False Ahavat Chinam

It is with great sadness which turned into disgust that I heard Benny Gantz, our stand by prime minister who ran for the Knesset and won his votes by promising to oust the man who is doing his utmost to destroy our society, once again betray his erstwhile supporters who elected him into power.

In his interview on Channel 13 with Raviv Drucker last night he refused to differentiate between the protesters who were demonstrating on behalf of democracy and freedom, peacefully, creatively and humorously and the thugs who attacked them brutally, armed with broken bottles, wooden clubs and stink bombs.  It is heartbreakingly sad to see a man who, even if he did not necessarily promise to be the greatest statesman, did seem to embody integrity, sink to the depths of such ingratiation to the poisonous distortion of reality.

This is surely not what we mean by “Ahavat Chinam” (unconditional love)?

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Born in Czechoslovakia 1928, daughter of the last Rabbi of Boskovice, one of the oldest Jewish communities of Central Europe. Fled in time to England where she studied History at London University & Social Sciences & Administration at LSE. After graduation came to Israel. A career that started as the first Social Worker in Massiyahu Prison (experimental open prison). Gained a second degree in Social Work at Columbia University of New York. Worked in various positions, supervision, teaching, research at the Hebrew University. In the second part of her life, after qualifying as an Analytical Psychologist worked in private practice, focusing mainly on different generations of survivors of the Shoah. Involved throughout the years in various forms of activities for Peace. In recent years has devoted herself to helping people to explore and potentiate their own process of aging in the form of workshops.
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