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I see faces from the radical left marching, armed with Jewish hatred. Marches and rallies organized by those who embody hatred as a badge of honor, imagine themselves to be marching for social justice. Emboldened to shout “gas the Jews” they cover their faces but not their words. Those marching for so-called “justice” will not even show who they really are. Their faces are hidden, just like those of Hamas.

Then I imagine the faces of babies being ripped from their mothers arms and murdered. I imagine the faces of the women as they were gang raped until their pelvises were broken. People dismembered, over 200 music festival attendees gunned down and massacred, burned beyond recognition, houses set on fire and burned to the ground. I imagine the tormented faces of the relief workers who gathered the remains of those massacred, trying to figure out who the individuals are through their DNA. Many burned alive and others beheaded.

As I walk the streets of Jerusalem, I see the faces of 240 kidnapped babies, women, men, disabled, and Holocaust survivors posted on the streets. Some 132 of them are still being held captive by Hamas, likely somewhere within the hundreds of miles of tunnels underneath hospitals, schools, kindergartens, and mosques in Gaza.

What happened on October 7th was a series of pogroms, there is no other word for it. Bestial, demonic, barbaric slaughter, no other words to describe it. And you ask, how can this be happening now, in 2023? I’ll tell you how. Hamas, like Hezbollah in Lebanon, is an Iranian proxy that wants nothing more than the Jewish people wiped from the face of the earth. They also want the obliteration of Israel and will do anything to meet that goal. And they will brainwash anyone and go anywhere to find those willing to support their cause.

Iran has found what it wants in the West. Some well-meaning people want to see “both sides” of the “issue”, they want to believe that they are “balanced”, but the truth is that in the war against Hamas, there is only good and evil. There is no neutrality. Now is the time to choose.

The radicalized Left has chosen to side with Hamas. There is no longer reason, there is no moral clarity. I am ashamed that I was ever part of the radical Left.

I am shocked that radical feminists will not stand up for women and young girls who were raped and mutilated. Where is the outrage? Why is there deafening silence? Where is the solidarity with the Jewish people who have just lost over 1,200 victims to a violent massacre, and still have over 132 people in the hands of Hamas terrorists?

Where is the sympathy for the Jewish people who have just experienced the worst attack since the Holocaust? Is it because they are Jews? Unfortunately, I think that is the case. Ugly antisemitism has resurfaced in a horrific way, and it will harm all of us. The invasion of Hamas into Israel and what they perpetrated on October 7th will go down as one of the most violent days in Israel’s history since it’s rebirth in 1948.

As a Christian, I always wonder why more Christians did not stand up to help the Jewish people. Instead, they tried to play nice with Hitler and his Nazi regime. Far too many Christians tried to cooperate with Hitler by taking down the cross in their churches and putting up the swastika. Far too many Christians and others turned a blind eye to what they were seeing and hearing, and denied the reality of what Hitler was preaching and doing. They did not take Hitler seriously. We know the result.

My message to my Christian sisters and brothers is this: Now is not the time for your silence. Now is the time to show your faces, stand with Israel, StandWithUs, go to rallies, get online, post and repost the facts, and be active.

For those who stand in the middle, I fear you are supporting the evil goals of Iran backed Hamas and Hezbollah. You are supporting oppression and you forgot that what starts with the Jews never ends with the Jews, and your own lives are at risk. But don’t believe me. Have a look at the Hamas Charter and the goals they live to accomplish. It’s right there, annihilation of Israel and the murder of Jews. Having peaceful conversations, you have already made your choice.

For those who think you are fighting for justice, that your voices are crying out for the oppressed, think again. If you cannot see the evil that Hamas has done and how they hide among the Palestinian civilians to inflict maximum damage and blame Israel, you have become a collective voice for evil. Your protests have turned violent as you carry signs saying: “Free Palestine from the river to the sea.” You walk with damaging, hateful banners that support terrorism. Your marches promote brutality. Through your delusionary perspective, you have actually sanctioned pogroms against the Jewish people. Your call for resistance has led you not to resistance, but rather, to become agents of a global call for violence against Jews, Israel and anyone who supports either.

Congratulations, you have become the 21st century faces of supporters of the revival of Nazi ideology, embodied within the ideology and actions of radical groups like Hamas, the newest group to call for the genocide of Jews.

About the Author
Carla Brewington earned her doctorate at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. She is a Christian volunteer educator with StandWithUs, an international, non-partisan education organization that supports Israel and fights antisemitism. She can be reached at
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