbalistic Tree, connected with the Ten Divine Blessings (please see, the Post from 30.10.2022), includes the CREATOR, the New Heaven (Heavenly Jerusalem), the New Earth (the Garden of Paradise), and the New Humankind (the Enlightened Human Beings). Respectively, in our Exodus, in the context of the Ten Divine Blessings for the New Cosmic cycle, we could expect: a) deep spiritual transformations in the human being; b) transformation of the Earth as a Garden of Paradise; c) an entry into the reality of the Heavenly Jerusalem; d) link with the Holy Council of Humankind; e) mergence with Metatron; f) co-creation with G-d by participation in the New Genesis.

 In order to enter into the New cosmic cycle, the human beings have to undergo important spiritual transformations, one after another. In other words, they have to purify their physical and etheric bodies and develop all other spiritual bodies. Following the quoted remarkable scheme EVOLUTION by Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi quoted in the Post from 21.10.2022,   the human beings have to go through the Schools of the Soul in the World of Formation, through the Schools of the Spirit in the World of Creation, then to link with the Great Holy Council and finally to merge with Metatron. Thus, they will develop all their spiritual bodies and will become part of the Divine essence of Adam Kadmon! It is a long and difficult journey, taking many lifetimes, but it is predestined by God and the outcome is glorious!

In our time as the End of Days, this process blessed by G-d, will go much quicker. Below, in two Posts, I will describe briefly the essence of the spiritual bodies in human beings, which have to be developed during the New Exodus. Because this Exodus is for all humankind, from all world religions, I would refer to various Divine Masters, representatives of the Messianic Line (please see, the Post from 21.10.2022) as well. The main principle in Kabbalah is ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’’, so to love the representatives of various world religions, definitely includes loving their Divine Masters, Founders of Religions.

Below, I will introduce some details in regard to the development of the spiritual bodies, starting with the Etheric Body. This Post, together with the next one, will also explain our transformations on the Path of the Divine Rainbow in the New Exodus towards the higher spiritual worlds.

The Etheric Body. The etheric body is the ‘life-body’ of the physical body. It is the body of prana energy, Kundalini, of Light energy. It determines our ability to see and to access the spiritual worlds. If the etheric body is blocked, the consciousness is in a material, corporeal, dark state. If it is pure, it is like a ‘screen’, an etheric fire which reveals our daily life – the food, the air, the thoughts, the feelings, the actions as spiritual energy, allowing us to see and to access the Higher Worlds. The etheric body is the link between us as incarnated persons on Earth and as spiritual beings. This is why we have to purify the etheric body through exercise, diet, meditation and holistic style of life.

The Astral Body. The astral body is connected with an entry into the Angelic World, the World of Formation. Entry into this higher spiritual world requires a great psycho-physical transformation. Human beings have to undergo the process of ‘rebirth in the Soul’, what I call, the First Resurrection. In Kabbalah this level of consciousness corresponds to the level of Neshama and it is the completion of the Lesser Mysteries: Schools of the Soul in the World of Formation (in accordance with the quoted with deep gratitude and great appreciation in a few of my Posts, remarkable Fig. 81 – EVOLUTION from the book A Kabbalistic Universe by Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi, p. 237).

In the first resurrection the human being is transfigured from an earthly personality into a heavenly soul (a ‘psycho-soulful essence’). In the process of the blossoming of the soul, the inner ‘spiritual senses’ of the mind and the heart develop and the ‘bodies’ of the higher intellect, higher emotions and higher begin to grow. The human being is then imbued with very fine, strong, yet delicate feelings; profound insight into the spiritual aspects of life is gained; the limitations and obstructions of the egocentric ‘I’ are overcome, and the person starts to Live for the Whole. Gradually this process leads to the realization of the spiritual essence of the Universe. Thus, the person enters into the spiritual cosmos which is a multi-dimensional world of spiritual realities within new spatio-temporal co-ordinates.

With the blossoming of the soul, the human being no longer identifies solely with the physical body but sees himself as a psycho-soulful essence (a part of the Universal Soul), consisting of spiritual colour rays of light and heavenly music in which the highest human virtues are manifested. With the first resurrection the human being becomes one with his or her soul, understands the spiritual nature of the Universe, creates the new body of light, develops new abilities and finally enters into the celestial world of angels, into the Garden of Paradise.

After the first resurrection human beings become able to express all Divine virtues hidden in their souls. Behind each of these virtues (such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, charity, faith, gentleness, humility, compassion, beauty and many others) lies a spiritual colour ray of Light emitted by the highest heavenly world. So, when a person develops the qualities which each Divine colour ray brings, his or her aura shines with all spiritual colours of the Divine Rainbow and approaches the integral White Light of Metatron.

