Explanation of the future contents of this blog

** First of all, I would like to introduce Kenta Uchida’s self.
The family name Uchida is the name of the samurai of the Saga Nabeshima Domain who went to adoption in Edo period.
There are many types of Japanese names, and there are few Koreans and Chinese because Japanese people do not use their real surnames.
My real surname is “Taira clan”, and was given by the emperor when he descended from his vassal.
It is one of the representative examples of four surnames, Gen-ji, Taira(Hei-shi), Fujiwara-shi, Tachibana-shi, and four of them is GenPeiTouKitsu.

Kamakura Hojo clan is actually the direct decendant of of Kanmu Heishi. Emperor Kanmu is a famous emperor who built Heiankyo, which is the blood of the Baekje royal family. The emperor has given me the role of a samurai Master in Japan.
(The counter partner of the Judas royal family is the Baekje royal family in ancient times.
The Hojo clan’s heirloom includes the Onimaru Kunitsuna, a sword of the “Tenka-Goken”, which is now a treasure (the emperor’s possession).
It is said that those who have this sword dominate the world.
I want you to return it as soon as possible.
The Kamakura Shogunate, which will soon become a World Heritage Site, was approved by clever Emperor Go-Shirakawa (King Solomon of Japan),
and Yoritomo of Seiwa Genji (Israel royal family)
It was a historically significant event that was born from the marriage of Tokimasa of the Taira clan (Kingdom of Judah) and his daughter Masako.

Hojo clan, or rather Taira clan, is a religious clan.
We strongly supported Zenko-ji Temple, where the core Baekje Buddhism of Japanese Buddhism is located.
There is a famous Soka Gakkai(in bad meaning) that quarreled with the Nichiren sect and became a cult,
but it also strongly supported the birth of the Nichiren sect.
We also greatly supported the introduction of Zen Buddhism in Japan.
At the time of the Meiji Restoration, Yokoi Shonan, a pedigree of Hojo Kamakura clan, tried to introduce Christianity by abolishing Buddha.
After he was assassinated, a Christian Doshisha University was established next to the Kyoto Imperial Palace.
It can be seen that the upper layers of Japan heard Buddhism = Christianity from Yokoi and recognized it.
The Judas royal family appears at a turning point in history.
In the history of Judaism, the flow of King Judah has historically been strongly involved in the support and founding of religion,
but the temperament is the same as that.
In recent years, evangelicals have been working hard in the United States to practice Christianity with Jews.
Someday it will be necessary to achieve a Shinto (Judaism) and Buddhist (Christianity) training in Japan as well,
After that, the training of Shinto (including Buddhism) and Judaism (including Christianity) is on the horizon.
It will contain the sparkling east-west Kabbalistic intelligence,
AI is booming in the computer industry right now, but it will include the intelligence of the Jewish Kabbalah after a major training event.
And then our lives will be with Judaism.

When the Kamakura Shogunate was destroyed due to the relationship between Genji and Genpei, my ancestors were seppuku with 800 samurai,
but the children had escaped in advance like I live.
This time, I will explain the conflict between the Israeli group and the Judah tribe in Japanese history, which is the idea of ​​Genpei alternation.
After its destruction, he talked to the new lord (the ancestor of the governor of the Bank of Japan Kuroda) about his origin,
and became a Mayor and a money changer to welcome the Meiji Restoration.
He is not a rich man because he is not good at business because he is a soldier.
I am a computer engineer.
I am interested in AI that I can make an ideal AI by organizing Judaism Christianity (Shinto Buddhism) and Islamic doctrine that worships the same god.

