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Expanding the Abraham Accords in the US Senate

Dear Senator:

The United States of America is in a unique position to promote the reconciliation between the Muslim World and the Jewish people, by putting now all its weight towards the attainment of a peace treaty between Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Peaceful relationships between countries have a high intrinsic moral value and a long-lasting positive influence, independent of any criticism one could have about their present internal governance failures and human rights abuses.

Help this dream come true!

Please, accept a complimentary paperback copy of my book “The root of the Arab-Israeli conflict and the path to peace” (August 2023 edition), delivered separately to your Washington DC office.

The book is also available for free download (pdf) to all at the ResearchGate website. I recommend it especially to teachers and students, for “Ethnic Studies” courses in K12 schools.

Jaime Kardontchik, PhD (Physics)

Silicon Valley, California


This week, I sent the above letter (and a paperback hard copy of my book) to every US Senator.

Netanyahu’s trip to the US next week

The Israeli Prime Minister will be next week in the Silicon Valley, California, to secure new investments in the Israeli high-tech industry, and then in New York, meeting with US officials, to advance the prospects of a peace treaty with Saudi Arabia. These are two important areas where the interests of Israel and the US overlap (they “overlap”, but they are not “identical”, especially in the latter.)

This is not the case regarding the Iran issue, where Israel is interested in keeping maximum and unrestricted pressure on Iran, whereas the Biden administration strongly prefers to avoid any confrontation with Iran (and any rhetorical confrontation with Israel on US soil) due to the coming next year general elections in the US.

Hopefully, this short visit of the Israeli Prime Minister will concentrate on what Israel and the US have in common, and not on what they presently differ.

Looking at this from another perspective: A stronger Israel in the technological and economic arenas, and the development of open peaceful relations with Saudi Arabia, will increase Israel’s deterrence and make a military confrontation with Iran less likely.

The place to talk about Iran is at the UN, and Netanyahu will have plenty at time there to do so, and expose Iran’s open genocidal aims towards Israel, and the negative impact of Iran’s behavior in the whole Middle East: The destruction of Lebanon’s economy and its political viability as a state (through Iran’s support of Hezbollah’s autonomous militia); the misery in the Gaza Strip, as a result of the recurrent wars against Israel, fed by Iran’s support of the military machine of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad; the more than 300,000 civilians killed in Syria (UN figures) and the millions of Syrian refugees flooding the neighboring countries of Jordan and Turkey, due to Iran’s military support of Asad’s regime; Iran’s role in the war in Yemen and the past missile and drone attacks against the Saudi’s oil infrastructure. Not to mention the horrible repression inside Iran proper, against its own people and specially against the Iranian women: more than three hundred Iranians were executed, hanged, by the Iranian regime in 2023.

Plenty of things to talk about the Iran’s regime at UN’s podium.

I wish the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu success in his short visit to the US: the people in Israel need it. Leftists and Rightists, secular and religious.

I am ashamed by the shallowness and kindergarten behavior of “over 3,500 academics, writers and artists that urged Biden and the UN chief to snub Netanyahu” during his coming visit to the US, as reported by the Times of Israel.

And there is no better “BDS Israel” propaganda than the gigantic advertisement posted this week on the UN Headquarters’ building in New York city, telling: “Don’t Believe Crime Minister Netanyahu”:

“Don’t Believe Crime Minister Netanyahu” advertisement posted this week on the UN Headquarters’ building in New York city (courtesy of Luke Tress, published by “Times of Israel”, September 11, 2023). The arrow was added by the author.

To the casual New Yorker reader passing by (and there will be tens of thousands in New York city) the subliminal effect is clear, and will be triggered in the next confrontation between Hamas and Israel or when the concept of Israel as “a colonialist enterprise implanted in the Middle East” will be introduced in a K12 public school in New York. It will elicit the same Pavlov-type reaction as the anti-Jewish blood libels taught to Christian children in bygone eras.



Here comes the link for a free download (pdf) of my book:

English edition:

Spanish edition:

Hebrew edition:

And, finally, there is also an English edition for K12 schools in the US:

English edition for K12 US schools:


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Jaime Kardontchik has a PhD in Physics from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. He lives in the Silicon Valley, California.
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