The contemplation of human souls sprouting and blossoming in the Garden of Paradise is an exciting vision. From a subjective point of view, the ocean of love, light and music manifests itself as a Divine Garden with myriads of cosmic-spiritual flowers – the human souls – each with incredible beauty, fragrance and uniqueness. This Garden is the world of the Universal Soul where the ‘ground’ is the archetypal world of our material cosmos, the ‘flowers’ are the blossoming human souls, the ‘gardeners’ are the Divine Masters, the workers and helpers are the angels and many light beings from the heavenly worlds. The spiritual ‘Sun’ giving light and life to this Garden of Paradise is the CREATOR, who unceasingly radiates Divine Love, Wisdom and Truth.

The Causal Body. The causal body is connected with an entry into the Causal World around the Throne of God, the World of Creation, and undergoing the Greater Mysteries: Schools of the Spirit. When the seven spiritual centres (chakras) within the human being are opened, they shine like stars and make manifest the human being as a micro-model of the Universe. On a macro-cosmic level, the process of opening the seven centres corresponds to the process of climbing to the top of the Sacred Mountain, the state of consciousness from where we could contemplate the whole of Creation.

The complete opening of all seven chakras results in, what I call, the Second Resurrection of the human being. The first resurrection occurs when the human being opens completely his fourth, heart centre (anahata chakra). This is the process of the blossoming of the human soul and entry into the Garden of Paradise consciousness. The Second Resurrection occurs when the heavenly born human being opens his sixth centre, the ‘third eye’ (ajna chakra), and becomes able to contemplate the spiritual structure of Creation. Then he or she illuminates the seventh centre, the thousand-petalled lotus, merges with the One Who sits on the Throne, and becomes a realized micro-model of Creation. In Kabbalah this level of consciousness is called Chaya and it is the completion of the Greater Mysteries: Schools of the Spirit in the World of Creation (in accordance with the quoted above Fig. 81 -EVOLUTION by Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi).

During the second resurrection we are transfigured into cosmic-spiritual beings. In the process of this second rebirth the physical body becomes completely illuminated and spiritualized. The higher emotional body develops into a body of Divine Love, the higher intellectual body develops into a body of Divine Wisdom and the higher will body develops into a body of Divine Will and Truth.

It is during this second resurrection that the human being ceases to identify even with the soul and unites with God Himself. Since God is Love, God is Wisdom and God is Truth, the transfigured human being now becomes love of Love, wisdom of Wisdom and truth of Truth – the essential characteristics and attributes of the one, who is a Son or Daughter of G-d. Thus, undergoing the second resurrection, the human beings, by uniting with the Divine Spirit within, transcend the world of angels and enter into the highest Divine world.

When we have undergone the second resurrection, our existence extends to the whole three-fold vertical structure of the Universe: we live in the physical world, Asyiah, with an illuminated physical body and personality; in the world of angels, Yetzirah, with a Soul in full bloom; and in the higher Divine world, Beriah, with an awakened Divine Self. Thus, we achieve the richness and fullness of our cosmic-spiritual wholeness and become micro-models of Creation.

The opening of the seven chakras is like the growth of the Universal Tree within the human being: the roots – the physical body and the personality – are in the physical world, the trunk, the soul, is in the angelic world and the crown, the Divine Self, is in the Divine world. This is the Eternal Truth about the mystery of the human being revealed by the Kabbalah, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and all other world religions:

Man is the most perfect image of universal reality in the whole of creation; he is the ‘incarnated’ recapitulation of all the cosmic degrees and of their divine archetypes.  Indeed, through his spiritual faculties, psychic virtues and corporeal forms, he represents the most evident symbol of the ten Sefiroth, and his integral personality embraces all the worlds: his pure and uncreated being is identified with the Sefirothic ‘world of emanation’ (olam ha’atsiluth); his spirit, with the prototypical ‘world of creation’ (olam haberiyah); his soul with the subtle ‘world of formation’ (olam hayetsirah); and his body, with the sensory ‘world of fact’ (olam ha’asiyah). (Leo Schaya, The Universal Meaning of the Kabbalah, p. 70.)

The growth of the Universal Tree within the human being is synonymous with the ascent to the Heavenly Jerusalem (i.e., to the top of the ‘Sacred Mountain’).  So, if the Garden of Paradise is achieved by opening of the fourth, heart, centre, then in order to rich the Heavenly Jerusalem, we have to open all our seven centres and to experience the whole vertical structure of the supramundane worlds.

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Leon was born on August 15, 1941 in Sofia, Bulgaria. His family was victim of a Holocaust Ghetto. His father Issak Moscona became a distinguished author of many articles and books about the Sephardic culture. Leon is on a spiritual journey for more than 50 years. Achieving Enlightenment, he described it in more than twenty books, many articles, and more than 500 lectures in various countries in Europe and USA.
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