I personally take a Shinto position, but with an understanding of Buddhism, Christian evangelicalism, Judaism, and Islam of the same absolute god,
In an urgent need, we support Trump and his fellow Bibi, who are confronting the Devil Deep State.
In Japan, the Deep State has been in power for a long time after the world war2,
so it is necessary to change the government to “Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan”.
I like Putin because he is a Rothschild agent and cheers for Trump.
It seems that Kim Jong Un of North Korea is dead, but from the perspective of studying abroad in Switzerland,
he looks like a Rothschild agent, so I like North Korean Japanese.
It seems that South Korea is now under the control of North Korean forces, and the former Joseon sect has already immigrated to Japan before the war.
Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is said to be a descendant of Joseon Lee.
It seems that he is already exposed to Bibi, and when he had dinner at Bibi’s private residence, shoes and tableware were used.
As long as I’m rude like this, I’m afraid that Prime Minister Abe is Korean Japanese. ..
Would you please help the Japanese, who have the same Jewish blood, to end the deep state rule using Goyim Korean descent?
Koreans have a good excuse to say that they have the same roots as the Japanese, but they have been overrun by different ethnic groups,
including Mongolia, and have become Goyim.
You can see the difference by looking at their brazen words and deeds.
However, since Koreans are jealous of the Japanese people of God, they must be careful because they pretend to be Japanese.
It is rumored that the current Foreign Minister Motegi is also of Korean descent.
I regret that the Fukuoka nationalist who worked with my grandfather gave information on the Japanese-Jewish Commonwealth theory to Lee clan,
the ancestor of Mr. Mogi, before the war.
If Jews can understand the Japanese-Jewish Commonwealth theory as soon as possible,
It will also be possible to gain insight into the fact that Foreign Minister Motegi is making a leap in the Chinese network in East Asia using the Japanese-Jewish Commonwealth theory.
It also involves the greedy Britain, who hung in Singapore and China.
The point is that the villain already knows and uses the Japanese-Jewish Commonwealth theory.
The Chinese, like the Koreans, will pretend to be ancient Jews, but they are already on the side of Goyim.
Recently, a large number of Korean and Chinese immigrants are rushing into Japan,
and the Japanese are becoming more mixed-race and are falling to the side of Goyim. Please help the Jews.
Hokkaido is a good example of Chinese aggression.
In Japan, Taira clan of the Judas royal family Baekje disappeared from history due to the destruction of the Kamakura Shogunate.
Reformation was not carried out like Judaism, so religion cannot be used as a shield to prevent the invasion of Koreans and Chinese.
The Soka Gakkai, “Seicho-no-Ie” based on the Oomoto religion at home and abroad, and its relatives, Soka Gakkai,
uses the Japanese-Jewish Commonwealth theory to assist globalists.
Freemasons who support Christianity seem to have too much Deep State, so
Let’s win Trump and get rid of Deep State.
Freemasonry Jews and in particular, Freemasonry Japanese are the gods of the Japanese-Jewish Commonwealth theory,
so don’t take part in the deep state like Isoroku Yamamoto, the agent during the Pacific War!

** About the Japanese-Jewish Commonwealth theory
Japan is where the core of the 12 tribes lives, just as the Jewish Qin Shi Huang immigrated the children of the 12 tribes to Japan.
Some people know that Judaism and Japan have a special relationship, but it’s hard to come up with a story about a person of the same lineage.
There are some ancient documents dedicated to Ise Grand Shrine by Kamakura Hojo clan, and there are folklore about the contents.
There are few real parties, and I think Japan has experienced a defeat at World War2 and a person with a strong bloodline has closed his mouth.
However, when we start talking about it, we can also talk about what the current political system is.
There are only a minority of Japanese prime ministers after the defeat of World War2.
The influential person in the current administration is Minister of Finance Aso, who has a relative relationship with Rothschild.
He will avoid Japanese-Jewish ancestral officials because he is not a strong bloodline from ancient Judaism.
The governor of the Bank of Japan, Kuroda, a descendant of the Kuroda domain, who was adopted by Tokugawa,
is also not a strong bloodline of the Japanese-Jewish Commonwealth theory.
In this way, the people in power at that time whose the history of Japan was unclear were wary of the resurrection of the influential clans of the Japanese-Jewish Commonwealth theory,
and treated them as if they were almost ignored.
the Reformation requires the knowledge and spirit of the influential clans who worked hard to establish the religion.
As the influential people of the Japanese-Jewish Commonwealth theory have moved away from the power of Japan, Japan is now almost non-religious.
You may be told that there is an emperor, but I can’t say for sure, but I’ll mention this later, but it’s quite doubtful of its legitimacy.
From those who have ancestors who do not know who they are, the temperament of the descendants of Judaism = Shinto is not handed down,
so it will not be possible to establish a true Japanese-Jewish relationship.
I would like to publish information material that fills that gap in this blog.

