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Faith and Prayer in the Battle of Good Over Evil

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Lately, we have seen so much darkness in the world, including those who act out falsity, hate, persecution, and violence. While this has been occurring, we’ve seen much of the world at best close their eyes and ears, condoning it, and at worst, they are believers in it, supporting and practicing it themselves. And as it is said:

One man’s sin is every man’s suffering.

Further, as the vile haters proliferate and spread their evil from our campuses to our capitals, they set a frightening precedent for the possibility, and even probability, of worse villainy yet to come.

This morning, as I started to feel overwhelmed by all the darkness and evil taking root around us, I looked upward to Hashem. In my mind’s eye, I saw a great light shining down from G-d unto my face, like Moshe at Mount Sinai. In this light, I felt the warmth, love, and healing powers of the Almighty enter first my upper body and then permeate throughout my whole being.

In this elevated state, I said to myself that truly He is G-d without any limitations, and if we have faith, do good, and pray, then the world not only can but will be made right. And, in fact, this is our mission here. 

Then, these words of prayer to Him came to me, and I write them here to share the sentiments and hope with all of you:

G-d of Mercy

Please protect the valiant soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces, bring our hostages home safely, and grant us sovereignty and unity in the land of Zion. 

G-d of Justice

Utterly vanquish those that seek to destroy us, avenge us of all our enemies roundabout, and let good wholly prevail over evil in this world.

G-d of Love

Shine on us the holy light of love and healing to protect us, save us, strengthen us, and make us successful.

G-d of Truth

Reveal throughout all the earth your Oneness, holiness, and the truth of the Torah that you bestowed on us in everlasting kindness.

G-d of the Impossible

Bring us the final redemption, rebuild Your holy Temple in Jerusalem, and grant peace to Israel and to all mankind.

As we fight the forces of darkness and evil in the world—from the haters to the terrorists—we need to strengthen our faith in the One Above because only from Him can come the answers to our most difficult questions, our uplifting in trying times, and the ultimate victory of light and good over darkness and evil.

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Andy Blumenthal is a dynamic, award-winning leader who writes frequently about Jewish life, culture, and security. All opinions are his own.
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