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Exploiting (non existing) Islamophobia

On social media, Far Leftist trolls like to blow the alarm periodically (well: to repeat obsessively) about Islamophobia in the Jewish community.

These concerns are always legitimate, but I’d like to point out their lack of evidence. Anecdotally, the opposite is true. Jews are most likely to understand the Muslim community’s fears: the campaign against halal food, circumcision, etc. Jews and (e.g.) Pakistanis like to portrait themselves as hard workers, family-based communities. My Muslim friends often joke about their mothers who wanted them to become doctors (sounds familiar…) or a lawyer (yes, this definitively sounds familiar).

In the academic world, inhabited by David Miller’s like, there is certainly will to prove (sorry! to investigate) how racists Jews are. But when and where these researches are carried out, the data point out in the opposite direction. Of all religious or ethnic groups in America, Jews have by far the most positive attitudes toward Muslims.

Given that there are no reasons to be so alarmed, why then the Far Left trolls are so determined to prove that Jews are racists? Last week a possible answer was to be found on Instagram. A Far-Left militant entered a kosher shop in Detroit, Michigan, wearing a ridiculously keffiyeh themed jumper (imagine entering any pro-Palestinian meeting waving an Israeli flag…). There, he harrassed the costumers -obviously Jewish- showing them his smartphone on which (he says) there was the “Free Palestine” slogan. As far as we know, it could have been a swastika or some Nazi symbol. The reaction of the victims is anyway totally unsurprising.

Obviously, the horrified reactions of “the Jews” in front of the Palestinians’ plea for freedom have been taken as evidences of the problem of Islamophobia in our ranks. Who needs data and researches when there is Instagram.

The Leftist trolls obsession with non-existent Jewish Islamophobia is aimed only to prove that Israel and Zionism damage the relations between Jews and Muslims in the Diaspora.

Indeed, “Alarm: Islamophobia in the Jewish community” should be read as “now I will tell you why you should stop supporting Israel”. Actually, often the same person tweets these two messages. And why should we give up supporting Israel? “Because it makes us bad in the eyes of our Muslim neighbours” – states the Far Leftist troll- “They believe we Jews are racist because you support Israel”. Blaming the Zionists for the evil in the world, what a radically new position.

Obviously, “Israel is an obstacle to good interfaith relations” is another demonstrably false statement. Jews and Muslims in the UK are mature enough to see the difference between defending their rights as UK citizens and the intricacies of Foreign Politics in the Middle East. At the risk of sounding stereotypical, I will point out that one of the best friends of the first son of this very Zionist Rabbi is from a Palestinian family and our families are all determined not to let foreign politics interfere in our friendly relationships.

The keffiyeh-cladding Instagram activist is actually calling other activists to assault kosher shops, Jewish buildings and synagogues. He insinuates that these places are meeting points and places of indoctrination for racists and Islamophobes. This is precisely what Far Left trolls are doing for years. Without, let me repeat it again, one single evidence, apart from the selectively chosen odd letter to the Jewish Chronicle.

The Instagram activist is not only making a (false) point. He’s actually inviting his comrades to action. In the world of Far Left militancy, “marching on a synagogue” is an accepted (and liked) method of political action. And this is why those Leftist trolls who for years have spoken about an “Islamophobia problem in the Jewish community” have serious responsibilities. Much more if they are Jewish or wannabe Jewish leaders.

When synagogues are under threat of being assaulted and kosher shops are singled out at meeting places for racists, against which violent action is legitimate, the whole Jewish community is facing a serious problem.
Which is what we are facing right now.

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Italian by birth, Israeli by choice, Rabbi of the largest synagogue in Sussex (UK). Uncompromising Zionist.
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