After the defeat of World War II, Japan continues to have an occupation policy in which Korean Japanese are used as agents.
It’s been 70 years since the defeat, so the children of Korean spies have become second-generation Korean spies, like Shinjiro Koizumi.
I believe in the Japanese-Jewish Commonwealth theory, so I think Jews are relatives, but Jewish Americans such as CSIS Michael Green use Korean Japanese.
Looking at this era when Japan is the kingdom of God, I feel very sad to my ancestors and offspring.
In this blog, I will consider the relationship between Judaism and Japan with the past, present, and future while touching on various issues and taboos.
In Israel, the Rothschilds of the Judas royal family, the influential people of the 10 tribes, and Judaism are the core of society, but Japan does not.
The legitimacy of the emperor is also doubtful, and since the emperor is not of the Judas royal lineage,
there is very little interest in religion in the spirit that comes from DNA.
Now that a large number of Chinese and Korean immigrants are visiting without the core of society,
it can be said that Goyim is becoming more and more difficult.

Deep State controls the media in Japan as well as the United States,
That is why I raised a voice to convey the tradition of the influential clans of the Japanese-Jewish Commonwealth theory.
But I find it difficult to find proof that you can believe what I say.
Is it all I can do to have DNA compared between oriental branching counterparties?
For example, the Baekje royal family of Judas vs. the Rothschilds of the Western Judas royal family.
In a strange way, just as the Jewish scholars had a mystery,
Japanese Shugendo (Yatagarasu, familiar with ninjas) also used that mystery to protect their Imperial Grandson.
However, if I went against it, I was cursed and killed by a curse.
Many of my ancestors died young, but they were probably curses.
Some of the Shugendo that lasted 1-2000 years should still remain as a tradition.
For example, crows are watching me because I am an Imperial grandson, and crows are waiting at the ground entrance for almost 24 hours all over Japan,
even if I take the subway.
Crows may have been trained in reconnaissance, surveillance, etc. since they were traveling on the Silk Road.

My Japanese blog has more details on Japanese history, so if you don’t mind using Google Translate, take a look.
Japanese blog proviso:
“Professor Saeki of the Japanese-Jewish Commonwealth Theory wrote that the bloodline of the priest of the Taira clan Itsukushima Shrine,
as well as the tradition of the Taira clan.
Consideration from 1 DNA of Kamakura Hojo clan, a direct line of Kanmu Heishi.
Only one particular person knows if everything I write on this blog is true.
That particular person is someone who understands what it means to be a crow’s watch on me. ”

In the streets, Taira clan is said to be of Persian (Jewish) descent.
As I wrote in the Japanese blog, there is an actor Ken Takakura in the distant relationship,
I think that Takakura was also a star because of Taira clan’s lineage.
I think it is also related to the suicide of the very famous writer Yukio Mishima.
Before the war, my grandfather seemed to have had a relationship with nationalists through the founder of Yaskawa Electric,
who was born in the Kuroda Domain.
That is the reason why it hid its existence after the war.
However, since he was a subordinate of Daigoro Yasukawa, the chairman of the organizing committee of the 1967 Tokyo Olympics,
which is a Jewish festival, he was not hostile to the imperial family and Judaism.

The Imperial Household Agency probably knew the direct line of Taira clan because I was also informed of the recruitment of Imperial Guard.
I’m interested in AI myself and already have an idea of ​​how to achieve it,
I am very interested in whether Kabbalah can be used, so I would be grateful if Jewish scholars could tell me Kabbalah.
I think if I need to join Judaism, my biggest concern is my lack of memorization ability

Although the explanation has become long,
I will write a consideration of current affairs after understanding the Japanese-Jewish Commonwealth theory and the true history / geopolitics.
I would like to thank the Jews for the materials that explain their relatives Japan and the information on various sites.
I believe that what I write will definitely be useful information for Jewish and Japanese ancestors and descendants.
I believe in the Judah, but you know that the Judah are nice and kind.
In addition, since it is a story that I heard in a vague manner, it is not a story that the head family of Kamakura Hojo agreed.
Next time about GenPei. ..

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